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Member of the Month

Apr 17, 2014
Under a rock
I know this has been done before but who cares.

SpongeWott: Hey Prez. Hey Prez. Hey Prez. Hey Prez. Hey Prez.​
President Squidward: Alright, I'll bite. What is it, SpongeWott?​
SpongeWott: Do you know what today is, Prez?​
President Squidward: Annoy Prez Day?​
SpongeWott: No, that's on the 15th! Today is the beginning of judging for Member of the Month.​
President Squidward: SpongeWott, don't you know that award is a scam?​

SpongeWott: What do you mean?​
President Squidward: ssjgogita gives you that award so you make better posts for no doubloons.​
SpongeWott: That is not true, Prez. He gives it to me because I post better. You could win it too if you tried harder.​
President Squidward: Oh, for what? To have my face on the Wall of Shame?​
SpongeWott: Prez, you’ve got it all wrong. Having pride in your posts is nothing to be ashamed of, why, it’s the only thing that makes it all worth while.​
ssjgogita4: Thattaboy, SpongeWott! This is going to be a tough one though! There’s no clear cut winner! Watch out, SpongeWott. Prez appears to be on the verge of a breakout. There could be a new face on the wall this month!​
SpongeWott: Huh?​
President Squidward: That's right, SpongeWott. I might sneak up on you. *he and ssj laugh*​
Apr 17, 2014
Under a rock

SpongeWott: No! How could I let the quality of my posts slip so much?!


SpongeWott: (flips patty onto ceiling and completely screws gravity by running up the wall to get the patty)

President Squidward: Need any help (SpongeWott shrieks) What are you doing?!


SpongeWott: Uh...posting Season 2 scores?

President Squidward: You’re losing it! Don’t you know that award is a load of-


President Squidward: Garbage.

SpongeWott: Please don’t tell ssjgogita4 about this! It’ll hurt my chances of winning the award!

President Squidward: I already told you, that award is a load of *sprayed by meat* Baloney.


SpongeWott: That is not true, Prez. Like this blog, that award is a symbol of-

President Squidward: It’s a symbol that you’re a chump! (grabs SpongeWott’s blog and throws it on the floor)

SpongeWott: No, Prez!


President Squidward: GURRRGH!

SpongeWott: *picks up blog* An experienced member always keeps a brick of lead under their blog.

President Squidward: I’m telling you for the last time, that award is nothing but a joke! *walks away and gets sprayed by meat again*​
Apr 17, 2014
Under a rock

SpongeWott: What if Prez is right? What if Squidward’s right? What if the award is a phony? Does this mean my post count is meaningless?!

Popeye Q. Krabs: Stop that kind of talk, sailor! This war is now, reviewer! That’s exactly what he wants you to think! This is no time to go lily-livered on us!

SpongeWott: But, sir…

Popeye Q. Krabs: There’s no room for buts in war, reviewer! He wants you to crack! He’s trying to trick you, get inside your mind! You will stop at nothing, and I mean nothing to defeat him! Have I made myself clear?

SpongeWott: Crystal, sir!

SpongeWott: *watches Prez through binoculars* I won’t let Prez win! He can’t go to work if he doesn’t wake up. Target sited.

SpongeWott: *slides up to Prez’s alarm clock and is about to smash it when Prez gets into bed and slips into pillow case*

President Squidward: *tries to adjust pillow because it isn’t comfortable*

President Squidward: SpongeWott? What are you doing here?!

SpongeWott: *grabs alarm clock* You can’t win that award if you don’t get up for work! *smashes alarm clock but Prez keeps revealing more while SpongeWott smashes alarm clocks*

President Squidward: Stop it SpongeWott! If I really wanted that award, I could win it with my tentacles tied!

SpongeWott: That can be arranged.

President Squidward: You’re a lunatic, SpongeWott!

SpongeWott: Maybe so, but I’ve won ‘Member of the Month’ 26 times in a row.
Apr 17, 2014
Under a rock

President Squidward: Alright, that’s it, scalchop-for-brains! I’m going to show you how easy it is to win that award. I’m going to be the next ‘Member of the Month’! I will prove to you that I am far more competent than you!

SpongeWott: Well, I’m going in early to wax the floors!

President Squidward: Don’t bother; I’ll have done it already by the time you get there!

SpongeWott: Well, you’ll have to get there pretty early to beat me!

President Squidward: I don’t need to sleep! Loser!

SpongeWott: Well, me neither! …26-time loser!

SpongeWott: Look at him. Watchin’ me.

President Squidward: I’m watching you, SpongeWott.

SpongeWott: Hey, Prez, getting sleepy, huh?

President Squidward: No, how about you?

SpongeWott: Nope!

President Squidward: *plays lullaby*

President Squidward: *walks out of house and falls into hole* SpongeWott!

SpongeWott: Hey Prez! Going somewhere?

President Squidward: I’m going to wring you dry when I get out of here! Now get me out of here!

(also, can someone maybe post from time to time so I don't clog this with double posts?)
Apr 17, 2014
Under a rock

SpongeWott: Alright, Prez, I'll stop by after work!

(Prez screams some more as SpongeWott walks back to his house)


SpongeWott: Now to get some rest. Don't want to look tired for my Member of the Month avatar!


SpongeWott: Prez!


(Prez nails boards to SpongeWott's house but SW saws around it)


(cage drops on SpongeWott but he escapes)


(Prez walks into a bottle)

President Squidward: Why, you little..



SpongeWott: Hahahaha, ooh, Season 4 ratings!


SpongeWott: Aah! Prez!

Prez: So long, SpongeLoser!





President Squidward

I love SBM
May 12, 2013
StormAllenBryat said:
If we have a new TC webcam party I dare u 3 to do this.
Your obsession of TC, daring members to roleplay the characters in parodies, banned trolls and the staff can get annoying sometimes because you overdo it. =/
Also, nobody wants to hear my ugly, ugly voice.