New episodes in september


Anyone find it riduculous that Squid's on a Bus and The Goofy Newbie are 10 episodes apart in production, but they're airing back-to-back.
Hasn't it been ridiculous like that since mid Season 2-current? Its always bugged me how episodes like "Gary's Bath" and "Goo Goo Gas" were aired eons after the respective season's episodes aired, I wish they would go back to putting air dates on episode order (excluding specials ofc)
Here's what I predict I'll rate the episodes based on their concepts (besides Squid's on a Bus since I've seen that one.)

Mind the Gap: Good (based on a promo I'm guessing SpongeBob'll be some kind of cool pop star but anyways it sounds interesting)
Breakin': Mediocre (this is a pretty obvious rip off of Ditchin'.)
SpongeBob in Randomland:
Amazing/Bad (this could either be really fun and interesting or it could be really boring)
SpongeBob's Bad Habit:
Eh (not sure what to think)
The Goofy Newbie:
Great (sounds like it could be pretty funny)