Moments in SpongeBob that you thought were hilarious as a kid?


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Like the title says. A few of the scenes that made me laugh hard as a kid were the live action bomb explosions (Dying for Pie and The Krusty Plate), the scene where the fish was getting chased by a giant apple (The Chaperone), and SpongeBob and Patrick ice skating as well as the scene with the perfume department (Shanghaied). I will post some moar later.
Almost every scene! But my all-time favorites are pretty similar to CakeCup's: the perfume department scene in Shanghaied and the explosions, specifically in The Krusty Plate, in my case.


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- SpongeBob's face when he says "Oh no!" in "Something Smells"
- The song "When Worlds Collide", especially Patchy's reactions
- :moar:
- The live-action moments
- SpongeBob screaming in Hall Monitor


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I've said it a gazillion times but I'll say it again: Spongebob in the mailbox at Hall Monitor. I wish I could still laugh as hard at that as I used to. But I guess once you've seen something enough...
Basically all of Patrick's antics in Big Pink Loser.
Squidward realizing who "Patricia" is in That's No Lady.
Squidward exploding in Jellyfishing.


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The ending of Night Light, while not making up for the rest of the episode's mediocrity, comes out of left field and doesn't seem too dumb.

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Ink Lemonade hurts me.
Just seeing MM/BB being so old. After a while you kinda just get used to it as their characterization. But as a first time viewer it was one of the funniest things on the show.

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OBAB (that squirrel below) was freed by Fug
Patrick's laugh and face here...

Also this


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1. I'm already a kid
2. "Don't you have to be stupid somewhere else?" <.<


also the gorilla and the zebra


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There wasn't really anything that I laughed at then which I don't laugh at now. If anything, there are things that I laugh at now which I didn't laugh at then. For instance, as a kid I laughed a lot at "lets get naked!", but now I'm a bit older I laugh more at the absurdity of "no, let's save that for real-estate..." instead.


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- Patrick's face after Barnacle Boy shows Mermaid Man where the evil is (I've already said this twice in the past, I remember it)
- The kid popping SpongeBob's unicorn bubble in Krabby Land
- Patrick kicking himself away in No Weenies Allowed
- The fish dancing in Squid Wood

Just to name a few. I could've laughed at whatever joke was shown on the TV screen.


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-the end of the theme song
-dehydrated Spongebob
-any time Squidward laughed
-"am I ugly?" "MY EYES!!! MY EYES!!!!!!"
-"I told you that shirt was hideous"
-"I need my glasses"
-the trombone scene from Band Geeks
-the flag twirlers flying up into the air and crashing into a blimp
-"did you see my butt?"
-"see you at the krusty krab.........oh noooooo"
-Mr. Krabs' singing voice in Welcome to the Chum Bucket
-the end of "I Wanna Go Home"
-most of Patrick's lines in Christmas Who
-"make a wish, honey"
-"may I take your hat sir"

There's like a million moments that made me laugh as a kid, honestly.

Honest Slug said:
Just seeing MM/BB being so old. After a while you kinda just get used to it as their characterization. But as a first time viewer it was one of the funniest things on the show.
"Are they here to fix the TV?"


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Honestly, I don't remember any. I began to appreciate comedy in SpongeBob only recently. When I was a kid, I liked SpongeBob because of characters, atmosphere and stories.


The rest of the scene with the chocolate bar had me rolling too.


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When I was little I couldn't comprehend some of the bigger and better jokes. But I loved the show as it was and I couldn't find a defining moment.


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I don't think I've ever laughed that much over this show as a kid. I loved the show, and I still do, and it was/is funny, but nothing ever got me laughing all that much.

BUT...I have a list of moments that have!
  • "Funny Pants" - Patrick slipping on a banana peel while flapping his lips.
  • "Ugh" - The large Gary beating Squog up with his eyestalks...weird, cuz this isn't one of my favorite episodes...
  • "Naughty Nautical Neighbors" - SpongeBob slamming Squidward's window on Patrick's face as he goes on to bash Squiddy's bassinet thing into the ground.
...and that's about it.


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I got some more:
-Patrick slamming his rock so hard that he comes back up like an accordion (Naughty Nautical Neighbors). Needless to say, Squidward and I shared the same reaction.
-The concept of old superheroes (MM/BB)
-"Plastic!" and SpongeBob and Patrick eyeballing the map (Arrgh!)
-"The Maniac's in the MAILBOX!" and SpongeBob's "classic" scream (Hall Monitor)
-Squidward trying to apologize and "YOU STINK!" (Fools in April)
-Dr. Peter Lankton (FOAKP)
-"T-t-tonight?" (Squilliam Returns)
-:moar: (Jellyfish Hunter)