Most forgettable episode from each season

SpongeRoadie UK

Vomit Boy
Jan 6, 2012
Season 1: The Chaperone
It's either this episode or MM & BB 2.

Season 2: Christmas Who?
Not gonna lie, I can distinctly remember every season 2 episode. None of them are forgettable. The reason I picked Christmas Who? is because it airs once a year. I wouldn't usually count airing time as something to judge an episode's memorability (I didn't pick Scaredy Pants or Valentine's Day for season 1), but here I don't have a choice.

Season 3: Krabby Land and Born Again Krabs
The former had a structured storyline with nothing interesting happening. The latter had a lot of interesting things happening in a giant mess of a storyline.

Season 4: Born To Be Wild
Weird to say, but season 4 had a lot of story-driven episodes that made even the bad ones memorable. This one is just a little messy. Couldn't remember the exact way the plot panned out.

Season 5: Atlantis SquarePantis
Season 5 was jam packed with forgettable episodes, but I'm gonna pick a particular special that I could only remember having some songs and a hot rod bus.

Season 6: That one special with Neptune's son
So forgettable I forgot it's title (it's sarcasm).

Season 7: Every episode where Plankton disguises himself as someone close to SpongeBob to get the formula
I'm sure there's at least 3 of these sort of episodes in season 7. Every single one of them represents the show's dying originality.

Season 8: Most of them
I'm gonna be honest, season 8 is like a slice of plain bread. It's definitely not bad, it's totally edible and a sensible way to pass the time, but it's rather dull. Nothing great happened, but at the very least, nothing bad happened.

Season 9: SpongeBob You're Fired
SpongeBob is fired at the beginning. Gets his job back in the end. I fell asleep through the middle bit. I'm sure it's nothing important.


Just Some Nut
Dec 4, 2014
In front of my laptop
Season 1: Valentine's Day/The Paper (I don't remember the last time I watched those two.)
Season 2: Procrastination or The Smoking Peanut
Season 3: Missing Identity
Season 4: Enemy-In-Law or Krabs vs Plankton
Season 5: Le Big Switch
Season 6: Too many to choose
Season 7: New Fish in Town
Season 8: Squiditis


Jan 29, 2014
This is kind of impossible to answer, because if you truly trying to find the most "forgettable" episode, you wouldn't remember it or be able to post it. That's the basics of what forgettable means.
Nov 21, 2015
Under the Sea
Season 1 Mermaid man and barnacle boy II

Season 2 The smoking peanut

Season 3 Born again krabs

Season 4 Hocus pocus

Season 5 why were you made season 5 most of them

Season 6 i guess ditchin because i like gullible pants

Season 7 Krusty dogs

Season 8 Fiasco

Season 9 Kenny the cat squid baby

The Appetizer

shapes and noises
Aug 16, 2015
Itchy and Scratchy Land
Season 1- "MuscleBob BuffPants" (Forgettable.)
Season 2- "Dumped" (Decent.)
Season 3- "Born Again Krabs" (Nothing REALLY memorable here.)
Season 4- "The Gift of Gum" (grossout in the form of a giant ball of gum.)
Season 5- "Le Big Switch" (because it almost never airs) or "Stanley S. SquarePants" (unfunny)
Season 6- "Ditchin'"
Season 7- "Hide and Then What Happens?" (only one or two really good jokes)
Season 8- "Squiditis" (I keep forgetting this one even exists) or "Barnacle Face"
Season 9- "Squid Baby" (this needs no explaining why)


Sep 22, 2015
BabySmitty said:
season 1- Musclebob Buffpants

seriously, it's basically Ripped Pants done less-well..... which is saying something because Ripped Pants wasn't all that great to begin with.
yeah it took all the plot from Ripped Pants
SpongeBob impresses Sandy by being funny and then it gets old when he pretends to drown (Ripped Pants)

SpongeBob impresses Sandy by being pretending to be strong with his inflatable arms, which causes them to pop after a lifting contest (MuscleBob BuffPants)

Although I respect your opinion, I loved Ripped Pants
Jul 3, 2016
Oh, gosh. I can't even remember the name of it. The episode where spongebob thinks Patrick steals his spatula. It's actually a good episode, just really forgettable.


Moby Dollar
Jun 9, 2015
toasterstrutel said:
Oh, gosh. I can't even remember the name of it. The episode where spongebob thinks Patrick steals his spatula. It's actually a good episode, just really forgettable.
You probably mean The Pink Purloiner, but that's his jellyfish net, not his spatula :P
Sep 19, 2015
Oh, gosh. I can't even remember the name of it. The episode where spongebob thinks Patrick steals his spatula. It's actually a good episode, just really forgettable.
Don't you mean jellyfish net? If that's what Patrick stole, the name of the episode is "The Pink Purloiner".


Flying Dutchman's Sock
Sep 20, 2019
County Carlow Ireland
Season 1 Squidward The Unfriendly Ghost Mediocre 6/10
Season 2 JBubble Buddy Mediocre 6/10
Season 3 Honestly I couldn't really pick because even the bad episodes are memorable
Season 4 Chimps Ahoy Bad 4/10
Season 5 Probably Good Ol Whatshisname but also Blackjack is a close contender
Spongebob 6 Probably Sun Bleached but I also often forget about
Season 7 New Fish In Town Mediocre 5/10
Season 8 The Way Of The Sponge Bad 3.5/10
Season 9 Bumper To Bumper Good 7.5/10 but I also forget about it
Season 10 House Worming Mediocre 5/10
Season 11 No Pictures Please Mediocre 6/10

Shinobu Oshino

*dial tone* OH NO!
Dec 31, 2015
New Jersey
Season 1: Neptune's Spatula
Season 2: None
Season 3: None
Season 4: Born to Be Wild
Season 5: The Battle of Bikini Bottom
Season 6: Nautical Novice
Season 7: The Wreck of the Mauna Loa
Season 8: Squiditis
Season 9: Yeti Krabs
Season 10: None
Season 11: None
Season 12: None (I haven't seen most of them)
Season 13: None (so far)


Part Computer or Something
Nov 2, 2020
Season 1: Squeaky Boots, Sleepy Time. I do not hear a lot about them.
Season 2: You Shoe's Untied.
Season 3: Nasty Patty.
Season 4: The Pink Purloiner.
Season 5: Spongehenge, Le Big Switch.
Season 6: Squid's Visit.
Season 7: I Heart Dancing, Rodeo Daze.
Season 8: Treats!


Gary the Snail Supremacist
Apr 23, 2016
Far Away
For me, they are -

Season 1: Neptune's Spatula
Season 2: Grandma's Kisses
Season 3: New Student Starfish
Season 4: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture (there's soooo many forgettable episodes in this season tho)
Season 5: Picture Day
Season 6: Ditchin' (I don't even remember the plot to this episode, I thought it was the vikings one but that's Dear Vikings, another forgettable episode)
Season 7: Trenchbillies
Season 8: Sweet and Sour Squid
Season 9: Bumper to Bumper
Season 10: House Worming
Season 11: Bubbletown

I just want to note that there are some episodes in this list that I really like, I just find them to be forgettable.

I think the most forgettable episodes in the entire series are Picture Day and Ditchin'. I haven't seen either in a very long time, and although I literally cannot remember Ditchin' at all, Picture Day feels like a fever dream, I think because I vaguely remember playing a game based on it before...


Imitation Krab
Oct 25, 2019
Season 1 - The Chaperone (Aside from the "Doing the Sponge" scene, I thought this was a pretty boring episode)
Season 2 - ???
Season 3 - ???
Season 4 - Funny Pants (A few scenes were annoying, but for the most part nothing sticks out in a good way or a bad way)
Season 5 - Waiting (This is easily the dullest episode I've seen)
Season 6 - Toy Store of Doom (Interesting premise, but nothing came of it)
Season 7 - Shellback Shenanigans (The best of the three Imitation Krabs clones, but that doesn't say much)
Season 8 - Squidward's School for Grown-Ups (Even when trying my hardest, the only scene I can actually remember is SpongeBob singing in the opera)
Season 9 - License to Milkshake (I actually can't remember any scenes from the episode, even though I know for a fact I've seen it)
Season 10 and onwards doesn't actually have many episodes I've watched since I lost cable around this point.

Season 6: Ditchin' (I don't even remember the plot to this episode, I thought it was the vikings one but that's Dear Vikings, another forgettable episode)
Well, it was on the Viking-Sized Adventures DVD (it's my personal favorite out of the episodes on the DVD)