Show News New SpongeBob episodes October 30 – November 23

Added to Calendar: 8 dates

To add on to this, there are also some Patrick Star Show eps debuting:
Super Stars: 11/6/23
Now You Museum, Now You Don't: 11/7/23
10 and 1 Toilets: 11/8/23
Family Plotz: 11/9/23
The Wrath of Shmandor: 11/13/23
There Goes the Neighborhood: 11/14/23
Movie Stars: 11/15/23
Dr. Smart Science: 11/16/23
that was my Sandy impression and that was why I am excited about season 14 premiering next month a year before the 25th anniversary
I have an update. The episodes are now premiering one hour earlier.
I'm interested to see how Season 14 is gonna look. I mean, it's only going to be premiering a day later than the end of Season 13, but in every season I've noticed a slightly different style change. Now that I'm up to the Tidal Zone stuff, I can safely say, yeah, it's probably not gonna change too much, but it would be interesting to see.