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That's right, we're 15 now! Pretty soon we'll be going to prom... :whoo:

Anyway, at least ONE person cares! :loser:

Happy 15th Anniversary to SBM...

Abney – you’re really awesome to make SBM great for past 7 years or so, and I really thanked you doing to fix and be part of SBM.

Spongey34 – Man, I remember you posting some news on SBM almost every day, and I liked it that well. I also missed your SB news that shared with us on SBM (which was before DMAP came). Really missed you being posting in here.

And finally, Amph – Honestly, I missed you the most being here that we both had fun times on SBM since 2014 (I think). I do feel proud of you that you’re mod of SBM. You still deserved it tbh.
Thank you, SpongeOddFan, as well as everyone else who's been for a part of these 15 years. An extra shoutout to those who've been here the whole time. :funfair:

For now there's just this little old post, but we will be creating a retrospective for our History section at some point. Probably before we're 18 and off to college. :drown:
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Wow, It's crazy that this website was made 15 years ago, I,ve only been on here for about a year, but I.m gld to see it still going. Happy fifteen SBM!


I remember being on this forum on April 1st 2015. Forum was not even a year old. Happy 15th SBM!


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My gosh, where has the time gone?

I never dreamed we'd still be running this far down the road. Of course, SBM has seen better days, but to those of you who continue to frequent the site, I hope that's because it brings you joy in some fashion. :)