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Should we use the widget?

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Back when I first suggested to make our Discord server the official chat, one of the points I made against keeping Cytube in use was that it didn't have the IP.Chat's number icon, the one hanging over the "Chat" button that said how many people were in it. What I didn't note was that Discord has no such related thing either...

...but that's about to change. Allow me to present the Discord widget:

This lovely thing fulfills the same purpose. It's an interactive widget that allows you to scroll through and see who's in the server, and comes ready with a "Connect" button (which takes newcomers straight to the "New Members" channel on the server).

I think it would be best to have on the forum index, but I can't decide where at. That's all up to you guys to decide, hence the poll.

(If we do follow through with this, I have the HTML code already copied.)


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As is usually the case, I totally agree with what Hawk said; shocking, I know.

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MinecraftFan27 said:
What's a widget? Is that like a midget?
wut no it is not like a midget the widget shows you stuff(like how this widget will tell the number of users online)

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I think seeing the widget on both the site and forums would be cool... but then I'm not sure if random non-members would join if they saw it.


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How would it work on the site? How many forum members actually visit the site? Non-members couldn't access Discord without saying who they are on the forums so it's weird having it on the site? Why am I asking you all these question? Will our heroes ever get their phone fixed? Tune in next week and find out!