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Question about episode airdates (piece of history changed)


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Aug 6, 2016
So I am unsure if this thread is even in the right place, but here it goes.

So I've noticed that in the last few weeks the airdates of late season 1 and early season 2 episodes have been changed on Wikipedia. Just offhandedly noticed as I was checking when new episodes would air. I figured, hey, sometimes you can't trust Wikipedia.

So then I went to the Encyclopedia Spongebob page and they were also changed, explaining that the originally posted airdates were false. They even gave some proof regarding that the new airdates were in fact correct. This was obviously a shock, as we are getting to a 19 to 20 years ago basis with these episodes and just now are we finding out their actual date of airing.

I noticed only these two sites have updated this, and not here yet. But I'm still skeptical and just want to know: do you guys think the new dates are correct, or are the ones we've believed to be true for 19 years? If so, how did we reach the conclusion in the first place about the old dates? Just someone made them up?

Obviously, this has no concrete effect on anything in the universe, but as a Spongebob superfan who is often curious, I figured I'd ask for fun to see if anyone else cares about the show's history in a similar way. I just thought it was an odd "huh" moment. I can send sources if needed!