New SpongeBob Episodes All Week Long (May 2nd)

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Oh man I can't wait :D I usually despise these stupid bomb thing CN always tries to pull off but since we never get new SB episodes weekly or on a consistent schedule, this is really nice to see. Wonder if these will have The Fishbowl/Married to Money


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The preview was pretty bad, but I'm excited to see what's coming up for SpongeBob!
Invincibubble said:
I'm so excited!!!This hasn't happened since 2012.
True, but that was a two week schedule, rather than a one week schedule


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Remember when CN did advertising similar to this? It didn't appeal very well to the demographic due to low views. So I don't see why Nick HAS to continue forcing memes to appeal to the audience. It takes a special kind of talent to do that, y'know?