May 11, 2018
124 Conch Street
where'd you find the shirts they're cute!
I found them in Rue 21 at my local mall! It was a buy one get one free deal. 😇 I’m so happy my mom let me get them; she doesn’t particularly like SpongeBob. There are tons of adorable tie dye SB clothing items there, like T-shirts and long-sleeve shirts. I was pleased to find a shirt that included Plankton, Sandy, and even Gary on the shirt, as I don’t often see them on shirts together. The shirts were around $15 each, some were more around $18. I definitely recommend them, as they were comfortable, and came in many designs.

Another great store to shop in is FYE (For Your Entertainment). I should warn you that prices are high (e.g., $25 dollars for a shirt), but there have been a few deals at my local FYE lately. It was almost half off a ton of their SpongeBob products. To elaborate on the products that they have, well, there’s an entire section dedicated to SpongeBob! Last time I checked, FYE has a large SB poster on the front of their store, celebrating his “Best Year Ever”. They’ve got SpongeBob Funko pops, purses, boxers, and EXCLUSIVE shirts with rainbows and Hawaiian designs on them. Being a SpongeBob fan, you’ll love them!

Here’s what the poster looked like. Since then, it’s been replaced with other pop culture figures:


And here is some of the available FYE merchandise:



Hope this helps. ;)
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