New Episodes in May

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After dropping Sanitation Insanity off the face of the Earth, Nick's already airing it next week

As of now the Futon Critic only lists 4 episodes, three episodes already known and then Mustard O'Mine, there's nothing on Friday as of now.

5/7/18 (Mo.) 7:00 PM NICK (#223A) Sanitation Insanity

5/8/18 (Tu.) 7:00 PM NICK (#231A) My Leg!
5/9/18 (We.) 7:00 PM NICK (#231B) Ink Lemonade
5/10/18 (Th.) 7:00 PM NICK (#232A) Mustard O' Mine

Sanitation Insanity
When Mr. Krabs gets in trouble for littering, he makes SpongeBob and Squidward clean up Bikini Bottom.

My Leg!
Once Fred's leg heals up, SpongeBob is determined to keep it out of harm's way

Ink Lemonade
Patrick's lemonade stand is unsuccessful until he gets a secret ingredient from Squidward.

Mustard O' Mine
When The Krusty Krab runs out of mustard, Mr. Krabs sends SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward to dig up some more!


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TBH I've never been more excited for a string of new episodes in a long time. These all look REALLY good.


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Compared to the last gush of episodes, I’m more excited for these 4, especially My Leg!.


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I hope Ink Lemonade won't be gross-out episode (probably the first gross-out in post-prequel(sequel) era), other episodes look pretty good, I already saw Sanitation Insanity, which was a great episode, My Leg looks good too, Mustard O'Mine is strange title and I can't think what this episode is about from little clips in the promo.

I guess this would be the best week of premiers, since Bring Your Color and I Love SpongeBob were kinda meh events overall, with some meh and even awful episodes in.

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Definitely something to look forward. However, unless they're planning something further, why on earth did they skip Friday if they will not complete all the episode pairs?


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Time of the Month better have zany bunny squidward and patrick acting like a horse (with a bit of spongebob and patrick not knowing how sports work wi th ooc squidward ya feel me). Anything less will make me triggered.


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All jokes aside, these look like some of the most creative episodes yet. Of course it comes down to execution, which I'm still scared of for My Leg, but if they put a good effort, these could be some of the best season 11 episodes.



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Hey everyone I’m Amanda! This my first post on here. I can’t wait for these new episodes especially My Leg! It’s one of my favourite jokes in the show.


I'm personally quite excited for My Leg! (Patrick knocking Bubble Bass out of the way was a great gag), but I'm kinda split on the other 3. If Mr. Krabs is a jerk in the 2 episodes that feature him, they could turn out pretty bad. Otherwise, these look like some pretty good episodes.


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I thought that the letters in title cart for My Leg ! would be embedded like actual legs,but it still looks great,title cart for Ink Lemonade,honestly,looks like a fan-made