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Sep 22, 2005
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BTW, just to help you visaulize it better, the Spanish translations used in my fics represent subtitles on the bottom of the screen, like in a lot of cartoons and movies.

Scene number: 11
Scene name: Jorgen Von Strangle vs. The Rubberchins!

Marc: Jorgen. So, we meet again.
*Timmy, Wanda, and Cosmo gasp*
Chris: (scratching his head) Jorgen Von who?
Wanda: (flies over to Jorgen) Jorgen, you know these creeps?
Jorgen: OF COURSE I KNOW THEM‼ Fairy World was once at war against these two!
Timmy: Actually, there's three of them.
Jorgen: Well, there were but two of them back then.



Jorgen narrator: You see, back in my days as the head of the Fairy World Army, I saw trouble the minute it started hovering over Fairy World.

We see an older version of Fairy World. There were less buildings and the clouds were brown instead of pink. The buildings were gray, and the sign read "OLD FAIRY WORLD".

A much more antique-looking spaceship landed on the head cloud. It was an ovalish egg-like shape and had a small window at the top. A round mechanism of some short rotated along the top of the ship. It flew using a sputtering engine that coughed out smoke. The ship's metal was simply black tin.

A 1940's style tank approached the ship. A much thinner and younger-looking Jorgen with more hair, albeit still white.

Younger Jorgen: (through a megaphone; pure German accent) Attention tincraft operators! This is Jorgen Von Strangle, head of Old Fairy World army! If you are inside mechanism, please emerge and state business.

Marc and Jared emerged from the craft. Their eyestalks were exceptionally taller, their tentacles were shorter, and their eyes were green instead of yellow.

Jorgen narrator: The two aliens belonged to the species known as the Rubberchins (RAUBB-err-SHUNN) and spoke in a distant language that I myself could not understand, but it did sound strangely familiar to my ears.

Marc: Yo soy MARCRON-9900, y esta es mi socio, JARRENEZ-6577. (I am MARCRON-9900, and this is my partner, JARRENEZ-6577.)
Jared: Somos de la especie Rubberchin y no desean tomar accin hostil. (We are of the species Rubberchin and do not wish to take hostile action.) Tenemos un objetivo, pero para nuestro aterrizaje. (We have but one purpose for our landing.)

Jorgen and the rest of the fairies jsut stared at them/

Marc: Hay que repetir nosotros mismos? (Must we repeat ourselves?) Nosotros no le enfoque hostil de razones. Por favor, espere su armamento. (We do not approach you for hostile reasons. Please hold off your weaponry.)
Jorgen: Uhh...

Jared tapped Marc with his stubby tentacle.

Jared: Marc, no creo que estos civiles Jupitorian uso de la palabra. (Marc, I do not believe these civillians speak Jupitorian.)
Marc: Que? (What?)

He pondered a moment and then whispered to a nearby Rubberchin, whose form matched that of Marc, Jared, and Chris's present-day forms.

The alien lowered the bridge and then handed both Marc and Jorgen an Industrial Rubberchin invention, the Larr-Traductor, an Industrial two-way translating mechanism. Click here to see a picture.

Marc: (through the Larr-Traductor) Repito. Llame a su defensa frente a las fuerzas. (I repeat. Call off your defense forces.)

Through the other end of the Traductor that Jorgen held, Marc's vocie was electronically translated into English.

Marc's translated voice: We approach you not for hostile purposes, but for a simple negogiation.
Jorgen: (speaking into the Traductor, translating into Spanish for Marc and Jared) State your request, alien visitors.
Jared: Hemos venido aqu slo...
Jared's translated voice: ask that you relinquish all of your abundant magical elements to our defenses in Jupiter, to aid us in our war against the Tiptons, our rival alien species that live on the nearby planet of Uranus.
Jorgen: What?! Never‼ Our magic cannot be used simply for a planetary war outside of our boundaries, you blathering, brangin', socggin'...*starts yelling in utter gibberish and Germand language*
Female voice on traductor: Dialecto es ininteligible. Traduccin no se puede lograr. (Dialect is unintelligible. Translation could not be achieved.)
Marc: (through traductor) Renunciar a tus fuentes elementales...
Marc's translated voice: ...or we will signal our commander to declare a primary war on your civilization!
Jorgen's translated voice: Nunca!
Marc: (puts down the Traductor) De acuerdo, entonces. Usted trajo a este ustedes! (Alright, then. You brought this upon yourselves.)

He then disconnected the second part of the Traductor and instead replaced it with an alien radio.

Jared: (through the #1 part) Call it, commander!

We then cut to the alien commander, whom was a "present-day form" female, unlike the alien commander we saw at the beginning of Steve-a-Go-Go.

Female alien commander: (through radio) People of fairy world, as the commander of the Rubberchin armada, JESSECION-1400...
*cut to the radio back on Fairy World*
Female alien commander: (through radio) ...I hereby declare a war on your civilization‼

The rest of the flashback was made up of still images of Jorgen and the Fiary Army using their wands and magic to combat the invading tinships and aliens. Eventually, we see Jorgen standing over a destroyed tinship with some injured aliens at the bottom.

Jorgen narrator: The Great Rubberchin War, as we now remember it as, was a long and tough battle that lasted for ten long months, but eventually, the Fairies bravely defeated the Rubberchins, .


Wanda: I don't remember any "Great Rubberchin War". :P
Marc: That's because Jorgen's retention is a mere fabrication!
Jorgen: What?! *pulls out his wand* Why don't you say that to my iron wand?!
Jared: Aqu est la verdadera historia de cmo fue. (Here is how the true story went.)

He pulled out a more modern-looking Larr-Traductor, made of chrome and electricity instead of cords and wood, with glowing buttons too, and swung it over to Jorgen, Timmy, and Wanda.


Jared: (through the #1 part) Call it, commander!

We then cut to the alien commander, whom was a "present-day form" female, unlike the alien commander we saw at the beginning of Steve-a-Go-Go.

Female alien commander: (through radio) People of fairy world, as the commander of the Rubberchin armada, JESSECION-1400...
*cut to the radio back on Fairy World*
Female alien commander: (through radio) ...I hereby declare that you face MARCRON-9900 and JARRENEZ-6577 in a Radda Radda Match!
Jorgen: A whatta whatta?

Marc and Jared came over and set up...a ping-pong table. They then pulled out two identical purple ping-pong rattles.

Jared: (to Marc) Por qu se hace para obtener el buen padel? (Why do you get the good paddle?)
Marc: Porque soy ms alto, entonces, JARRANEZ! (Becuase I am taller then you, JARRANEZ!)
Jared: Usted no est totalmente seguro de que, MARCRON! Todos sabemos los resultados de la ms reciente medicin de la papelera fue nulo! (You are not entirely sure of that, MARCRON! We all know the results of the most recent measuring stationery were invalid!)
Marc: Est usted llamando a m un mentiroso? (Are you calling me a liar?)
Female alien commander: (through radio to Jorgen, as Jared and Marc continue fighting) You beings may have expierience with our Radda Radda Match. Through research, we have discovered that it is nearly identical to your primitive sport known as "ping-pong".
Jorgen: Nearly identical?
Female alien commander: Yes, instead of your so-called "ping-pong ball", the target is instead a Rubberchin's removable eyeball.

Marc whacked Jared's eyestalk with his paddle, causing Jared's eyeball top pop off and land on the table.

Female alien commander: There also must be teams of two.
Jorgen: (calling) Binky!

Binky ran over. He was the little wimpy fairy we always see getting tortured by Jorgen, however in this flashback, he is shown to be a commanding officer in the army with a straight attitude, and a deeper voice.

Binky: Sir yes sir!
Jorgen: You must join me in a ping-pong match against these auslnder!
Binky: (pulls out paddles for him and Jorgen) Sir yes sir!

It then begun. The eyeball was batted over. It didn't bounce very well, though. Binky immediately put on gloves, picked it up, tossed it in the air, and batted it towards them with the paddle. It actually knocked Jared out.

Marc: Ahora es!

He then batted the eyeball to Binky, hitting him in the eye.

Jorgen: Binky!
Binky: (girly voice) AAH! Don't look at me!

He then ripped off his uniform, revealing the yellow fool's uniform he wears today, and ran off screaming.

We see still images again.

Jorgen narrator: (taking over from Marc) It was a fierce ping-pong battle, but I eventually got the upper hand over MARCRON and defeated him tenaciously!


Marc: Again, you exxagerate! You only won on the technicality that Jared was knocked out first!
Jared: Nunca olvidar ese da. (I'll never forget that day.)
Jorgen: Well, if there's one thing I remember, it's the only thing you said in English as you left.


Marc and Jared were walking back to the spaceship.

Marc: (turns to Jorgen) We will meet again.

They then disappeared into the tinship, which blasted off.


Marc: And shortly after our defeat, the former commander, in her dying breaths, told to us that we needed a third member. We could not find anyone in the armada with enough expierience, so we just settled with the head chef, Chris.
Chris: Oh now, that's just insulting, dude!
Marc: (as the spaceship is floating away) Now if you'll excuse us, we are off with your deceased fairy!

Cosmo was still in the clutches of the ship's tendumm.

Jorgen: Not so fast! If you want Cosmo...(pulls out his wand)'ll have to answer to me first!

Next scene name: Great Rubberchin War II!

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Sep 22, 2005
Stealing your grill
Sometimes if a scene continues from the next one, I'll insert a little quote at the beginning to recap what happened at the end of the last scene.

Scene number: 12
Scene name: Great Rubberchin War II!

Marc: (as the spaceship is floating away) Now if you'll excuse us, we are off with your deceased fairy!

Cosmo was still in the clutches of the ship's tendumm.

Jorgen: Not so fast! If you want Cosmo...(pulls out his wand)'ll have to answer to me first!
Marc: Put down your scepter if you want us to leave you peacefully.
Jorgen: Never! I challenge you to one of your Radda Radda Matches!
Marc: That would not be possible. You see, we have discontinued Radda Radda Matches since the 1979 incident. (glaring at Chris) It's all fun and games until someone swallows the Commander's eyeball.
Chris: Dude, I filled out the apology form already! Will you like, just let it go?
Marc: We now use a different tactic to solve interplanetary conflicts.

He then pulled out a huge alien cannon.

Marc: Conventional warfare!
Stevie the Jellyfish: (suddenly popping up on the screen; talking quickly) Conventional warfare is the common military strategy of using all available military resources against the foe, and yes this is gonna become a reoccuring gag in Douglas-Z's fanfics.

Marc then fired the cannon, releasing a prolonged blast of green rays down below.

Timmy: Look out!

Wanda screamd as they ran from the advancing beam.

Jorgen: Very well then. Archers!

Several fairies in blue poofed in behind them with bows. They each inserted several wands into their bows and then fired them at the ship.

Marc: Incoming pointed projectiles at 00:14:65!
Chris: (checking a nearby clock) Actually, Marc, I believe the time is 00:15:80.
Marc: Hit the dirt!

He pulled them both down as the wands struck the ship, smashing through the windows, keying some of the paint, and damaging the frame slightly.

Marc: Hey, watch it! This is a rental! If you desire to launch your weaponry in our direction, let's at least take it outside! Jared, prepare the hovership!

They then floated down from their spaceship on a small hovercar-like craft that resembled the octopus-like ship from the Cartoon Network INVADED specials, minus the octopus tentacles.

When Marc, Jared, and Chris exited the spaecship, they put on space helmets, showing they were not suited for Earth's atmosphere.

Marc: Alright, now we may resume.

Chris pulled out a small gun-like weapon.

Chris: Eat cheeseballs, lame-o's.

He then fired cheeseballs from the gun. They all missed and landed on the ground.

Timmy: Cheeseballs? What are you, gonna pelt us with cheeseballs to death?

They all started laughing. Chris fired more cheeseballs towards them.

Timmy: You know, I'm gonna eat some...*stuffs some of the cheeseballs into his mouth*...and then I'm gonna pelt some cheeseballs right back at you!

Just then, Jared pulled out a small button and pressed it. Instantly, all the cheeseballs exploded, leaving Timmy scorched. He spit out some ash.

Timmy: Explosive cheeseballs. I should've guessed.

Marc, Jared, and Chris laughed as Chris and Jared high-fived each other.

Timmy: (shakes off the scorch) FIRE‼

Wanda poofed up a glowing machine gun, which fired carrots at them, in a reference to the episodes Power Mad! and Fairy Idol. One of them rammed into the hovership, short-circuting it.

Marc: Hey, now that wasn't a rental! Jared built that himself!
Jared: S, y me tom diez pwons a construirlo! Tendr que pagar! (Yes, and it took me ten pwons (unit of time) to build it! You will pay!)

Just then, Marc was zapped in the back by a lazer ray.

Marc: AAUGH! Who the flarg did that?!
Chris: *gasp* Watch the language, dude.

The camera panned up to show the ship was firing beams at random targets, blasting various trees and such in the park. The ship's tendumms had retracted back into the ship, except for the one grasping Cosmo.

Marc: *gasp* The ship! It's come to life!
Chris: (hands some hi-tech binoculars to Marc) Uh dude, take a closer look.

Marc looked through the binoculars to see Sandy Cheeks in the console.

Marc: The audible chipmunk?!

The camera cut to Sandy fiddling with the controls in the console. She was still wearing the dress.

Sandy: WHEE! I love this video game! I wanna be Player 2!
Marc: Chris! Go up there and seize that chipmunk!
Chris: How do you expect me to do that?! The hovership's busted, remember?!

Just then, one of the rays hit Jared's eye, blackening a small part of it.

Jared: AUGH!
Chris: *gasp*
Jared: Puede romper nuestra nave de alquiler que me fijo... (You can break our rental spaceship that I just fixed...) slo puede daar la hovership constru yo mismo, pero... (You can damage the hovership I built myself, but...)

He placed a small eyepatch over the blackened area of his eye (not his entire eye) which he will wear for the rest of the event.

Jared: (speaking English O_o ) It's all fun and games until SOMEONE loses an eye.

He walked into the hovership and then walked out, weilding Marc's alien cannon from earlier.

Jared: Then it's WAR! Take cover!

He fired a prolonged blast at them.

Wanda: Look out!

They ducked from the blast. Jared, laughing manically, continued blasting at them. Just then, he accidentally blasted at the spaceship's outer engine, causing it to start plummeting towards the ground, burning up in the atmosphere.

Sandy: Yay! I won! I won! Where's my ducky?!

Her dress burned up, leaving just her yellow suit, which also started to burn a little.

It crashed into the vacant ballpark, now a bit more beat-up.

Marc: Yes! Into the spaceship!

Marc and Chris ducked into their ship as Jared continued blasting.

Jared: We will not be silenced! (ducks into the ship as well)

Marc grabed Sandy and handed her to Chris.

Sandy: I wanna ride the pony.
Marc: Chris, lock the chipmunk back up in chains!
Chris: (walking away with Sandy) Why do I always have to chain up the prisioners, man?
Marc: (calling) And watch her carefully, so we can figure out how she escaped in the first place!
Jared: (rushing over; still holding the cannon) What do you want me to do, sir?!
Marc: First of all, I want you to learn to start speaking English while not in a rage.
Jared: (drops the cannon) Si, senor...dgg! Yes, sir.
Marc: Secondly, what can you do with the ship's engine in 4 thonens (unit of time)?
Jared: Oh, debera ver lo que puedo hacer en el 3,5 thonens!

He walked out as Jorgen blasted at the window.

Jorgen: Hey, where do you Rubberchins think you're going?! (raising wand) This is not over!
Marc: (points) Look! It is a small furred Earth-based mammal that gathers acorns!
Timmy, Wanda, Jorgen, and the Fairies in Blue: (simultaniously) A chipmunk? What? Where? I see no mammals.

The ship then started to hover away, with Cosmo still in the ship's tendumm.

Wanda: (turns around; gasp) They're taking Cosmo!
Everyone else: (turning around) What?!

Jorgen started to blast at them with his wand, but every blast exploded into fairy dust before it reached.

Jorgen: Blast it! They're already in the ionosphere! Our magic has no effect up there!
Wanda: Cooossssmoooo!
Timmy: We've gotta get Cosmo back! Wanda, I wish we had a rocket!

Wanda poofed up a small rocket in front of them, and they both got in it. It then blasted into the sky.

Timmy: We will rescue Cosmo!

The rocket blasted off, leaving a twinkle in the sky.

Jorgen: Hey, what am I supposed to do then?! (turns to the Fairies in Blue) Radda Radda match?
Random Fairy in Blue:
I call good paddle.

Final scene: Next Stop: Cancelled Cats!

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Sep 22, 2005
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Again, in case you didn't catch the previous scene "Great Rubberchin War II", go back and check that scene out before reading this one.

File ID: 0013
Codename: Next Stop: Rooty-Root Root Beer!

We transition to the alien spaceship, which was hovering above Dimmsdale.

Inside the ship, Marc was communicating with the male alien commander from the beginning of the Steve-a-Go-Go chapter. He had a hunched back as well as a long eyestalk and stubby tentacles.

Alien commander: What do you mean you three still haven't found an adequate amount of the substance yet, MARCRON?!
Marc: We previously detected the substance in Dimmsdale, California, but it mysteriously vanished from our sensors. And then, we tried to obtain a green sceptre we unearthed.
Alien commander: Well, you two are supposed to be looking for the substance! We have enough weapons to aid in the war! So, Points A and B have failed to turn up the substance. Where shall you search for Point C?
Marc: We are still trying to figure that out right now. Jared, how's it coming on the Jelly-Scanner?
Jared: (searching the scanner) Bueno Marc, el escner es la deteccin de una gran cantidad de la sustancia pulg... (Well Marc, the scanner is detecting a vast amount of the substance in...) (presses some buttons)...Philadelphia, Pennsylvania[sup]1[/sup]!
Chris: (as he and Marc are looking at the scanner) Ooh, Philadelphia. The root beer capital of the world.
Jared: Rooty-root root beer!
Marc: (to the alien commander) Commander! Point C shall be Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! I repeat, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!
Alien commander: *gasp* Philadelphia? Oh, do you boys think you can get me some root beer while you're there?
Chris: Sir yes sir!

The transmission ended. We then transition to Chris chaining a still-diseased Cosmo in the chambers next to Sandy.

Chris: There. That'll keep you two in line until the operation.
Cosmo: *gasp* Operation? What operation?!
Sandy: Hey operator, can you dial me some trail mix and a yo-yo?
Chris: (flashes a lazer gun at Sandy) Silence, dudette! Wow, that's fun. No wonder Marc does it so much.
*cut back to the concolse*
Marc: Chris! Set course for Philadelphia!
Jared: Si, senor, I mean...yes sir!

The ship then started to hover away. Just as it did, SpongeBob SquarePants suddenly leaped in the air, hoping to jump onto the ship. He sounded a battle cry as he leaped. However, as the ship started to hover away, he instead fell to the ground. Patrick Star and Stevie the Jellyfish were watching from an overlooking cliff.

Stevie: Ooh, that's gonna hurt in the morning.
Patrick: Close, but no mice.
Stevie: (as SpongeBob is climbing back up) I think it's "no dice", Patrick.
SpongeBob: (wiping the surt off his legs) Well, looks like it's time for Plan B, guys.
*they both glance at Stevie*
Stevie: (sigh) I hate Plan B.
*iris out on Stevie*

FOP "The End!" card
Jared: Rooty-root root beer!

End Transmission

The invasion continues...

Mission Operator

Mission Supervisor

Mission Details

The Fairly OddParents created by
Butch Hartman

Additional Operator

Recordeded Reference Acted Upon
The Fairly OddParents
Cartoon Network INVADED event
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends "Cheese-a-Go-Go"
Drake and Josh "Alien Invasion"
The Fairly OddParents "That's Life"
The Fairly OddParents "So Totally Spaced Out!"
The Fairly OddParents "Crash Nebula"
The Fairly OddParents "Hassle in the Castle"
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Drake and Josh "Helen's Surgery"

"Chapter 2: Wand from Outer Space!"
Audio Specialists

Tara Strong..............Timmy Turner
Daran Norris.............Cosmo, Mr. Turner, Jorgen Von Strangle, Alien commander, various voices
Susan Blakeslee..........Wanda, Mrs. Turner, Female alien commander, various voices
Carlos Alazraqui.........Mr. Crocker
Dee Bradley Baker........Binky Abdul
Jim Ward.................Chet Ubetcha

"Chapter 2: Wand From Outer Space!"
Outland Audio Specialists

Eugenio Derbez......JARRENEZ-6577 (Jared)
Carolyn Lawrence....Sandy Cheeks
Harry Shearer.......President Schwarzenegger, Younger Jorgen
Bill Fagerbakke.....Patrick Star

"Chapter 2: Wand From Outer Space!"
Secondary Audio Specialists

Rob Paulsen..............MARCRON-9900 (Marc)
Tom Kenny................CHRINNEO-0002 (Chris), SpongeBob, Stevie

Supporters and Commentators on the Mission
Bart Simpson

Greetings to
Butch Hartman
Anyone reading these credits right now for reading my great fic and these boring credits :)

No removable eyeballs were harmed during the process of this mission.

Fan characters, titles, and all other original elements are self-declared property of Douglas-Z and the Spongbuddy Forums. Any unauthorized re-usage or duplication of said inertia will get you probed.

Coming Soon...

Nickelodeon INVADED
Chapter 3: The Cats Are Coming, The Cats Are Coming!

Keep the transmission screen running for: Additional mission properties!

[sup]1[/sup]According to, Catscratch shows evidence of taking place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It makes sense, since Philadelphia is, as implied by Chris, considered the root beer capital of the world, and root beer plays a prominent role in the show.


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Please update a link in your original post for ncktoons invaded chapter 1.

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Sep 22, 2005
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Missionary Progress Reports

Wand From Outer Space! is my first FOP fanfic, and the first fanfic I've ever done on this forum that's not a SB fic. It is also the only chapter of Nickelodeon INVADED that is not based on any of the Cartoon Network INVADED chapters.

This fic was very difficult for me to write at some points due to myself not being as familar with FOP as SB (I really only watch FOP occasionally or when there's nothing else good on). Actually, at one point, I thought about inserting Baby Poof into this fic after the hiatus. However, I then decided that Poof wouldn't fit anywhere in the fic, especially since the fic was already nearing its climax by the time Fairly OddBaby aired.

Some of you fan readers, specifically SpOnGeFaN818 and Lazlo, know of the four-month hiatus that took plae after the second scene had been added. This was mainly because I initially had a suplot in which Wanda ate the green slime thinking it was chocolate and later turned into a monster, but I decided it was way too unappealing. The third scene initially introduced this subplot. Eventually, I forgot about Nick INVADED, and afetr I decided to resume production on it, it took me a while to come up with a different subplot, which was eventually the wand coming to life.

One thing that always annoyed me with Cartoon Network INVADED was that despite being advertized as a crossover event, the only crossover was the ending of Billy and Mandy Moon the Moon, which only aired once and was replaced with an alternate ending in all re-airings (I haven't seen this ending). That's why I made it my goal to make sure this event was as much a crossover as possible. Thus, SpongeBob, Patrick, Stevie, and more notable Sandy, make guest appearences in this fic.

Another challenge was how much information to leak out in this fic about the Rubberchin species and their master plan, sicne I still wanted to save some information for The Cats Are Coming, The Cats Are Coming and Blobtastic Voyage. I think I found a nice balance here, in which it basically reveals that they belong the Rubberchin species, their home planet is Jupiter, and the Rubberchins are involved in a war with the Tiptons, who reside on Uranus. There's also enough evidence to reveal that the "substance" that Marc, Jared, and Chris are searching for is indeed jelly.

Mid-Progress Errors

Timmy: Hey...why is it bubbling?

Wanda looked down.

Wanda: Cosmo!

She flew down to Cosmo, who had poofed a teddy bear underneath the jar.

Wanda: What the...

Cosmo started laughing.

Director: Cut!


Chris: We like, totally did tell you that, dude. We said we weren't the best pilots or nuttin', but you like, totally said it didn't matter as long as we didn't totally crash, dude!
Jared: Taco queso pantalones bailando con espaguetis jugo! (Taco cheese pants dancing with spaghetti juice!)
*the crew starts laughing*
Jared: (British accent) What? What's this with the laughing? Was my Spanish translation off, chaps? Must I run it again?


Marc: Reload the blasters and prepare for an attack on Dimmsdale!
Chris: Aye aye, Crappin' Crunch.
*Marc and the crew all laugh*
Chris: Huh? What?
Crew member: You-you said "crappin'".
Chris: I said "Crappin'"? (starts laughing) ""Crappin'"? Did I seriously say that?
Crew member: (laughing) Remember, we're doing this for kids and tweens, not teens and adults.


Cosmo: Good morning, Timmy!
Wanda: Good Timmy, morning! (they glance at each other)
Cosmo: (checking script) I think we got the wrong lines.
Timmy: (goes back to bed) Wake me up when we're doing it right.


Wanda: My wand's fixed!
Timmy: I wish I had some alien-tracking gear!

Wanda poofed Timmy an elephant, causing him to cave into the road.

Timmy: AUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!! *splash*
Director: Cut!


Chris: Whoa! Dudes! (Marc and Jared run over) That strange wand would be a seriously awesome weapon for us to use, man!
Jared: Estoy tan brillante... (I'm so shiny...)
*Marc, Chris, and the crew laugh*
Jared: Aw, snickerdoodles!


Wanda: Prepare to meet your worst nightmare!

She then poofed herself into a giant (floating) army tank. Inside, she wore an army helmet. She pressed a button.

Wanda: FIRE‼
*tank explodes*
Director: Cut!


Timmy: I got it! Hey, squirrel! Pip pop a doodly doo!
Sandy: Hebert Poodleman!
*the crew laughs*
Sandy: Aw, dang. Ah hate when this happens.
Director: Alright, we're losing our lives. Let's run it again.


Wanda: Cosmo, hand me a fairy thermos!
Cosmo: (hands her a sparkling thermos) Here you go.

Wanda twisted the lid off of the thermos. Fake purple snakes popped out of the thermos.

Timmy: *laughing*
Wanda: Timmy!


Marc: Chris! Go up there and seize that chipmunk!
Chris: How do you expect me to do that?! The hovership's busted, remember?!

Just then, one of the rays struck Chris. He fell to the ground.

Director: Chris, are you okay? Say something!
Chris: (raises a tentacle) That's all, yolks!

Failed Mission Procedures

Mr. Crocker's Classroom
This scene was taken out after I wrote in that the Rubberchins can't breathe in Earth's atmosphere, and the scene involved the window being poofed away, thus exposing them to the atmosphere.

Jorgen: Archers!

Several fairies in blue poofed in behind them with bows. They each inserted several wands into their bows.

Random fairy in blue: (inserting a red wand into his bow) I'm using a red wand so I know who I kill.

They then fired their wands at the ship.

Marc: Incoming pointed projectiles at 00:14:65! Hit the dirt!

He pulled them both down as the wands struck the ship. Each object it struck, notably the front window, the video game on the scanner, and some of the framework, poofed away.

*cut to Mr. Crocker's classroom, where he is bandaged up*

Mr. Crocker: And so class, when eteaching at an Ivy League, be sure never to look up at the sky, just in case...

Just then, the glass poofed in and shattered on the floor.

Mr. Crocker: GAH!

The pieces of framework also poofed in, smashing everywhere in the classroom.

Crocker: (hiding behind his desk) It's the end of the world‼

Just then, the video game screen appeared in front of him.

Crocker: (picks it up) Neat, a video game!

Paddleball of Doom
This scene was actually written into the scene as I was posting it, and then was replaced by the explosive cheeseballs scene, due to it seeming too farfetched. The changing of this scene was most of why the scene took a while to finish.

Marc: Alright, now we may resume.

Chris pulled out a small paddleball.

Chris: Eat paddleball, lame-o's.
Timmy: A paddleball? What do you expect to do with a paddleball?

They all started laughing. Chris whacked the ball, causing to go in a straight line towards them. It stopped and then released psychic waves into the air. Everything in the wave zone took on an inverted color flash. Just then, all of their colors suddenly turned blue.

Timmy: (looking at his hands) What the...

Once the waves stopped, their blue colors melted into a puddle underneath them, leaving them reduced to flat black outlines.

Timmy: Whoa.
Marc: (as the ball retracts back to the paddle) How do you like our de-inking paddleball? Now we shall wait for you to get blown away by the wind.
Timmy: Hah! Like that could happen!

Just then, the wind blew Jorgen's outline into a tree.

Jorgen: Uhh...a little help here?

Beta Viewing of Further Mission Procedures

Gordon: (over footage of his dream of their mansion being carried away by the alien spaceship) It seemed so real! Like it was actually happening!
Waffle: I still hold onto my theory that alien ducks live in my closet.


Gordon: My dream! It's coming true!
Hovis: I suppose they have to probe me again.
Waffle: (stuffing all his newts into a box) They've come to take my newty newts!


Marc: We have come for your jelly!
Mr. Blik: (standing in front of a giant refridgerator full of jelly jars) It's my jelly and those alien scuzzballs can't have it!
Human Kimberly: (being carried away by the spaceship) Gordon!
Gordon: (falling into a chasm) Human Kimberly!


Stevie the Jellyfish: (dressed in a blue petticoat and bow) This whole fic's getting weirder then me.
Wanda: What's the big deal with jelly anyway?
Patrick: It's the ultimate crime‼

Nickelodeon INVADED
Chapter 3: The Cats Are Coming, The Cats Are Coming!

The invasion continues...