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Apr 23, 2016
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Well, after all this time, I finally have to make a thread of my own for these reviews lol. Man, imagine if I had done these reviews in one thread. That would've been interesting. Alright, let's get this started. Just saying this is going to be very disjointed, it's more of a collection of thoughts on the movie rather than a proper review.

I remember the time I first saw this movie. It wasn’t in the theaters (still have yet to actually see any of the movies in theaters lol). And it certainly wasn’t by the…um…legal means we were supposed to be watching it in. Nah, I was on a little site called [redacted because I’m not stupid]. It was November 2020, and I was in my dorm room with only a lamp on. A very different, yet very similar time in my life. I’m saying all this because I feel like it sets the mood. One of the reasons I love this movie so much, and yeah, spoilers on that I suppose, is because it came to me in a…not particularly great time. Yeah, sure, that makes this review even more subjective than it already would be, but I kinda don’t care lol. I’ll be this movie’s #1 defense lawyer, I don’t care. I’m already season 7’s defense lawyer so I’ll add that to my list. Honestly I’m everything past season 4’s defense lawyer.

ANYWAY, let’s discuss the movie.

Alright, first things first. Y’all know that me, Mr. “points out the background art and animation in literally half of these reviews”, was not going to just sit idly by when literally some of the most gorgeous art we’ve ever seen in this franchise graces my screen, right? Because yes, this art is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I absolutely adore the character design here. The style is fantastic. The animation is amazing. All of this is to be expected of a movie, of course, but this is still the biggest change in the SpongeBob SquarePants animation since the last movie. And the backgrounds here…my god. Like my jaw is on the floor from how beautiful and detailed these are. And the concept art all over the wiki is similarly fantastic.

You know another thing that’s great in this movie? The celebrity appearances. From Keanu Reeves to Snoop Dogg, we’ve got some good ones in here (except for a certain celebrity who starts and ends with an A. Cannot stand her).

Another great thing about this movie? The comedy. It reminds me a lot of the second movie. All of these movies truly bring their A-game when it comes to the comedy and writing. And yes, I liked the plot too. But I’ll get to that in a minute.

I think this movie is a mix between the first and second when it comes to how it treats the franchise. It takes the buying into its own hype from the second movie, and puts an emotional spin on it like the first movie. This movie is largely about the importance of SpongeBob—both the character and the franchise (though the second part is in the background. But it’s there. I mean, this movie literally soft-launched one of the spin-offs).

This movie is extremely underrated, in my opinion. And I think a lot of what I like about this movie are the things that people don’t like. For example, the random dream sequence. Yes, it doesn’t move the plot, but it’s hilarious and consists of amazing celebrity appearances. Another thing I’ve seen people throw around is how the movie talks about the whole trope of “best friends fighting in the middle of the movie” and how that’s stupid, before proceeding to do exactly that, and how that’s annoying. I feel like when people throw that around, they are missing the point of comedy. That’s literally why SpongeBob and Patrick have that conversation. It’s called irony, look it up.

People also like to use this movie’s previous concepts against it, which I just don’t think is fair. You can say that the other concepts might have been cooler to see, but you can’t say that this movie is any worse for not doing the unfinished concepts that we will never see. That makes no sense to me.

Back to the spin-offs. Yes, this movie soft-launched Kamp Koral. And that’s one of the reasons it gets a lot of hate. Personally, I think that’s unwarranted. I also think a lot of the hate for the spin-offs stems from that frankly disrespectful argument of trying to put words in Stephen Hillenburg’s mouth. I do not like that argument one bit. And I used to agree with it. Until I started using some critical thinking. Because this review is already long, and I don’t feel like writing about this, I’m not going to get into the details as to why I don’t like this argument, and why I like the spin-offs. So we’re leaving it at this. Also, when the movie does its soft-launches of Kamp Koral through the flashbacks, the voice-acting was so adorable. I would’ve been perfectly happy if Kamp Koral decided to go with these voice actors.

There’s so many great things about this movie that people also just neglect to mention. For one thing, I think the story in this one is pretty strong. All the movies have had strong writing, so this doesn’t surprise me. I also think that the way this movie hits emotions is an oft-neglected part of it, that I refuse to let be neglected anymore. Again, this movie is about the importance of SpongeBob, both in the hearts of Bikini Bottom, and our hearts as well. So it already makes me kinda emotional from that.

The crux of the emotion in this movie is the relationship between SpongeBob and Gary. Like, oh my god guys. Of course I love this movie. It’s about SpongeBob and Gary!!! How could anyone think that I wouldn’t like the movie when that’s the premise? Do you not see my profile picture?? Every moment these two have together is beyond adorable. And the flashback of them meeting at Camp Coral makes my heart melt. It’s just touching. And anyone who’s ever had a strong bond with a pet can understand immediately. There’s a reason I made it the opening to my SpongeBob & Gary edit (yes, I have one. Now what).

And of course, I can end nowhere else but the end of this movie. The last emotional gut punch. As with “SpongeBob’s Big Birthday Blowout”, the ending of this movie never fails to make me emotional. Just like that episode, this movie is as much of a tribute to SpongeBob SquarePants as it is to the man who started it all, Stephen Hillenburg. And the way the movie did the dedication here, with the theme song and the drawing, oh god I’m getting emotional just thinking about it. It’s more formal than “SpongeBob’s Big Birthday Blowout”, and it’s given more time to sit. And I think that’s the big part. We’re given a whole 10 seconds with this. It’s a moment of silence. In a movie for a loud and vivid show like SpongeBob SquarePants, that’s powerful.

Movie Tier: Amazing