Mrs. Puff's mysterious marital status

Sara SquarePants

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Nov 5, 2017
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Why is Mrs. Puff referred to as "Mrs." if she is not married?

Why didn't she drop Mrs. from her name?

We know she is currently dating Mr. Krabs but having the "Mrs." in her name is just going to confuse and trick people into thinking she is married when that is not the case!

What do you guys think?
Yeah I agree it's odd she hasn't dropped Mrs. from her name. She said she doesn't like to talk about what happened to Mr. Puff, but keeping Mrs. in her name will just cause people to ask about him.
I think they would make a great team
Haha! Actually, I thought Mrs. Puff and Pearl looked similar when I was younger! :sblaugh::sblaugh:
Hm. They do both have that dress-up attitude I suppose. A big difference though is that Pearl has to be worried about whalers and Mrs. Puff has to be worried about being turned into a seafood restaurant pufferfish chandelier lol.