My thought about every Spongebob Episode (REVISED)

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Yo, what's up? It's been a long time since I wrote something on this forum. A lot of things changed in these years, even my opinion towards some SB episodes. In fact, I spent some time watching some recent episodes, but also rewatching some older entries, and it seems like some of my previous opinions did change. So, I thought of starting again like I started off the first time, by giving my updated and revised thoughts about every single SB episode. I'm also going to compare my current opinions with the older ones, in order to find out what did or didn't change. In addition to GOOD, MEH, BAD and HORRIBLE, I'm using GREAT rating, too, when an episode is particularly good.
Thus, let's start off (again) with season 1:

[SIZE=14pt]1a) Help Wanted GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, but its plot is far too simple)[SIZE=14pt] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]1b) Reef Blower GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, I like that characters don't talk)
[SIZE=14pt]1c) Tea at the Treedome GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, close to MEH for having a simplistic story)
[SIZE=14pt]2a) Bubblestand GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, really simple, but the bubble technique is gold)
[SIZE=14pt]2b) Ripped Pants MEH [/SIZE](MEH, my opinion didn't change, this relies just on one gag. It's quite repetitive, and Sandy has barely any personality here)
[SIZE=14pt]3a) Jellyfishing BAD [/SIZE](at first it was GOOD, then MEH, and lastly BAD. It didn't age that well, to be honest. If that jellyfish didn't zap Squidward at the very end, the ending would be much better)
[SIZE=14pt]3b) Plankton! GREAT [/SIZE](GOOD, but I decided to praise it further. Mediocre clarinet player...)
[SIZE=14pt]4a) Naughty Nautical Neighbors GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, and Squidward gets his comeuppance)
[SIZE=14pt]4b) Boating School GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, nothing changed)
[SIZE=14pt]5a) Pizza Delivery GREAT [/SIZE](GOOD, the pioneer hitchhiking and the ending are the best parts. The KK Pizza song... I don't care about it)
[SIZE=14pt]5b) Home Sweet Pineapple GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, but the sequence with sleeping Patrick drags out a bit)
[SIZE=14pt]6a) Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, nothing changed, again)
[SIZE=14pt]6b) Pickles GREAT [/SIZE](GOOD, but Squidward didn't deserve those boos)
[SIZE=14pt]7a) Hall Monitor MEH [/SIZE](once GOOD, actually Patrick wasn't enough. Spongebob is a tad annoying, and Mrs. Puff... don't ever get me started)
[SIZE=14pt]7b) Jellyfish Jam MEH [/SIZE](once GOOD, but the only truly memorable thing is the song. The rest is a bit dull, and the jellyfish are so annoying)
[SIZE=14pt]8a) Sandy's Rocket MEH [/SIZE](MEH, Spongebob is so stupid here, and Sandy is also pretty unsympathetic)
[SIZE=14pt]8b) Squeaky Boots MEH [/SIZE](once GOOD, but the real problem is its weak direction. I actually don't mind the squeaking)
[SIZE=14pt]9a) Nature Pants BAD [/SIZE](once MEH, but the whole concept is definitely stupid. Spongebob has NO reason to leave his life, considering his utterly positive and optimistic behavior. Patrick going insane is weird, but Squidward throwing a party is clearly the highlight)
[SIZE=14pt]9b) Opposite Day MEH [/SIZE](MEH, solid beginning and ending, the problem stands midway, as usual)
[SIZE=14pt]10a) Culture Shock GREAT [/SIZE](GOOD, but I liked Squidward's performance)
[SIZE=14pt]10b) F.U.N. GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, but the song is a bit overrated)
[SIZE=14pt]11a) MuscleBob BuffPants MEH [/SIZE](MEH, Spongebob can't even lift up a glass, REALLY?)
[SIZE=14pt]11b) Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost GOOD [/SIZE](once MEH, I rewatched it, and it's better than I remembered it. The watermelon gag is amusing, and Squidward is demanding for a plausible reason)
[SIZE=14pt]12a) The Chaperone MEH [/SIZE](MEH, incredibly forgettable, but Spongebob's plan is pretty clever)
[SIZE=14pt]12b) Employee of the Month GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, I like their insanity)
[SIZE=14pt]13a) Scaredy Pants GREAT [/SIZE](GOOD, the Flying Dutchman being scared of Spongebob's pink hat never gets old)
[SIZE=14pt]13b) I Was a Teenage Gary MEH [/SIZE](once BAD, it's still pretty unsettling, but the ending is quite nice. It's no longer the worst S1 episode)
[SIZE=14pt]14a) SB-129 GREAT [/SIZE](GOOD, the best episode of S1. My highlight isn't "FUTURE", but "ALONE")
[SIZE=14pt]14b) Karate Choppers GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, but how many times does Spongebob get fired?)
[SIZE=14pt]15a) Sleepy Time GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, unique concept)
[SIZE=14pt]15b) Suds MEH [/SIZE](MEH, I still don't really care about this one. I don't find it that funny or problematic)
[SIZE=14pt]16a) Valentine's Day MEH [/SIZE](once GOOD, but Patrick is unlikable. Besides, WHY doesn't he turn his head?)
[SIZE=14pt]16b) The Paper BAD [/SIZE](once GOOD, but after rewatching it, it definitely lacks of charm and decent jokes. My new worst S1 episode)
[SIZE=14pt]17a) Arrgh! GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, solid, despite Krabs being at his worst)
[SIZE=14pt]17b) Rock Bottom GOOD [/SIZE](once MEH, but after rewatching it, I quite enjoy the dark and eerie atmosphere of Rock Bottom. I didn't find it that hilarious, though)
[SIZE=14pt]18a) Texas GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, probably the chase sequence is a bit long)
[SIZE=14pt]18b) Walking Small MEH [/SIZE](once GOOD, but I can't find anything interesting here. Plus, I can't stand Stepping on the Beach anymore, and the ending falls flat)
[SIZE=14pt]19a) Fools in April MEH [/SIZE](once GOOD: the 1st half is good, and I even like Squidward's prank on Spongebob. However, the 2nd half is really weak, not to mention a pretty stupid ending)
[SIZE=14pt]19b) Neptune's Spatula MEH [/SIZE](MEH, I don't dislike the plot, but Neptune isn't an interesting character, either. I admit Krabs' scenes are kinda funny)
[SIZE=14pt]20a) Hooky GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, Squidward wins, yay)
[SIZE=14pt]20b) Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, not memorable, but still quite enjoyable)

Overall, season 1 has 6 GREAT, 18 GOOD, 14 MEH and 3 BAD episodes. Once my good episodes were 29, now they're down to 24, while the not-so-good episodes were only 12, but now are 17. So... yeah, season 1 is fairly decent, but maybe didn't age that well. Of course, it has some memorable episodes like SB-129 or Scaredy Pants, and bad episodes are more uninteresting and dull than irritating or terrible, but I didn't expect 14 mediocre/okay-ish episodes, to be fair.
* Season 1: 24/14/3.


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At least there weren’t any horrible episodes. I’ve said this to other people and I’ll say it to you, good luck.


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I agree with everything except the rating for Walking Small. I really like that episode, and I think it kinda has a more interesting plot and setting than other episodes, but I can see why you'd find it meh.

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Okay, let's continue with season 2, which was my favorite season in the past. Does it still hold up? Let's find out:

[SIZE=14pt]21a) Your Shoe's Untied GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, but why can't the Flying Dutchman tie a shoe, if he can make creative knots?)
[SIZE=14pt]21b) Squid's Day Off GREAT [/SIZE](GOOD, this one has so many great jokes. Squidward's insanity is portrayed so well)
[SIZE=14pt]22a) Something Smells MEH [/SIZE](once GOOD: this one is so repetitive. While Squidward's reaction to Spongebob saying 'I'm ugly and I'm proud' is amusing, the rest is just average. Patrick's 'The Ugly Barnacle' isn't a good joke, and the ending doesn't make much sense)
[SIZE=14pt]22b) Bossy Boots MEH [/SIZE](MEH, still pretty boring. Pearl is not a bad character here, and the beginning isn't that bad, but after Squidward leaves, it gets mediocre)
[SIZE=14pt]23a) Big Pink Loser GREAT [/SIZE](GOOD, Patrick is purposely annoying, so it makes sense. Squidward's cameos are great)
[SIZE=14pt]23b) Bubble Buddy MEH [/SIZE](MEH, the ending with Squidward is kinda nice, but Spongebob's behavior is definitely the lowlight)
[SIZE=14pt]24a) Dying for Pie GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, maybe it's not that funny, but it has a good story and a good soul)
[SIZE=14pt]24b) Imitation Krabs GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, but why does fake Krabs know the KK timetable and price list better than the real Krabs?)
[SIZE=14pt]25a) Wormy GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, Spongebob and Patrick sure know how to keep Bikini-Bottomites calm)
[SIZE=14pt]25b) Patty Hype GREAT [/SIZE](GOOD, and Krabs reasonably gets his comeuppance at the end)
[SIZE=14pt]26a) Grandma's Kisses BAD [/SIZE](once MEH: the free form jazz expressions are great, but the rest is so stupid and frustrating. Squidward is annoying, the Bikini-Bottomites are even more annoying, and Spongebob's granny is incredibly gullible. The ending is also sappy and asinine)
[SIZE=14pt]26b) Squidville GREAT [/SIZE](GOOD, one of my favorite. Well-portrayed characters and some great gags. Patrick's presence is at his best, not to mention Squidward getting bored with his new daily routine. The way it's displayed is realistic and relatable)
[SIZE=14pt]27a) Prehibernation Week GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, Squidward's 'He's not in my thoughts' is the true highlight. What a savage)
[SIZE=14pt]27b) Life of Crime GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, Patrick's stupidity is the only downside)
[SIZE=14pt]28) Christmas Who? GREAT [/SIZE](GOOD, I actually find Squidward spanking his butt quite funny, but once again, the episode highlight is the presence of a SOUL within)
[SIZE=14pt]29a) Survival of the Idiots MEH [/SIZE](once GOOD: after rewatching it, it's a bit dumb. The 'Open Sesame' bit is good, but every single character doesn't seem at his absolute best. Not even Sandy)
[SIZE=14pt]29b) Dumped BAD [/SIZE](BAD, I still don't like it. Worst S2 episode. The lowlight is not Patrick's character, but Gary himself: he's definitely unsympathetic. While the overdramatic ending is decent, Spongebob's new pets feel kinda obnoxious. As for the song, it blows)
[SIZE=14pt]30b) I'm Your Biggest Fanatic GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, the downside is undeniably Kevin, but it's just so satisfying to see him getting tortured. Patrick's presence is also memorable)
[SIZE=14pt]31a) Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, Spongebob and Patrick are a bit gullible, but Man Ray is a good character)
[SIZE=14pt]31b) Squirrel Jokes MEH [/SIZE](MEH, once again, I don't consider this episode that memorable. Spongebob's stand-up comedy is so unfunny, and his jokes are pretty dull. Sandy being uncouth is probably the "best" part)
[SIZE=14pt]32a) Pressure GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, Squidward teaming up with Spongebob and Patrick isn't something you see everyday)
[SIZE=14pt]32b) The Smoking Peanut MEH [/SIZE](once GOOD: this episode isn't that interesting in hindsight, detective Patrick aside. There aren't many jokes, either)
[SIZE=14pt]33a) Shanghaied GREAT [/SIZE](GOOD, even though the howls are my least favorite bit, at least in the English version)
[SIZE=14pt]33b) Gary Takes a Bath MEH [/SIZE](once GOOD, but everything feels so onesided. Gary is also a bit annoying)
[SIZE=14pt]34a) Welcome to the Chum Bucket GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, so Krabs does care about Spongebob)
[SIZE=14pt]34b) Frankendoodle GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, Finland)
[SIZE=14pt]35a) The Secret Box MEH [/SIZE](MEH, it's still pretty average. A more fitting title would be 'Just One Joke', because it's ALL ABOUT THAT BOX. And guess what, they don't even show that stupid pic)
[SIZE=14pt]35b) Band Geeks GREAT [/SIZE](GOOD, the best S2 episode. Probably a bit overrated, but do I even have to mention the ending? So so so satisfying to appear as fanservice, but who cares? SQUIDWARD WINS)
[SIZE=14pt]36a) Graveyard Shift GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, Spongebob's screaming lasts a bit long)
[SIZE=14pt]36b) Krusty Love MEH [/SIZE](once GOOD, but it's not particularly funny. While I think Spongebob getting angry at Krabs is satisfying, I don't think the English version nailed the gibberish scene. I actually prefer the Dutch and Italian versions for that scene)
[SIZE=14pt]37a) Procrastination GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, and also relatable)
[SIZE=14pt]37b) I'm with Stupid BAD [/SIZE](BAD, same old problems: strong beginning, with the rest becoming worse and worse: Patrick is pretty nasty and idiotic and his ""parents"" are as dumb as him: why doesn't Patrick remember how his real parents look like? And WHY do they forget about not having offsprings at all? So so stupid)
[SIZE=14pt]38a) Sailor Mouth GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, whoa, there's only 11 bad words)
[SIZE=14pt]38b) Artist Unknown BAD [/SIZE](once MEH, but this episode is actually pretty dumb: WHY does Spongebob lose his talent after Squidward takes him out of the garbage? And how come does Squidward suddenly manage to create a perfect statue, out of nowhere? It makes NO SENSE)
[SIZE=14pt]39a) Jellyfish Hunter MEH [/SIZE](once GOOD, but it doesn't have many jokes and Krabs isn't a redeemable character here. At least it ends badly for him)
[SIZE=14pt]39b) The Fry Cook Games GREAT [/SIZE](GOOD, the ending is a bit dull, but this episode has so many great jokes and lines, such as the muscular fish)
[SIZE=14pt]40a) Squid on Strike BAD [/SIZE](once MEH, or better, it would've stayed MEH with a better ending. This one is simply terrible)
[SIZE=14pt]40b) Sandy, Spongebob and the Worm MEH [/SIZE](MEH, the beginning and the ending parts are great, but once again, the problem stands in the middle. Spongebob and Sandy's interaction is boring and repetitive, with the former being quite annoying. They basically spend 2-3 minutes talking, and the overall pacing is slow, too)

Overall, season 2 displays 9 GREAT, 14 GOOD, 11 MEH and 5 BAD episodes. 23/16: one less than season 1. This season sure has some more memorable entries than S1, like Band Geeks or Squidville, but their bad episodes are starting to get more annoying and obnoxious than simply being dull or uninteresting, like I'm with Stupid or Dumped. Pretty much solid season.
Season 2: 23/11/5.

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All right, let's continue our journey with fan-favorite season 3:

[SIZE=14pt]41a) The Algae's Always Greener GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, but I wish I could give it a GREAT because Plankton and Krabs are great characters, but unfortunately, the downside is Spongebob, who is a bit annoying)
[SIZE=14pt]41b) SpongeGuard on Duty MEH [/SIZE](once GOOD, it isn't as memorable as its sister)
[SIZE=14pt]42a) Club Spongebob BAD [/SIZE](once GOOD, it's Squidward Torture Procedure all the way. That conch is so unbearable, and Spongebob and Patrick's attitudes don't help it, either)
[SIZE=14pt]42b) My Pretty Seahorse GREAT [/SIZE](GOOD, every character is on point, and the seahorse's neigh sounds funny, much like the onions bit. Krabs is surprisingly understanding towards Spongebob and the ending is just memorable)
[SIZE=14pt]43a) Just One Bite GREAT [/SIZE](GOOD, the ending is a bit harsh, but doesn't ruin a great episode)
[SIZE=14pt]43b) The Bully HORRIBLE [/SIZE](once MEH, the worst S3 episode and also my least favorite pre-movie material. I hate this so much, the bully is obnoxious, but Mrs. Puff is definitely at her WORST: I get it, she hates Spongebob, but she's a TEACHER, and should NOT allow BULLYING by any means. In almost 20 years of the show, she's been arrested lots of times, but for some reason she got away with it here and in Demolition Doofus, where she actually DESERVED to be ARRESTED. Idiotic blowfish)
[SIZE=14pt]44a) Nasty Patty GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, maybe a bit overrated)
[SIZE=14pt]44b) Idiot Box MEH [/SIZE](once GOOD, a bit empty content-wise, and the ending is far too severe for Squidward)
[SIZE=14pt]45a) Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV MEH [/SIZE](once GOOD, I like the interaction between Squidward and Barnacle Boy and the ending with "giant" Plankton, but the rest is not that compelling)
[SIZE=14pt]45b) Doing Time GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, the ending is confusing, yet I like it)
[SIZE=14pt]46a) Snowball Effect GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, more like an alternative version of Just One Bite)
[SIZE=14pt]46b) One Krabs Trash GREAT [/SIZE](GOOD, I adore the bit with Squidward's gravestone)
[SIZE=14pt]47a) As Seen on TV MEH [/SIZE](MEH, Spongebob acts way too cocky)
[SIZE=14pt]47b) Can You Spare a Dime? GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, Squidward being spoiled is in line with his personality, and Spongebob losing his patience for once is priceless. Although, Krabs is a squabbler)
[SIZE=14pt]48a) No Weenies Allowed GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, but overrated with a pretty unfair ending. A hospital for weenies, REALLY??)
[SIZE=14pt]48b) Squilliam Returns MEH [/SIZE](once GOOD: this pretty much calls off the whole Band Geeks. The ending is definitely unfair for Squidward, and Spongebob doesn't remember his own name. Status quo, again)
[SIZE=14pt]49a) Krab Borg GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, da song)
[SIZE=14pt]49b) Rock-a-Bye Bivalve GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, the narrator's time cards are the best thing here)
[SIZE=14pt]50a) Wet Painters GREAT [/SIZE](GOOD, simplicity is sometimes the answer)
[SIZE=14pt]50b) Krusty Krab Training Video GREAT [/SIZE](GOOD, but maybe the narrator procrastinating is my least favorite aspect)
[SIZE=14pt]51) Party Pooper Pants BAD [/SIZE](BAD, okay, Spongebob is in the wrong here, but why should he be arrested for not inviting the policefish? This is incredibly ASININE)
[SIZE=14pt]52a) Chocolate with Nuts GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, possibly the most overrated episode. Okay, I don't dislike it, but the con man gets away with it and those old ladies are utterly unpleasant)
[SIZE=14pt]52b) Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V GREAT [/SIZE](GOOD, possibly the best pre-movie MMBB episode)
[SIZE=14pt]53a) New Student Starfish MEH [/SIZE](once GOOD, the 24-25 bit is funny, but jerky Patrick is back to ruin this episode)
[SIZE=14pt]53b) Clams GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, I like the use of orchestra)
[SIZE=14pt]54) Ugh MEH [/SIZE](MEH, the best bits are the size of prehistorical Gary and a tiny Krabs saying 'Money money money', even though money wasn't there yet in stone age)
[SIZE=14pt]55a) The Great Snail Race GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, I can't hate this one. At least Spongebob understands his mistakes, unlike in another upcoming episode, and it's not common to see Squidward laughing with him and Patrick. Sadly, the parts with Sandy are stupid)
[SIZE=14pt]55b) Mid-Life Crustacean MEH [/SIZE](once GOOD, the panty theft is the best thing, but everything else is either boring or annoying. The entire beginning portion is repetitive and dull)
[SIZE=14pt]56a) Born Again Krabs GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, Krabs sells Spongebob for 62 cents, but Squidward pointing out this is nice of him)
[SIZE=14pt]56b) I Had an Accident MEH [/SIZE](MEH, Patrick is great, the rest is eh)
[SIZE=14pt]57a) Krabby Land MEH [/SIZE](MEH, Spongebob Torture isn't that entertaining here, and Krabs is obsessed with M-O-N-E-Y exclusively)
[SIZE=14pt]57b) The Camping Episode MEH [/SIZE](once GOOD, even though the Campfire Song sounds great, the entire seabear sequence is obnoxious and very repetitive. Maybe Squidward had it coming, but it drags out way too long)
[SIZE=14pt]58a) Missing Identity MEH [/SIZE](once GOOD, Spongebob putting on his pants back to front sounds dumb, even for him)
[SIZE=14pt]58b) Plankton's Army GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, I quite like Plankton being imprepared at the beginning, and the ending is pretty funny)
[SIZE=14pt]59) The Sponge Who Could Fly MEH [/SIZE](MEH, Spongebob walking is my favorite part. The Bikini-Bottomites are simply irritating)
[SIZE=14pt]60a) Spongebob Meets the Strangler GREAT [/SIZE](GOOD, my new best S3 episode. The party scenes are my absolute favorite, and Squidward is HAPPY, too. I never saw him so full of life, and also dancing with a lampshade on his head)
[SIZE=14pt]60b) Pranks a Lot MEH [/SIZE](once GOOD, maybe a bit repetitive and the ending is meh)

A little recap: this season has 7 GREAT, 13 GOOD, 14 MEH, 2 BAD and 1 HORRIBLE episode. The first one I hate in chronological order. This season is good as a whole, even though it has an inferior amount of good episodes than the first two seasons.
SEASON 1: 24/14/3
SEASON 2: 23/11/5
SEASON 3: 20/14/3


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This is an interesting list, I'd say. Although I will say that I've grown tired of an episode being hated just because of Squidward's misfortune (in fact, at this point, it's grown irritating to me), I wonder how the next episodes will hold up.

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EmployeeAMillion said:
If there are already 12 bad Pre-Movie episodes, I downright await the next reviews.
I don't like the pre-movie/post-movie/post-second movie distinction, since this might cause some biased opinions. While it's easier to say Just One Bite >>>>> A Pal for Gary, it should also be as easy to say Mimic Madness >>>>> The Bully. I actually think there's two kinds of episodes: GOOD and NOT-THAT-GOOD.

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I like The Bully more than Mimic Madness.

Can someone tell me why Mimic Madness is amazing besides the fact that it has a decent song and in general isn't horrible like most new eps?


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I like The Bully more than Mimic Madness.

Can someone tell me why Mimic Madness is amazing besides the fact that it has a decent song and in general isn't horrible like most new eps?
I personally love Mimic Madness even without song,because this episode has great characters dynamic,a lot of decently funny moments,improvement over Gone,WhoBob WhatPants and Face Freeze,and just for episode’s charm.But well,it’s okay that you not crazy about this episode


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I personally love SB House Party (a.k.a Party Pooper Pants) and The SB Lost Episode (a.k.a The Sponge who could Fly)!


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Honest Slug is a Bunny now said:
I like The Bully more than Mimic Madness.

Can someone tell me why Mimic Madness is amazing besides the fact that it has a decent song and in general isn't horrible like most new eps?
Because everybody tastes are different, that's why. If you didn't see good character interactions, atmosphere, pacing and comedy, than I don't know what you even saw in this episode.
Of course it's overrated, but no to extremes of Band Geeks, at least.

And yes, many new episodes are good. Except for Bunny Hunt.

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"Previously I analyzed pre-movie seasons and there were only four bad episodes in over 100, in particular I Was a Teenage Gary, Dumped, I'm With Stupid and Party Pooper Pants, and surprisingly no horrible episodes"
I used to believe this 2 years ago, and things definitely changed. From 4 to 12 bad episodes, from being uninteresting and bland to being downright annoying. Pre-movie episodes aren't flawless, despite showing some memorable entries like SB-129, Band Geeks or the Strangler. To be fair, seasons 1-3 are reasonably known for having some pretty overrated episodes, as well. I rewatched them all, and some of them apparently didn't age that well. For example, The Camping Episode features some Squidward Torture Procedure, which might not be totally undeserved, but if we remove the Backfire song, it looks more like a post-movie Squid Torture, with Spongebob and Patrick portrayed as brainless torturers, and Squidward as the unhappy tortured. Or The Bully, which presents a terrible characterization for Mrs. Puff, which isn't that dissimilar to Demolition Doofus. So, what do we need to know? Are post-movie entries THAT bad? Let's find it out now, with season 4.

[SIZE=14pt]61a) Fear of a Krabby Patty GREAT [/SIZE](GOOD, dr. Peter Lankton is a cool name)
[SIZE=14pt]61b) Shell of a Man GREAT [/SIZE](GOOD, mult is a natural process, so it makes sense to have it here)
[SIZE=14pt]62a) The Lost Mattress MEH [/SIZE](MEH, assuming that Squidward's torture isn't totally undeserved here, I still don't think it's that funny. The hospital cutaways are a bit lame)
[SIZE=14pt]62b) Krabs vs. Plankton GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, you don't see a courthouse as a location every day. Quite unique for the show)
[SIZE=14pt]63) Have You Seen This Snail? MEH [/SIZE](MEH, again, my complaint is not about the plot itself, but rather about HOW it's built: it's way too depressing, even though you should know Gary will eventually come back. There's only a few funny moments, like Squidward screaming or Patrick's presence)
[SIZE=14pt]64a) Skill Crane MEH [/SIZE](MEH, Squidward sells his house for a puny toy. Okay)
[SIZE=14pt]64b) Good Neighbors BAD [/SIZE](BAD, it's NOT the worst Squid Torture, but it's still pretty boring and bothersome)
[SIZE=14pt]65a) Selling Out MEH [/SIZE](once GOOD, a light MEH this time. It's not THAT boring, but feels a bit uninteresting. Usually I don't mind Pearl, but here... wow, she's a bad character)
[SIZE=14pt]65b) Funny Pants MEH [/SIZE](MEH, mixed bag, with good moments like Patrick or Spongebob giving his laugh box to Squidward, but also really pointless moments, like Spongebob's constant laughing/whining)
[SIZE=14pt]66) Dunces and Dragons GREAT [/SIZE](GOOD, pretty funny and entertaining episode)
[SIZE=14pt]67a) Enemy In-Law MEH [/SIZE](MEH, the concept of this episode is interesting on paper, but the execution could be MUCH better. The worst character is not Krabs, but KAREN, who gives us a pretty lame ending. Plus, it's a bit boring)
[SIZE=14pt]67b) Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, it makes good use of different characters)
[SIZE=14pt]68a) Patrick SmartPants GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, Sandra)
[SIZE=14pt]68b) SquidBob TentaclePants MEH [/SIZE](once GOOD, apart from the ending, I find this a bit bland. The concept is nice on paper, but once again, the execution could be much better)
[SIZE=14pt]69a) Krusty Towers GREAT [/SIZE](GOOD, best S4 episode. The best bit is Patrick's suitcase with rocks)
[SIZE=14pt]69b) Mrs. Puff, You're Fired GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, even though Horlepiep is one of my least favorite title card themes. Then again, nearly every boating school-centered episode has that BGM)
[SIZE=14pt]70a) Chimps Ahoy GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, Spongebob and Patrick are good characters overall, despite the mr. dr. latter being a bit jerky)
[SIZE=14pt]70b) Ghost Host MEH [/SIZE](MEH, the Flying Dutchman is an interesting character, but sadly, this episode is pretty bland)
[SIZE=14pt]71a) Whale of a Birthday BAD [/SIZE](once MEH, I'd let it stay as a MEH, but unfortunately, Krabs and Pearl's friends are the worst of the worst. Pearl is honestly a relatable character: she wants a great birthday party, but her father is an incredible cheapskate)
[SIZE=14pt]71b) Karate Island BAD [/SIZE](BAD, I know I should mention Spongebob being cocky but... I always thought Sandy and Spongebob were evenly-matched. However, Sandy appears to be the stronger one here. #fixpowerscaling)
[SIZE=14pt]72a) All That Glitters HORRIBLE [/SIZE](once BAD, Spongebob sells his house and clothes to buy a dumb stereotype. FRENCH STEREOTYPES AREN'T FUNNY. The ending is stupidly lame, too. At the very least, the remaining characters are okay)
[SIZE=14pt]72b) Wishing You Well MEH [/SIZE](once GOOD, this time the original concept isn't that fantastic, as a result we get a pretty mediocre entry)
[SIZE=14pt]73a) New Leaf GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, I actually don't mind the ending, because you should expect status quo on this show)
[SIZE=14pt]73b) Once Bitten MEH [/SIZE](once GOOD, I don't really care about this one)
[SIZE=14pt]74a) Bummer Vacation GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, the ending twist with happy Patrick watching TV is kinda funny)
[SIZE=14pt]74b) Wigstruck BAD [/SIZE](once MEH, I can only save Squidward and Krabs, who simply tell the truth to Spongebob. He's pretty annoying, but Bikini-Bottomites are incredible scumholes)
[SIZE=14pt]75a) Squidtastic Voyage MEH [/SIZE](MEH, another interesting idea lessened by Spongebob and Patrick acting like retarded pigs)
[SIZE=14pt]75b) That's No Lady GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, Squidward and Krabs' reaction at the end is priceless)
[SIZE=14pt]76a) The Thing BAD [/SIZE](BAD, so... I can only save Spongebob and Patrick having fairly decent attitudes and the ending, which turns out to be not that bad for Squidward. The rest, though, is obnoxious)
[SIZE=14pt]76b) Hocus Pocus MEH [/SIZE](once GOOD, it's a bit dumb, even though Squidward's scenes are great)
[SIZE=14pt]77a) Driven to Tears MEH [/SIZE](MEH, the ending is amazing, but the rest is just about Patrick rubbing his driving license on Spongebob's face all the time)
[SIZE=14pt]77b) Rule of Dumb BAD [/SIZE](once MEH, 2nd jerky Patrick episode in a row)
[SIZE=14pt]78a) Born to Be Wild MEH [/SIZE](MEH, again, pretty cool ending, but the rest is bland and dumb)
[SIZE=14pt]78b) Best Frenemies GREAT [/SIZE](GOOD, finally we see Krabs and Plankton working together. They've got a solid chemistry)
[SIZE=14pt]79a) The Pink Purloiner GOOD [/SIZE](GOOD, a bit lacking of jokes, but still solid)
[SIZE=14pt]79b) Squid Wood HORRIBLE [/SIZE](HORRIBLE, you have no idea of how much I despise this. Clearly the worst S4 episode, and HOW can you possibly expect this concept would be INTERESTING? There's ZERO chances for it to actually WORK. A puppet replacing the real Squidward. NO, NO, NO, NO, SIMPLY NO. This episode really blows)
[SIZE=14pt]80a) Best Day Ever GOOD [/SIZE](once MEH, I really like the song and the interaction between Squidward and Krabs at the very end. I don't see anything wrong with this, honestly. Squidward is grateful to Spongebob for repairing his clarinet, which is a nice touch)
[SIZE=14pt]80b) The Gift of Gum BAD [/SIZE](once MEH, on the other hand, this one is really boring and repetitive. The design of Patrick's gum isn't that appealing)

Overall, season 4 shows 5 GREAT, 10 GOOD, 14 MEH, 7 BAD and 2 HORRIBLE episodes. 15/23 is not a solid ratio, especially if we compare it with the first 3 seasons:
SEASON 1: 24/14/3
SEASON 2: 23/11/5
SEASON 3: 20/14/3
SEASON 4: 15/14/9
This season is a mixed bag, with plenty of meh episodes and fewer good entries. The amount of bad episodes increased, as well.