Nickelodeon is trying to change


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I feel with the announcement of their new "Intergalactic Shorts Program" Nick is trying to recover from 20 years of milking SpongeBob

The program is designed to find the "next big thing" that appeals to kids AND adults

In other words, the next SpongeBob SquarePants

What do you think?


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I would agree except for the fact that they are making a SpongeBob spin-off (which just stinks of cash-grab and milking). So maybe they are trying to do both.

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"recover from 20 years of milking Spongebob"

"multiple spin-offs planned despite what Stephen Hillenburg wanted"



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From what I gather, it's going to be similar to Oh Yeah Cartoons or What a Cartoon, where they show dozens of cartoon shorts. Some of the cartoon shorts would potentially go on to become the next big cartoon if a pilot is greenlit.