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Plankton's Finances


Dec 17, 2018
One thing I have always wondered about is how Plankton is always able to afford his schemes. It makes me wonder if he has a secret black market where he sells his chum as instruments of torture, or if he has some other way of making money. It's clear that he doesn't do anything but work at the Chum Bucket, so I'm not sure. Or maybe since Plankton helped create the Krabby Patty secret formula that he receives royalties from Mr. Krabs... hmmm....

What do you think?
Mar 21, 2018
San Diego, CA United States
Well most likely his mortgage is payed off, because I believe an episode stated he has been after the formula for over 50 years, and I’ve never heard of a mortgage lasting more then 30. Furthermore he may have savings from former jobs he may have had, but they would have to be quite high paying. I’m not sure he would be legally owed royalties, because him not knowing the full formula shows the formula was changed before the final version. So your guess on his income is as good as mine. Combined savings with Karen is a safe guess.

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