My Arcade creates a new solution to the problem of Famicom-to-NES cartridge converting.


"The Joy and the Laughter"
Sep 22, 2008
Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA
When I was searching for Famicom-to-NES adapters online, I found a solution to a problem facing many NES/Famicom/Dendy (a.k.a. Bootleg Russian Famicom) game collectors playing Famicom (or Dendy) cartridges on an NES.

These old cartridge adapters usually had you putting the Famicom cartridge on backwards, causing the the title to face away from you when playing on an NES, and it is more apparent when playing on an NES-101 "top loader" model when you are greeted by a Japanese warning label instead of the the colorful front label. Another problem with this cartridge adapter is when the "pull ribbon" gets stuck in a 1985 "toaster" model NES or gets torn off the cartridge adapter leaving the adapter stuck in the system!

My Arcade, a company specializing in arcade game collectables and video game accessories came up with a better solution just recently:
The My Arcade Cartridge Converter, a Famicom-to-NES adapter with an ergonomic grip.

With this adapter you can now play various Japanese Famicom and Russian Dendy cartridges on an NTSC, PAL or "Mattel Version" NES console, including the model 2/toploader/NES-101 model released later in the console's life. A must for anyone who wants to play Mother (EarthBound Beginnings) or any other imported Famicom/Dendy cartridge on their NES.

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