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SBM Discord Chat


Squidward Tortellini
Apr 7, 2004
Planet Vegeta
So, most of you know that SBM has a Discord server. The link can be found above on the navigation bar.

Beforehand, we would have members post in a thread and be verified that way, but not anymore! Until further notice, we are no longer verifying members in this topic. The #rules-and-info channel will have a way to be verified instead.

We understand that there are SpongeBob fans of all ages and not everyone has access to either the forums or a PC/laptop for that matter to verify themselves in the thread. We want to make the Discord a place where everyone is welcome, but obviously that comes with rules that apply both there and these forums.

We are trying to bring some new channels, features, and games to the server, such as:
  • Music quiz/music parties (DONE)
  • Magic conch to answer your questions in GIF form (DONE)
  • Uno (DONE)
  • Updated pokecord (DONE)
    • Catch all pokemon (legendary included), train, battle, and trade with friends
  • RPG
  • and MORE coming

If you have any questions, please PM a staff member here or the Discord.
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