Moments in shows that scared you when you were younger


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I don't recall if there was anything that scared me as a kid to the point of nightmares or anything like that. I do agree that Angelica's Nightmare is creepy and unsettling. The Wormy closeup never really scared me but I can see how it might be startling to some people. As long as we're talking about scary moments in shows, does anyone remember the Rugrats episode "In the Dreamtime" (I'm not Tommy/I'm not Stu)? Sorry if I scared anyone all over again. That is definitely creepy/unsettling but I might've been a bit too old to actually be legitimately scared by it. I actually still find that scene a bit unpleasant to watch and I'm 26.


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I remember the episode "Tree at the Treedome" the close ups of SpongeBob getting dried out were pretty scary, but by that time I was already used to the gross close ups on Ren and Stimpy, that it didn't ruin the show for me.

BTW, am I misremembering things, or was there originally a third more intense closeup of SpongeBob saying "I don't need it, I definitely don't need it" that was cut due to being too scary?


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The scene in the Simpsons episode where Bart gets an older brother. We see Homer's face melting off of his skull, and he says "Now how about a hug?". Utterly nightmarish, but still pretty funny.


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I was scared of a lot of things when I was little, but the one thing that creeped me out the most was the THX logo. Still scares me today.


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Wow, not sure what I was thinking 3 years ago...

I was scared by the Rugrats episode where it was basically a dream sequence (the end with the Stu's face and others)


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I'm a little surprised no one here has mentioned the Nosferatu scene in The Graveyard Shift.
I was too little to actually know who the character was, and as a nyctophobic child I would be scared of waking up to him at my door flicking the lights off and on.

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The whole entire sb-129 episode, especially the pre-historic part, and the "alone" part which still leaves uneasy to this day.



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This isn't a show but this is a movie. In Twitches 2 when Thantos came back to life, I always hid. His face after he turned around and showed Alex and Camryn that he was alive was so creepy. Villains always make the creepiest faces. But now, his face doesn't affect me that much