SBM Back in 2006!



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Obviously it's not exactly the same, 2006 screenshots weren't great.

SSJ still has the happy birthday post, Dunces and Dragons became a great episode, 2006 had just arrived (obviously), and most important.....SBM HIT 80,000 POSTS AND 800 MEMBERS!

yeah sbm never went anywhere

frickin thomas r is spongedude btw.

You can also see those topics today with both a middle click on the view comments link or right click the comments link, and click "Open Link in New Tab".

I have saved SBM's main page today to the wayback machine, so when there's another big change (I'm sure it'll happen) we can look back on this date and be thankful that we got slightly better and then at the same time sad because we're slowly falling and one day will die don't deny it


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Almost none of the images load properly for me, but that’s part of the charm with stepping back 12 years to see a different web.


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Aw, look at SBM, so young and happy.


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I've shared this pic a few times, but it doesn't hurt to link again!

This is what SBM looked like in 2008, 10 years ago! 2006 does not look that much different from 2008, so you might as well think of it as 2006.


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Even when the show is in decline we still have more active members than when the show was still in its prime :p


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Love this Wayback Machine. Wasn't here back then but it's nice to see how the website has evolved since!