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For a while now, SBM Discord has vetted the people who join it, especially since last month's meltdown. The rule since then has been that, if you're going to join the server, that you need to either post a shout or a status to be given the members role.

Well, we're done with that. Someone on the server (I forget who, but it was probably Wintermelon) gave me the idea of having server newcomers post in a thread to verify themselves. So, here we are...

If you want to join our chat, and have never tried to before, this is where you need to go. Simply post in this thread, say what your Discord username is, and one of our crew members will give you the role you need to get into the chat.
BarnacleHead said:
.... Oh, I forgot that part
Added, also a heads up, changed your server nickname to your name on here so we know who you are based off your forum name, it's just procedure to make things easier, your name should still show as EsmeMarion for other servers.
MrTortellini00 said:
I think you're allowed to get back in, BBK and Tais were able to join back themselves. Though you'll still have to be verified, so if/when you join back you might have to say something on the shoutbox or this thread again. And it might take a little longer since there's only 2 chat mods right now, so only like 3 maybe 4 people could be there to let you back in.