Nickelodeon INVADED

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Sep 22, 2005
Stealing your grill
Nickelodeon INVADED
Chapter 3: The Cats Are Coming, The Cats Are Coming!

Written by
Green Porygon

Directed by
Green Porygon

Anything Else I Forgot
Green Porygon

Catscratch created by
Doug TenNapel

Chris: Previously on Nickelodeon INVADED...

*footage from Steve-a-Go-Go and Wand From Outer Space*

Stevie: Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go!
Patrick: Stevie is really...a brain-sucking...ALIEN!!!
Dentist: In order to carefully extract Sandra's tooth, we have to apply twice the anasteshia!
Sandy: We have fun eventures together!


Plankton: I'm going to recruit aliens from the outer regions!
SpongeBob: They abducted Sandy!
Sandy: (being beamed onto the ship) I like buffalo wings...


Jared: Enga mi manera a travs de la escuela experimental! (I cheated my way through pilot school!)
Marc: (as the spaceship is floating away) Now if you'll excuse us, we are off with your diseased fairy!


Wanda: (gasp) They're taking Cosmo!
Cosmo: Operation? What operation?!
Timmy: We will rescue Cosmo!


Marc: Point C shall be Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! I repeat, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!
Jared: Rooty-root root beer!

A message appeared on the screen, reading "The Invasion Continues..." before it finally cut to the episode.

Stinkoman 20X6

I want to get lost in your rock and roll
Sep 22, 2005
Stealing your grill
This is gonna be a tad harder, since I don't watch Catscratch as much as FOP and SB. I've watched enough of it to get a pretty good diea of the show, though.

File ID: 1
Codename: Gordon's Dream

We see Gordon the cat skippimg through a cornfield. Noticable was the fact that his normally stubby tail was now long and more cat-like.

Gordon:La la la loo la laddie
Antromorphic Sun: (wearing a Scottish Balmoral and sporting an orange beard) Aye, mornin' there, laddie!
Gordon: Good day, sun!

Little lepurchans dressed in Scottish kilts all circled around him, playing bagpipes.

Gordon: I'm so awesome!

He then jumped onto a green Scottish train that even had a Scottish Balmoral over its funnel.Gordon hopped into its seat as it sped along the track. It passed by Gordon's brothers Mr. Blik and Waffle, whom were feasting on a giant Berwick cockle. Mr. Blik was wearing a red Scottish kilt, whilst Waffle wore a Balmoral.

Waffle: (with a Scottish accent) Great gopher, Mr. Blik! It's Gordon!
Mr. Blik: (also with a Scottish accent) Aye, laddie! It is Gordon! 'Allo to ye, Gordon of the Highland Quid Clan!
Gordon: Farewell, my brothers!
Mr. Blik: How I wish for a tail as elegant as his.
Waffle: Splee, laddie!

The train stopped and Gordon stepped off.

Gordon: Thank ye, oh mighty train!

He then ran over to the Chumpy Chumps brothers, who were being smacked on the butt continously by the wooden hand of a giant Scottish doll, whose lap they were sitting on.

Gordon: Greetings, Chumpy Chumps! I see Mr. Laddie! He is keeping you three from wrecking havoic on this perfect day!
Tad: Havoc? *smack* Like the fish!
Brick: Uhh, isn't it haddock?
Lunk: My butt has a haddock.

Gordon snapped his paws. Instantly, huge wings appeared on his back, which flew him away.

Tad: Such a nice tail. *smack*

Gordon floated back down onto the street.

Gordon: There she is! My angel of hope!

Human Kimberly, Gordon's love interest, started running up to him. He ran over too, but just then, a giant black cutter sliced in front of them.

Gordon: *gasp*

The scene now took on a more darker tone as Gordon looked up the wire of the cutter to see an alien spaceship up top. Inside, we see the silhouettes of Marc, Jared, and Chris looking down through the window.

Other cutters dropped down and started slicing through the land as Human Kimberly ran towards Gordon. A crevass seperated the two of them.

Kimberly: Gordon!
Gordon: *gasp* Human Kimberly!

He jumped the crevass, but fell short and was now hanging on to dear life.

Gordon: Great gopher, what's happening?!

He then lost grip.

Kimberly: (calling down) Gordon!

She then noticed Gordon, hanging on a swere pipe.

Gordon: (looking down) Human Kimberly?

He then heard cries of help. He looked up to see Waffle and Mr. Blik calling from their mansion, which was part of the sliced area.

Gordon: Waffle! Mr. Blik!

Just then, pincers emerged from the spaceship and grabbed onto the land, and then started to pull it up into the air.

Kimberly: (holding out her hand) Gordon, take my hand!
Gordon: (struggling) I can't reach you!

Just then, the pipe snapped and Gordon fell.

Kimberly: GORDON‼

He then woke up in his bed, screaming "Kimberly". Waffle and Mr. Blik were standing in the doorway. Waffle had a newt on his head and Mr. Blik had lifted his nighttime blindfold. Waffle was also holding a green box with gift wrap. :P

Mr. Blik: Well, finally! How do you expect any of us to sleep with that noise?! I'm trying to get my beauty sleep here‼
Gordon: (breathing heavily) was all...a dream?

He rushed to the window and looked outisde. It was snowy outside. Human Kimberly could be seen playing basketball in her snow-clothes.

Gordon: (sigh) Aye. Just Human the snow.
Waffle: (looking outside) Snow? The first snow's here already?! SPLEE‼
Mr. Blik: (looking out the window also) What?! The weather man was wrong again?! (running out of the room) Hovis! Get my snow-blower!

Waffle placed the newt in his pocket and opened the box to reveal it was a purple scarf. He put it on.

Waffle: I'm gonna make snow angels! Come on, Gordon!
Gordon: Ah, sure laddie. A nice mornin' in the snow and a nice cup of hot chocolate will do me some good.

They walked down to the door, where some mail and postcards were dropped through the mails lot. Gordon picked one up. It was a postcard with an image of a cornfield that read "Greetings from Scotland".

Gordon: Aye, a postcard! I love getting post...

Then, the image gave him flashbacks of the nightmare, including the final scene with the alien interruption. Once we snapped back, Gordon was sweating and trembling.

Waffle: (as the newt is climbing his neck) Gordon? Are you okay?

Next procedure codename: Snow Cats!


I barly seen catscratch, but this is the best Nick-based story yet.

Stinkoman 20X6

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Sep 22, 2005
Stealing your grill
Did anyone notice the little easter egg in the previous scene? :P

Scene number: 2
Scene name: Snow Cats

Hovis, the cats' butler, was strugglingly carrying the snowblower down the hallway on his back. Mr. Blik was sitting in the seat.

Hovis: Mr. Blik, wouldn't it be easier to drive this snowblower down the hallway yourself?
Mr. Blik: I don't want to ruin the carpets. That is pure Arabian velvet, Hovis!
Hovis: Can't you store this in the shed, then?
Mr. Blik: What shed?
Hovis: Oh, that's right. You smashed it whilst you were driving Gear out for a joyride.


We see Mr. Blik crashing Gear, the monster truck, into the shed, completely destroying it.

Hovis: Mr. Blik! You just smashed into the shed!
Mr. Blik: What shed?


We then see Waffle making a snow angel. He was bashing the snow and flopping his arms everywhere. Along with his ourple scarf,

Waffle: Snow angel!

He then got up. We see the snow angel, which is horribly disfigured due to Waffle's flopping and bashing. Waffle clearly did not notice this disfiguration.

Waffle: Splee! A perfect snow angel! Hey, Gordon, come check out my snow angel! Gordon?

Tiny pieces of ice hit him, causing him to look up. Gordon was sculpting the robotic claw he saw in his dream.

Gordon: Aliens...coming from the sky...they're take us away...
Waffle: Gordon? Are you feeling okay?

Gordon dropped down.

Gordon: Oh, Waffle! It was my dream! It seemed so real! Like it was really happening! What if it's a warning?!
Waffle: That's a nice ice sculpture, Gordon. It's missing something, though. (snaps fingers) I know!

He then sued his teeth to reshape the sculpture, so that a bust of himself was on top of the claw.

Waffle: That's better!

Just then, a heap of snow blasted on Gordon. We then cut to Mr. Blik, whom was driving his snowblower through the front yard.

Mr. Blik: (mumbling) Stupid snow. Ruining my yard that I have to mow once a week.
Hovis: Mr. Blik, if memory serves, I am the one who mows the lawn every week.
Mr. Blik: Yeah, but I have to through the work of yelling at you to make sure all the grass is neatly trimmed! Grrrrrrrrrr....
Hovis: May I remind you that the Peanut Butter & Jelly cookoff is in 8 hours?
Mr. Blik: (jumps off the snowblower) Hovis, you're right! I almost forgot! (calling to Gordon and Waffle) Hey, ladies! Stop playing the snow and follow me!

Gordon and Waffle followed Mr. Blik into the house.

Mr. Blik: I have something very special to show you. Something I've been working on all week.

He led them to a giant refrigerator.

Waffle: I knew it! It's the world's largest refrigerator!
Mr. Blik: Not the refrigerator, you nincompoop! Inside the refrigerator!

He opened up the fridge. Inside the fridge was a seemingly endless stock of grape jelly in jars.

Gordon: Great gopher! It's jelly heaven!
Waffle: There's enough jelly in there to aid an entire race of aliens!

Gordon and Mr. Blik stared at him oddly.

Waffle: What?
Mr. Blik: Boys, for this year's annual Peanut Butter & Jelly cook-off, I'm going to make the world's largest peanut butter and jelly sandwhich! (laughs)

He walked over to a table and put down a giant slab of bread.

Mr. Blik: I'm going to be working on it all day, so you two had better not bother me!
Gordon: Um, Mr. Blik?
Mr. Blik: (reaching for a jar of jelly from the fridge) What now?!
Gordon: What about the peanut butter?

Mr. Blik paused. He put the jelly back and put on his yellow scarf.

Mr. Blik: You two watch the jelly! I'm going to the grocery store! Hovis, give me your wallet!
Hovis: (sigh) Keep this up, and I won't have enough to pay for your mortgage.

They both walked out.

Gordon: Aye, you know he's gonna lose again.
Waffle: I do?
Gordon: He enters the cookoff every year, and every year he comes in last place.
Waffle: Maybe this year will be different.
Gordon: Aye? What makes you think that, Waffle?
Waffle: He's got a bigger refrigerator this time!
Gordon: (puts on his scarf and hat) I'll be over at Human Kimberly's.

He then walked out.

Next scene: Peanut Butter Aliens!


Nope, dead again
Jun 29, 2007
Nice fic! I noticed that some moments in this parody Ed, Edd, and Eddy! Also, thanks for mentioning me in the credits of Wand from Outer Space!

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Sep 22, 2005
Stealing your grill
Scene number: 3
Scene name: Peanut Butter Aliens!

Gordon knocked on Human Kimberly's door. He was still shaking with terror.

Kimberly: Hi, Gordon! Would you like some cookies? Are you okay?
Gordon: I had a nightmare, Human Kimberly. A terrible, scary, realistic nightmare.
Kimberly: Aww, you poor thing. (leads Gordon inside) My mom taught me a special way to forget about nightmares.

Meanwhile, in Downtown Philadelphia, a shadow loomed over the streets. Everyone looked up. Marc, Jared, and Chris's spaceship floated by. Everyone ran and screamed. Power went out in many buildings as it passed.

*inside the spaceship*
Marc: We have reached Point B of our mission! I repeat, we've reached our destination! Alert the commander immediately!
Chris: Dude, you don't need to yell! We are right here!
Marc: Silence, I say!

Chris and Jared immediately went back to the controls. The spaceship flew away. Back at the mansion, Mr. Blik and Hovis walked in, carrying a vast amount of peanut butter.

Mr. Blik: We're back! And we've got enough peanut butter to fill over 50 judges!
Waffle: That's more then I can count.
Mr. Blik: Where's Gordon?
Waffle: I think he said, "Wild bee hovering at new meat kinderling". I can't understand him when he talks like that.
Mr. Blik: Riigght. Enough flibber-flabber! Time to get to work!

We are now looking from the POV of the slab of bread. Mr. Blik and Waffle both put on surgeon masks and gloves. We hear the beeping of a heart monitor.

Mr. Blik: Blowtorch!
Waffle: (puts on a welding mask and hands him a blowtorch) Blowtorch!
Mr. Blik: (uses the blowtorch to toast the slab of bread) Spoon!
Waffle: (hands him a spoon) Spoon!
Mr. Blik: Jelly!
Waffle: (hands him a jar of jelly) Jelly!
*the beeping starts getting louder and faster*
Mr. Blik: (opens the jar and drizzles some jelly over the bread) Peanut butter!
Waffle: (hands him a jar of peanut butter) Peanut butter!
Mr. Blik: (opens the jar and drizzles some jelly over the bread) Butter knife!
Waffle: (pulls out a flaming sword) Butter knife!
Mr. Blik: GAH! Is that your idea of a butter knife?!
Waffle: It is on Tuesdays.
Mr. Blik: Fine, then. Hand me a flaming sword.
Waffle: (hands him a butter knife) Flaming sword!
Mr. Blik: And turn off that stupid video game‼

The camera panned to show the beeping was actually coming from a handheld video game Waffle was playing. He turned it off.

Waffle: (takes off the surgeon mask) Sorry.
Mr. Blik: (takes off his mask) Waffle, we may have the beginning of a masterpiece.
Waffle: It looks like scorpion puke.
*Mr. Blik stares at Waffle for a second*
Mr. Blik: Do you even have a brain in there?

We then see Gordon, who is walking back towards the mansion. He is licking a lollipop and wearing a baseball cap.

Gordon: Wow, Human Kimberly's mom was right. It is easier to forget a terrorific nightmare during a pedicure.

Just then, the shadow loomed over him. He looked up and gasped, then screamed. The spaceship hovered over him.

Gordon: The spaceship! My dream!

The spaceship continued flying towards the mansion.

Gordon: Great gopher! It's headed for the mansion! (running towards the mansion) Mr. Blik! Waffle! My dream has come true‼

Mr. Blik carried over a second slab of bread to put on top. There was now a newt on Waffle's head.

Waffle: Ooh! Ooh! Ooh ooh ooh! Can I put the second slice on top?!
Mr. Blik: Waffle! (hits him on the head with a frying pan) You dunderhead! Do you know nothing about peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches?! You must spread an even coating of peanut butter and jelly on the underside of the bread before laying it on top! Every sandwhichteer knows that!
Waffle: I'm pretty sure I'm a sandwhich eater.

Gordon came bursting through the door.

Gordon: You guys! My dream! It's coming true!
*the newt on Waffle's head scurries away*
Mr. Blik: What are you talking about, Gordon?
Gordon: I saw it! The spaceship! The one I saw in my dream! It's heading towards us now as we speak!
Mr. Blik: (walks over and puts his hand on Gordon's shoulder) Gordon, let me tell you a little fact. THERE ARE NO SUCH THINGS AS ALIENS!!![sup]1[/sup]
*Gordon is blown onto the floor, Waffle is seen taking a bite out of the sandwhich in the background*
Mr. Blik: Now, stop fooling around and help me and Waffle with the sandwhich!

Just then, the light above them started flickering.

Mr. Blik: What's going on with the light?
Gordon: (getting up) Maybe you need to change it.

The other lights around the house started flickering, inconistently with each other.

Gordon: Maybe you need to change...all of them?

Behind Waffle, the blender started, causing him to jump into Mr. Blik's arms in shock.

Mr. Blik: (throwing him down onto the floor) Waffle! What'd you turn on the blender for?!
Waffle: I didn't turn it on. It turned itself on.

The blender turned off, and then back on again. The microwave, firdge, and television started doing the same thing.

Television: (switching between different programs) Your mother's a SSHH with a side of SSHH to fry SH her big fat SSSSHHHH Whoa. :xD:
Waffle: (jumping into Mr. Blik's arms again) The house! It's alive!
Mr. Blik: (throws him off again) Stop being ridiculous. (calling) Hovis! Stop messing with the circutbreaker!
Hovis: (standing next to him) I'm right here, Mr. Blik.
Gordon: (gasp) Mr. Blik, don't you see?! The spaceship's impending approach is causing all the electricity to go haywire! Just like in the movies!
Mr. Blik: Gordon, will you stop with all this alien nonsense?! There are no such things as aliens‼

Just then, all the power in the house went out. Waffle screamed.

Gordon: You see?! The radiation from the ship is interfering with the power circuts! JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIES‼
Mr. Blik: Relax, will you?! I'm sure somebody just forgot to pay the electric bill!
Hovis: I'm the one who pays the bills and I assure you that they are all payed for.

The house started to quiver slightly. A flower vase on the self slowly fell off and smashed onto the ground, catching Waffle's attention.

Waffle: (tapping Mr. Blik's shoulder) Mr. Blik?
Mr. Blik: What?!
Gordon: Ssh! Listen!

The house stopped quivering, and all was silent except for the distant sound of the spaceship hovering.

Gordon: Do you hear that?

Just then, a part of the wall exploded. Waffle hid behind Gordon. We see that the spaceship had blown up the walls with a lazer gun.

Mr. Blik: S-s-sp-sp-spaceship!

Gordon gasped. He remembered the spaceship as the same one from his dream that carried the house away. Marc then stepped out from an opening on the top.

Marc: Greetings, furred mammalian species.

The three cats screamed.

*cut to commercial break*

Next scene: Mr. Blik Refuses

[sup]1[/sup]I'm aware that there was previously an episode about aliens.
Feb 28, 2006
Wow, this is funny. I bet it's also gonna get exciting. I think that video game thing was from Over the Hedge.

Stinkoman 20X6

I want to get lost in your rock and roll
Sep 22, 2005
Stealing your grill
Scene number: 4
Scene name: Mr. Blik Refuses

Mr. Blik: It-it-it can't be! REAL ALIENS!!!
Waffles: I knew it! There are alien ducks living in my closet!
Gordon: Great gopher! My dream! It's come true! They're here to hoist us into space!
Marc: Silence! Silence, I say! There is no need for alarm! Good grief, you're almost as bad as my comrades.
Chris: (from inside) We heard that!
Jared: Aqu todos se vista de mi abogado. (You'll all be hearing from my lawyer.)
Mr. Blik: (shaking) Wh-what do you want from us?!
Gordon: Please, aliens! If you're here to take us away, at least let me see my dear Human Kimberly one last time!
Marc: Silence! What is everyone these days?! Do I have to start carrying a ray gun at all pus-spewin' times?!
Chris: (poking his head out) Dude, watch the language.
Marc: We belong to the Rubberchin Army of Jupiter, and have appraoched not for hostile actions, but for a simple request, err-demand.
Waffle: Demand?
Marc: We require your vast abundance of the substance for our war against the Tiptons of Uranus!
Gordon: The substance? You mean Blik's jelly?
Marc: Substance, jelly, whatever you wish to call it.
Mr. Blik: What? My jelly? (grabs a jar of his jelly) My jelly?! The jelly that I'm using in the PB&J cookoff?!
Marc: We understand this decision may be hard for you, but we must all make sacrafices.
Chris: Then hows come you like, can't sacrafic some of the jelly you like, use for your tentacle bath, dude?
Marc: Silence! If I have to say it again, I'll start firing mah lazah! (to the cats and Hovis) We will give you a minute to decide your actions. But choose wisely...(voice form YouTube Poop)...or else you will die.

The spaceship flew out from the hole. There was silence for a moment until Mr. Blik stashed all his jelly jars into the refridgerator. He ripped off the layer of jelly from the sandwhich and stowed that in as well. He then slammed the fridge shut and barracated it with police tape.

Waffle: Mr. Blik, what are you doing?
Mr. Blik: Those rotten alien scuzzballs aren't gonna lay one tentacle on my jelly while I'm still alive!
Gordon: Well, for all we know, you could die right this second.
Hovis: How I wish that could happen.
Mr. Blik: That's out of the question! The point I'm trying to make is...those filthy aliens ain't gettin' these beauties in a million years! Maybe two million!
Gordon: Mr. Blik, you have to give them that jelly, or they'll hoise us into space and we'll never see daylight again!
Mr. Blik: Gordon, for the last time, that dream was a bunch of YouTube Poop! I bet you ate that rotting haggus in the fridge last night before bed, didn't you?
Gordon: But, Mr. Blik! Their spaceship looks exactly like the one in my dream! (Mr. Blik starts mimicking him with his hands) I'm now thinking that my dream was a sign that this was gonna happen, and it did! We can't just ignore all this! You have to give them the jelly!
Mr. Blik: NO! I meant what I said and I said what I meant. A Blik's faithful, 100%.

Just then, the spaceship used an extending robotic claw to bust through the wall and grab the fridge.

Marc: Time's up!
Mr. Blik: Wait, you didn't give me a moment to repsond!
Marc: What difference would it have made? We would've taken the fridge either way!
Mr. Blik: NO!

He held onto the fridge as the spaceship flew out of the mansion.

Waffle: Mr. Blik!
Gordon: Great gopher! (running to the hole in the wall) Mr. Blik, no!

Next scene: When Doug TenNapel Had Lunch with Butch Hartman and Stephen Hillenburg!