Rate 5 Episodes (of your choosing)


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Despite what your first impression might be from the title, this game is completely different than the "Rank 5 Episodes" game I started. In this game, you simply choose 5 random episodes (ANY 5) and give them a score out of 10. I'll start.

Chocolate With Nuts: 11/10

A Pal for Gary: 0/10

Born to Be Wild: 5/10

Battle of Bikini Bottom: 6/10

Ink Lemonade: 0.5/10

So, the next poster will now pick their own 5 episodes and rate them on a _/10 scale.

Have fun everybody!


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(These are rounded because I don't feel like going too in-depth with rating)

Nasty Patty- 9/10

To SquarePants or Not To- 4/10

Blackened Sponge- 7/10

Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle- 7.5/10

Something Smells- 9.5/10


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Krabby Road - 8/10

The Pink Purloiner - 7/10

Feral Friends - 9/10

Life Insurance - 5/10

Ink Lemonade - 0/10

A Peep

happy hopping moron
Sailor Mouth - 10/10

Perfect Chemistry - 5/10

The Donut Of Shame - 8.5/10

Company Picnic - 7/10

The Krusty Slammer - 7.5/10