My Total Drama opinions


Pokemon Boi
Aug 14, 2021
The Perfume Department
I am gonna review total drama's first 9 episode i am skipping Paintball Deer Hunt because i watched half of it

Not So Happy Campers P1 and P2: Great
The Big Sleep: Polite (close to meh)
DodgeBrawl: Superb
Not Quite Famous: Great
The Sucky Outdoors: Meh
Phobia Factor: Perfect
Up the Creek: Great
If You Cant Take the Heat...: Bad

Reviews (of Phobia Factor, The Sucky Outdoors and If You Cant Take the Heat...):
The Sucky Outdoors: This is probably the first meh episode of total drama because the animation is great and its funny but this episode is Sadie torture because Katie was unlikable

Phobia Factor: This is a good episode Tyler revealed to be afraid of chickens was definitely a lol moment and the twist of when Courtney is revealed to be afraid of green jelly is good!

If You Cant Take the Heat...: Well people here it is... The first ever bad episode of Total Drama This episode is basically torturous to every contestant in it except DJ, Geoff, Duncan and Heather (There is some Heather Torture but its some good karma) Harold was probably the most tortured though! We do get some humor like Harold quote "MY BISCUITS ARE BURNING!" but that didnt save this episode at all!

Best (so far): Phobia Factor
Worst (so far): If You Cant Take the Heat...