Show News New SpongeBob episodes airing next month.


The Quickster
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ANOTHER Halloween special?

What about Thanksgiving or New Year's?
That’s what I’m saying! :sbdisappointed:
I mean, how many more Halloween/Christmas specials do we need? I’d sure as heck like to see some Thanksgiving and New Years’ specials. We’ve done Valentine’s Day and Leaf Ericson day (😂) as well. —And ya’ can’t forget about “No SpongeBob Day”!— Let’s bring out some other popular holidays!


i hope it’s not claymation, i’m not against it, it’s just that I want to see an animated special again. But in all I’m hyped
If you check out the promos, it’s confirmed to be normal 2d animation, bud. Also, I don’t know why, but I find that music towards the end of the commercial to be pretty catchy! 😂 Hope they use it in the episode.