Show News New episodes in July!!


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WOW! Only SB Big Birthday Blowout will be released in Nick Asia on the same day (July 12).

Since SB series is celebrating the Best Month Ever tomorrow starting July 1 in Nick Asia, they won't be airing new episodes like that unfortunately. Instead, Nick Asia will do this:

July 1 to 5 @ 16:00 PST = SpongeBob's Best Moments Ever (this shows the best moments in our most favorite episodes)
July 12 @ 16:00 PST = SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout
July 13 to 14 = 48-hour SpongeBob marathon (I also remember they did the same thing back in Dec 31, 2011 to Jan 1, 2012)

I just hope they air the new SB episodes this July in my home country. At least there's to watch the new SB episodes.
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Awesome! glad they finally airing more new eps of Spongebob!

look like Gary & Spot and Gary;s Gots Legs are sister episodes