My NEW Top 20 WORST Spongebob Episodes!

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Santa's Toenails said:
So, you spoiled #35 in another topic.

it's Spongebob, Youre Fired
Kind of, yes. But later today, or sometime this month I will explain why I put SYF in its place.


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20.Fungues Among Us (Terrible)
19.All That Glitters (#40 on My List)
18.Night Light (#41 on My List)

17.Born Again Krabs (Okay)
16.Little Yellow Book (#16? Really? It is #2 on My List!)
15.Choir Boys (#10 on My List)
14.Dumped (I only liked that sense where Spongebob said "Gary and Larry are real different than...)

13.Shuffle Boarding (#17 on My List)
12.Someone's in The Kitchen with Sandy (#37 on My List)
11.Summer Job (#31 on My List)
10.Tentacle Vision (#49 on My List)
9.Restrating Spongebob (#24 on My List)


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8.Yours Mine and Mine (#34 on My List)
7.The Card (Awful)
6.Stuck in the Wringer (#20 on My List)
Also I actually liked The Bully can you tell me why you hated it.

5.Plankton's Regular (Horrible)
4.I'm With Stupid (Worst Pre Movie Episode Ever)
3.Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom (#11 on My List)
2.Gone (#9 on My List)

1A.One Coarse Meal (#7 on My List)
1B.A Pal For Gary (#6 on My List)
Great List! But I am surprised Spongebob Your'e Fired wasn't on the list. That's the WORST Spongebob Episode in My Opinion!
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