McSponge's Top 10 Worst/Best Season 4 SpongeBob Episodes

Jun 6, 2017
Well folks...


It's time once again for more Top 10 lists from your's truly. Don't worry, this list is actually pretty decent, much better than my Seasons 1-3 lists. Though my reviews won't be that good until my Season 5 lists, this is at least an enjoyable list. And hey, you guys all seemed to really like my Worst/Best lists for Seasons 1-3 (Well, at least Seasons 1 & 3, can't blame ya when it comes to Season 2), so this list will be an enjoyable read. So sit back, relax, and it's time to delve into some good and bad episodes from a fairly overrated Season (Yeah, Season 4 is better than just about every Post-Move Season, but I personally like Season 5 more than 4 :paperbag: ).

Usually, when it comes to SpongeBob, people claim that only the first 3 Seasons were good, and starting with Season 4, the show got worst. While in my opinion, the bad episodes of each Season have definitely gotten much worse than the first 3 Season's bad episodes, there's still tons of great, and amazing episodes from the Seasons after 1-3. But, today we won't be talking about those good episodes, oh no, we're talking about the bad episodes. Today, I'm going to be telling you my picks for the Top 10 Worst Season 4 SpongeBob Episodes. Please Note: This will be based off my opinion, and how I deem the quality of the episode to be. So let's get rolling!

10. Rule of Dumb
Original Airdate: 2-17-2007
Plot: Patrick is crowned king due to his ancestry. He slowly morphs into a greedy monster, due to his power.
Main Characters: Patrick, SpongeBob
Fun Fact: This remains the only episode since I'm with Stupid to show off Patrick's parents (Appearing in the family tree).

Alright, so we're starting the list with this episode. Now, as a child, I used to really like this episode. I did, I really did. It was one of my personal favorite episodes of the Season. And in a way, it still holds up. Granted, it's a lot worse than a lot of the Season's other episodes, but honestly, this episode is alright, compared to how much of a big deal people make about this episode. First off, yes, Patrick is a rude, and arrogant jerk. But, he ends up learning his lesson in then end, realizing what a monster he's become (With a great metaphor of this being used in a mirror Patrick looks at). I think the issue is, he's a little too much of a jerk at times. I don't mind him being the average jerk that you'd want to punch in the face for being such a nuisance to society (Oh wait, yeah I do, but that's in future Seasons), but when he's at the point where he's making a poor little fish cry, by taking his comic book collection he spent his life working on. That scene used to slightly break my heart when I was little, because of how mean spirited it is. But in a way, I can understand why the writers did this. They're making Patrick an intentional jerk for the sake of the episode, and I can honestly at least appreciate that. So, why is it on the list? Well, the plot is a little absurd, not the best plot done in an episode, but not the worst one either. But, I think the real issue with this episode is the COMEDY. You see, there are hardly any real funny jokes in this episode. There are maybe a couple of funny jokes, I guess, like Patrick having Squidward's house removed in favor of a Ferris Wheel (And SpongeBob's enthusiasm makes the situation even funnier!), but ultimately, this episode is kind of a snooze. At least its not all just plain filler, with Patrick trying to decide what to do as king, this episode actually does pretty well with pacing. I guess once Patrick becomes king, there's really nothing entertaining going on. Without any funny jokes, we just mostly watch Patrick do things, and act like an arrogant fool. That's really entertaining. I do like how they designed his house (I especially like the Indoor Swimming Pool), but really, there's nothing else really exciting about Patrick being king. He just walks around bossing people around, and some fools actually listen to him (Thank goodness for Squidward, piping up about how much of a moron Patrick is). Honestly, this episode is plain unentertaining. It has an interesting concept they could've really branched out on, but they decided to shift the focus to Patrick slowly becoming a mad man with power. I mean, the beginning was fine. Heck, it was pretty funny. Patrick in panic because he think a man is from the Library trying to get back the books Patrick never returned was a pretty funny way to start off the episode. But honestly, the whole "Kinged" sequence is just boring. I guess when this title says "Rule of Dumb" it means it.

9. All That Glitters
Original Airdate: 6-2-2006
Plot: SpongeBob breaks his spatula, and has to get a replacement for it.
Main Characters: SpongeBob, Spat, Le Spatula
Fun Fact: SpongeBob is seen crying in at least 25 different shots in this episode (Aka: Different angles in different locations)

Ugh, what a mess this episode is. This episode is well known for being a terrible episode, and I agree, it is pretty bad. But let's take a look at why. So first off, when you look at the basic premise of the episode, it's not half bad. The idea of SpongeBob breaking the most important thing to the job he loves seems like it could make for an entertaining episode. Unfortunately, the execution of this episode is done in such a terrible way! Right off the bat, there's way too much filler. SpongeBob constantly crying because his spatula broke could be a lot funnier, if the writers were more clever with it. I mean, c'mon. They did show at least 2 funny parts of the crying montage, with SpongeBob in therapy, briefly stops crying, and then resumes, as well as when Patrick walks up to him, and starts crying too (Not in an annoying way, a really comical way). So obviously the writers did have material that can prove that this scenario could be funny, but instead, they seem to go for a lazier route, and don't really try for some of the other locations in the montage. Then, we have the hospital scene. These scenes are...Meh. They're not that good, but they're definitely the best part of the episode (Outside the goofy human hands that delivery SpongeBob the Monster Krabby Patty). Theses scenes don't have many annoying parts, but these scenes just aren't funny. I get it, it's supposed to be the big, dramatic plot points of the episode. I will admit, I actually think it was clever to include the fake-out death from Spat, but honestly, there's really nothing else to say about these scenes. They successfully convey the story, but the jokes in them just don't work. Now, let's talk about the WORST part of the episode. Le Spatula. Ugh...this character is probably the most unlikable one-time character in the entire series. He is such an obnoxious, and aggravating jerk, who completely wastes your time! We go through plenty of unfunny filler involving SpongeBob giving up everything he owns for Le Spatula, and finally, when you think something entertaining is going to happen ("Alright, now it's time to see this cool, fancy spatula in action), of course, the Spatula abandons SpongeBob, disrespecting him, and the place he works at. I wouldn't be so mad about this, if it wasn't for all the filler that lead up to this moment! Seriously!? I wasted all my time watching this...for that!? It's so useless, and a pathetic part of an episode that outright wastes your time, and kind of insults you for watching the episode! Next, we get the other hospital scene, Spat leaves SpongeBob because he heard SpongeBob replaced him (Wow, so apparently, he's sentient now, yet he wasn't at the start of the episode?). I don't mind it, but it's kind of weird this is the first time he's ever moved on his own. Up until this point, he's always been a regular spatula. Heck, the Hydro-Dynamic Spatula was SpongeBob's first spatula, not Spat! Anyway, continuity doesn't matter, who cares? So, SpongeBob cries again for another very long time (Even worse than before, because this time, there's even LESS comedy!), and hip-hip-hooray, Spat suddenly changed his mind!

This episode is just a mess, but it's not a complete mess. For starters, it still remains very memorable, despite it's memorable for a bad reason, at least it's not as boring and forgettable as some of the later episodes on this list. Second, there's actually some funny jokes in this episode. The Dr. who is an actor jokes are actually quite funny in my opinion, and I already mentioned how much I enjoy the "Monster Krabby Patty" jokes. This episode is either a drama fest, or just important moments in the story, without any actual funny bits of humor in them. Not to mention the completely wasted potential of Le Spatula. It's a very bad episode, but it's not the worst of this Season. It has mostly terrible qualities, but some good ones too. Heck, even though I personally dislike this episode more than the upcoming few episodes, those episodes happen to be much worse in quality, due to how boring and forgettable they are. So while they're not as frustrating as this episode, they're still pretty poor quality.

8. The Thing
Original Airdate: 1-15-2007
Plot: After storming out of his house, Squidward gets into a major accident, and ends up getting covered in cement. He is then mistaken by SpongeBob and Patrick as a mysterious creature.
Main Characters: Squidward, SpongeBob, Patrick
Fun Fact: Squidward is trapped in cement for nearly a week in this episode.

*Sigh* Why on earth did I like this episode as a child? That's a question I asked myself many times with plenty of other terrible episodes in this series. Why is this episode so hated? Well, it's full of constant unfair abuse towards Squidward. All he wants to do is watch a little TV, at HIS house, and is forced out by SpongeBob and Patrick. But the whole "Squid Abuse" thing isn't why I put it on the list. No, I try to look passed that trope when ranking episodes in these series. The reason why this episode is on the list is because it's simply unentertaining. You KNOW that thing was Squidward, so you become absolutely frustrated when watching the episode. The thing is, I don't blame SpongeBob or Patrick for ruining the episode. They truly believe this thing is a wild creature, and have no idea it's Squidward. But we, the audience don't know it! So that leads for some very unsettling moments. The only part of the episode I really dislike SpongeBob and Patrick's character is how they randomly force themselves into Squidward's house to the point of driving him out. That, was not cool. It was an awful way to start off the episode, and further proves your valid reason to pity Squidward in this episode. He didn't deserve this treatment! All he wanted to do was watch a little TV. Looking at the episode aside from the famous argument that it stinks because Squidward is being abused, is because it's not funny. There are no jokes in this episode that make me laugh, outside of the joke at the end of the episode where Squidward discovers a similar looking species, who turn out to be lead by Kelpy G., and the joke about Squidward slamming his door shut when SpongeBob knocks on the door and yells Squidward's name. This episode is just boring. I mean, joke wise, there's no really good jokes. All the jokes are at Squidward's expense, and while I don't mind that in some episodes (Like The Camping Episode), the point is, the episode needs a variety of other forms of humor to balance the jokes out, and not make it so repetitive (Like The Camping Episode). The ending is probably the best part of the episode, which was really satisfying to see Squidward finally get to enjoy Kelpy G.'s smooth jazz. And you might be think "Oh, more Squid abuse incoming", but really, in my opinion, I think after the episode ends, Kelpy G. would just continue playing, and Squidward would find his way out without harm. The twist at the ending was pretty nice, and was honestly kind of sweet to see Squidward finally gets what he wants. While there are some exciting moments, like the Swat team arriving (Twice), these action packed moments just don't make up for how unfunny this episode is! Ultimately, this episode has a plot that's set up in an awful way, some exciting action packed moments, unfunny jokes, unneeded abuse towards Squidward, and a nice little ending. It's a bad episode, but it's not the worst this Season has to offer, oh no.

7. Hocus Pocus
Original Airdate: 1-15-2007
Plot: SpongeBob tests out a magic kit, and convinces himself that he's turned Squidward into an icecream cone.
Main Characters: SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Mister Magic
Fun Fact: This is Tom's biggest appearance since Chocolate with Nuts.

Hey, what do you know. This episode is paired with #8. Now isn't that a coincidence. Now, I will be honest with you. I have a soft spot for this episode. This is an episode I find to be pretty alright. It's not the best of the Season, but isn't the worst. I prefer this episode over the previous 3. So, why exactly is this at #7 then? Well, remember, this is not only based on my opinion, but also my judgement on the episode's quality, and while I may enjoy this episode, the quality of it isn't too bright. This is probably one of the most forgettable episodes of the Season. That seems to be a thing with this Season, the episodes are really forgettable compared to all the other Seasons (Whether it's for better or worse). This episode is no exception to that. Being one of the more unmemorable episodes of the Season, that definitely does not help how the episode holds up. Second, the plot for this episode actually starts off pretty good, but finishes in a very lazy manner. First off, I do think the plot for this episode is pretty nice. It's an enjoyable plot, that hasn't really been done in the series before. Unfortunately, it takes a really lazy turn to becoming a Wizard of Oz parody. Anyone who has seen the Wizard of Oz, or at least heard of it, knows that the ending to this episode parodies it, and does it in a less entertaining way. It's a lazy way to wrap up the episode, and honestly, it really sours my opinion on this episode. It was pretty mediocre until this point, but once the writing became unoriginal, that's a major turnoff of the episode. But even worse, the jokes! There aren't any really funny jokes in this episode. The only funny gag I can think of is the annoying kid who is crying about his icecream, and how annoyed his dad gets at him. It's funny because it feels stripped from reality, and that's honestly something you wouldn't expect to see in SpongeBob. The majority of this episode is just filler, and doesn't really have that much significance to it, other than attempts at trying to be funny. At least The Thing, and All that Glitters are original episodes, with actual original writing, this one just seems lazily put together.

6. SquidBob TentaclePants
Original Airdate: 11-4-2005
Plot: When Squidward ends up getting combined with SpongeBob due to Sandy's latest invention, Squidward has to deal with living his life conjoined to the Sponge. Will Sandy get them unstuck before Squidward's Clarinet Recital?
Main Characters: Squidward, SpongeBob, Sandy
Fun Fact: The ending scene with Squidward morphed with the rest of the characters has been cut out of some foreign airings of this episode.

I'm not quite sure how to describe this episode. This is an episode that has made me turn off the TV in the past when I saw it was coming on. I don't know what it is. I seem to dislike this episode, yet there are actually some pretty decent qualities about this episode. First off, the plot is pretty good if ask me. One of the more creative plots on this list (Probably the most creative plot on this list), and there's not that many unlikable moments in this episode. But why is it bad? Is it just the uncomfortable-ness of Squidward and SpongeBob being conjoined? No. I think it, once again, has to do with the comedy. A lot of the jokes in this episode are about SpongeBob and Squidward being stuck together, and quite frankly, a lot of them aren't even that funny. They're not bad jokes, they just really appease to me. If you want to see a cartoon with much better conjoined jokes than in this one, just watch CatDog. I do believe this episode could've been much better in my honest opinion. The scenes are the Krusty Krab are okay, but they're not really necessary. I guess it's there to prove that the 2 can't really function in their lives, stuck together, but hey. There's a joke about the 2 going to bed that conveys that same message and does it in a lot funnier, much quicker time. The Krusty Krab scenes just seem to drag on, and they're not even that good. I do really like the foreshadowing in this episode though, when some surfer fish says to the 2 "Rock on, freaky bro", when he sees Squidward practicing his clarinet the day before the recital. I don't know, I just feel as if the writers could've done more in this episode. There's certainly not that many jokes that're funny in this episode (The only funny bit I can think of was when SpongeBob and Squidward teleported to the classroom, and to space. Especially the Space scene, that was funny). I will admit, the characters are actually better than I remember. I used to really hate this episode, but now, I'm okay with it. SpongeBob actually is compassionate towards Squidward, and gives him a motivational speech when Squidward decides he can't go on. This moment, as well as how the audience loved the 2 combined were real highlights in the episode. But that garbage ending just ruins that whole experience for me. I'm not even going to touch on that, it's disturbing, and disgusting.

5. Wigstruck
Original Airdate: 11-17-2006
Plot: SpongeBob finds a new wig, and decides to wear it, despite the trouble it contains.
Main Characters: SpongeBob, Sandy, Ned
Fun Fact: This episode was released on DVD two weeks, and three days before it's original airing in the United States.

Yes, this is an episode, about wigs. And it's not a funny one either. This seems to be a trend with the worst episodes of Season 4. The worst episodes of Seasons 2 & 3 tended to be considered as the worst for how annoying, or frustrating they were. These episodes are just boring. There's nothing really frustrating about this one, it's just...lame. If they wanted to make a great episode about wigs, they could've made Squidward the main character. That would've been a hilarious episode! Instead, we get stuck with this nonsense. There's hardly any funny jokes in this episode. A majority of them are chuckle worthy like SpongeBob's extension to his door to fit the wig. The only really funny one was when the theater consumers decided to start a riot, and when they all run out of the theater, one of the workers says "I told you that movie was terrible." That quote is the absolute highlight of the episode, because it is really clever, and funny! But the rest of the episode, it just isn't. The plot is lame, and boring because it doesn't allow for any really funny jokes to take place. Most of the episode are people just insulting SpongeBob's wig, and let me tell you, it's not entertaining in the slightest. SpongeBob is so naive, it makes these moments even more boring! This episode is the absolute definition of "Filler". The only parts that really contribute to the plot are the movie theater scene (Which is a pretty mediocre scene), and the Ned & the Needlefish scenes. While I do like these scenes, they're definitely not anywhere near spectacular. They're just okay I guess. This episode is definitely one of the weakest of the Season, and while I don't hate it as much as The Thing or All That Glitters, I still am NOT fond of this episode.

4. Bummer Vacation
Original Airdate: 10-13-2006
Plot: To avoid trouble, Mr. Krabs decides it is time for SpongeBob to take a vacation, but SpongeBob is resists this, and tries to get back in the Krusty Krab no matter what.
Main Characters: SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs
Fun Fact: This is the only episode to feature the Krusty Krab Playset.

Out of all the episodes on this list, this one...*Sigh* I don't know what to call this. The premise is pretty good, I think it's an interesting concept to show off what would happen if SpongeBob was forced to take a vacation, but the issue is, it's done in a really lousy way. The entire episode focuses on SpongeBob just trying to get back into the Krusty Krab! Now, I have no problem with "Attempt" episodes. These are episodes where a character attempts to do something, but keep failing after every single attempt. It's pretty much like a Road Runner, or Tom & Jerry cartoon. Those are classic examples of these types of cartoons. Heck, SpongeBob even did one of these types of cartoons with Tutor Sauce, nearly a decade later after this came out, and it worked out much better. So, why is this episode so lousy? Well, it has to do with how the "attempts" work out. Generally, in good examples of "Attempt" cartoons, usually each attempt is quick and funny, with an occasional longer attempt that's a bit more complex. This episode, however, really fails with the attempts. They're just not funny. There's nothing really funny about it. There are some funny moments, like SpongeBob standing in front of the Krusty Krab, staring at it, but the thing is, there's not really any other comically funny moments in this episode. Some moments just feel awkward, and slightly frustrating, like SpongeBob walking into the kitchen, when he claimed he was "going there as a customer". And even then, a lot of this episode is very forgettable. Heck, I forgot this episode existed before I ranked the episodes in this Season. Honestly, this episode just flops miserably when it comes to having actual funny, and memorable moments. In comparison to episodes similar to this (Like SpongeBob, You're Fired), this episode actually has a pretty good plot concept to it. The plot is nice, but the execution of it feels like filler. Why not focus the episode on SpongeBob trying to find something to do during his vacation? There are moments in this episode where he tries, but he usually resorts right back to trying to sneak into the Krusty Krab. It's just a pathetic episode, and don't get me started on how bizarre, and out of place the climax is, when SpongeBob broke into Patrick's house (Oh yeah, Patrick is in this episode, and he's like the episode. Not funny), ugh...

3. Funny Pants
Original Airdate: 9-27-2005
Plot: Squidward convinces SpongeBob that he's going to burn out his laugh box. But, what happens when SpongeBob actually believes he did?
Main Characters: SpongeBob, Squidward
Fun Fact: SpongeBob's laughter is given an extra squeaky sound effect to emphasize it's annoyance on Squidward.


2. Good Neighbors
Original Airdate: 5-20-2005
Plot: When Squ-Alright! Alright! I'll review Funny Pants!

There, you happy!?

So first off, I know first hand that a lot of people really despise this episode. They think it's a very annoying episode, especially to their ears. And I can see why. When the majority of the episode is just SpongeBob either laughing (With an annoyingly added Squeak sound effect) or crying. That's the main argument people seem to bring up with this episode, but before we cover that, I wanna see what else is up with this episode. Well, it's got a pretty decent plot I guess. I think the whole "Laughbox" element was very creative, in my opinion, and I think the idea of SpongeBob burning out his laughbox is a pretty interesting concept, considering how his laugh is a signature trait of his. But then, the episode has the same problem with episodes above. The execution is lousy. I guess the issue with this episode is that worse parts of this episode stick out strongly compared to the better parts of this episode. Believe it or not, there's actually some pretty good moments in this episode. Patrick lighting a match when looking inside SpongeBob's mouth because it's "Dark" is pretty funny, not to mention how Mr. Krabs tries to cure SpongeBob with money. Instead of the better traits this episode has to offer, I'm stuck remembering the weak parts, like the annoying beginning scenes at the Krusty Krab leading up to Squidward making up the story, as well as the long, lonesome sobs of SpongeBob at the end. I will give this episode credit, though. These scenes are much better than the idiotic crying scenes in A Day Without Tears. Honestly, this episode can be pretty decent if you look at it from both sides. It has some good parts to it, but also contains some bad parts. But, this episode's weaknesses really stand out, and I think that's where its quality shows. I will admit, I have a soft spot for this episode, it's actually a guilty pleasure of mine. I like how SpongeBob laughs to Squidward's nickel joke, and I think the ending is pretty silly, and funny. But, the majority of the episode is really just moments that slow down the story, don't make things that interesting, and have a few quick chuckle worthy gags here and there. It's not one of the episodes I hate more in this Season. It's just the quality of this episode is very, very poor. At least I can remember almost all the scenes in All That Glitters, The Thing, or even Wigstruck, but this episode has tons of forgettable moments.

2. Good Neighbors
Original Airdate: 5-20-2005
Plot: When Squidward has the day off, and tries to enjoy his Sunday, SpongeBob and Patrick keep annoying him, by making him the president of their club
Main Characters: Squidward, SpongeBob, Patrick
Fun Fact: Squidward is initially elected president for The Secret Royal Order of the Good Neighbor Lodge in this episode.

Yep. You knew this was coming. Even if you saw the sneak peak preview of it, in my review for Funny Pants, this episode is really one I despise. Right off the bat, I'm only going to give credit for the best part of the episode, Squidward's house becoming a robot. That was so ridiculous looking, and cartoony, and honestly, it's the funniest part of the episode. Now, let's enter the nasty part of the-oh wait, I mean, let's enter the rest of this episode. So! This is the absolute definition of what is considered to be a "Squid Torture" episode. When Squidward is just trying to live his life, without doing anything wrong, and is punished by the absurd actions of SpongeBob and Patrick. I know, I know, I hate hating on an episode because of abuse towards a character. I want to analyze the episode, and figure out other reasons why I dislike the episode, which is what I tried doing above in my Funny Pants review. So this episode's plot...what is this episode's plot? It's literally Squidward trying to enjoy his life, but he can't, because of SpongeBob and Patrick annoying him. I don't criticize episodes specifically on "Squid Abuse" but when the very premise of the episode is exactly that, oh yeah, that's an issue. Seriously? The writers couldn't come up with anything better? Squidward's just trying to enjoy his weekend, and gets punished wrongfully for doing so? How could we fix up the plot? Well, maybe have the episode focus on SpongeBob & Patrick instead of Squidward, and have them forming this "Club", and try their hardest to get Squidward to join. Even then, I can see how the writers would managed to mess up even a simple plot like that! The plot for this episode is just the pivotal of laziness. I wouldn't mind a plot like this, if the writers would actually make it FUNNY. There aren't any real funny gags in this episode, outside of the previously mentioned climax! There's only a few, small, slight gags like SpongeBob saying Squidward's house was like a carnival ride, or Patrick being asleep at the meeting between him and SpongeBob. This episode's comedy corresponds with the plot, its execution if awful. The jokes in this episode aren't funny, aren't memorable, and aren't entertaining. Plus, the pacing in this episode is so off. It drags ON, and ON, and ON. This episode feels so slow, that the part where Squidward decides to install the robot into his house feels like an entirely separate episode from the previous parts of the episode. This episode is cluttered with so many problems. Jokes that aren't funny, and mean spirited, the plot depends on containing plenty of jokes, yet since the jokes aren't funny, that makes the plot look even worse than it already did, the characters feel too much like real life (Squidward= The Average Joe; SpongeBob & Patrick= Those annoying neighbors you have. C'mon, you know the ones, you know you have them. Unless, well, if you live in a place where there's no other houses...), and the ending is just the absolute definition of unfairness. I'm done talking about this episode. I've tried to look at the more positive side of things in the previous episodes, but this one, I can't stand. I hate it. It's one of the worst episodes of Season 4.

Now, before we move on to #1, here are a few honorable mentions.

Ghost Host
Plot: Alright. It's clever, but it's not the most original one.
Comedy: There are actually some very funny jokes in this episode. The scenes with the Flying Dutchman trying to scare people are hilarious!
Characters: They're alright, I guess. Nothing too bad about them.
Climax: Awesome. It was incredible seeing the Flying Dutchman finally pull off one good scare. Plus, Squidward foreshadowed these events at the start of the episode, claiming there's no such thing as ghosts.
Ending: Pretty weak. The joke that wraps up the episode isn't that funny.

Karate Island
Plot: Quite interesting, and original.
Comedy: Meh. The best jokes are during the fighting scenes, with the interesting cast to characters.
Characters: Alright. SpongeBob is way too arrogant, but he does get what he deserves for it.
Climax: Incredible. The best part of the entire episode, I really love seeing the unique one-time characters Sandy fights
Ending: Forgettable.

Born to be Wild
Plot: Alright. It's not that interesting, but it does break away from typical stuff you'd see on this show.
Comedy: Pretty bad. There's only a few funny jokes in this episode, other than that, there's hardly any funny jokes.
Characters: Mediocre, and forgettable.
Climax: Pretty lame, and not that interesting.
Ending: Nice plot twist, pretty satisfying to see Squidward join the gang.

New Leaf
Plot: Eh, it's okay. If you watch this episode more than once, it's not that good of a plot.
Comedy: There are some funny jokes, but the episode is more story drive, so there's less jokes.
Characters: Very well written, realistically. Krabs realizes the major errors in his terrible ways, and Plankton is a pretty convincing liar.
Climax: Beautiful. Incredible to see Krabs and Plankton as best friends.
Ending: Awful. A terrible plot twist that could've been worked into a much better way, and really just ruins the entire episode. I hate this ending a lot.

The Gift of Gum
Plot: Weak.
Comedy: Hardly any. Some funny jokes, but they're hard to come by.
Characters: Alright. Nothing really wrong with the characters, they're pretty good.
Climax: Suspenseful, making for a very entertaining climax.
Ending: A pretty good one, I guess.

And, the Number 1, Worst Episode of SpongeBob's Fourth Season is...

1. Squid Wood
Original Airdate: 7-24-2007
Plot: Since Squidward won't play with him, SpongeBob creates a dummy of Squidward. But, what happens when the dummy becomes more popular than the real Squidward?
Main Characters: Squidward, Mini Squidward, SpongeBob
Fun Fact: This is the last episode of Season 4 to air, originally airing alongside a Season 5 episode.

There has never been an episode as useless, and pointless as this episode. Oh wait, there is.

But that, will be saved for another day. There's never been an episode as useless and pointless as this episode, before this episode came out. This is the ultimate insult to this entire Season. When I was a little kid, I loved this episode. I thought it was really funny, and I loved it. Now, it's not the slightest bit entertaining. There is so much wrong with this episode. Let's get started. First off, the plot is completely idiotic, doesn't make any sense at all, and is completely pointless! The plot for this episode is just so ridiculous, I don't even know how to describe it. The plot for this episode is like Good Neighbors' plot. The plot depends on the jokes to make it entertaining, but oh...the "jokes"...we'll get back to that, later. First off, the plot for this episode doesn't make any sense. Why in the world would people love the miniature version of Squidward, more than the original? IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE! I guess it's because Squidward has always been grumpy, and never as optimistic as Mini-Squid is, but even then, when Squidward tries to be optimistic, he gets instantly shut down for it! He's treated like a kid in school who people dislike just because he shows up. Anything someone else does, when the kid does it, he's hated for doing it. That's exactly how Squidward is treated in this episode! He gets no respect at all in this episode, and he's treated worse than an inanimate object! Then, there's the jokes. There are none. All throughout this list, I've talked about how one of the major faults of each of these episodes are that there's hardly any funny jokes in them. Well, this episode downright has NO jokes at all! None of the jokes in this episode are hilarious, nor are they memorable! The most memorable joke in this episode are when the fish are dancing like complete morons (Well, it's probably the least bad joke in the episode. Yep, I'm at the point where I'm using the phrase "Least Bad"). The only reason I actually like that joke is because it's the first time I've ever seen the fish actually swim in the water. It was pretty clever of them to make fun of this fact that they live underwater, yet, they're always on the ground, as if there's gravity. But even then, the dance sequence is boring, and unentertaining. The entire episode is unentertaining! It's just Mini-Squid doing the same things Squidward does, but Squidwad gets booed for doing it! It's not funny at all! This is supposed to be comedy? It's just boring, and frustrating. No actual clever jokes in this episode, none at all. They just try to make jokes about how ridiculous this situation is. The thing is, I don't mind referencing how ridiculous a plot is, but when that's pretty much the entire episode, it gets really old, really fast. The customers are absolutely obnoxious, and full out mean spirited. The climax...oh wait, there is no climax. That's how lame this episode is! There's not even a real plot going on. It's just people liking a ripoff of Squidward more than Squidward. The ending was extremely predictable, and dumb, but at least it got Mini-Squid to leave. It's just such a waste of potential, I don't know how anyone over the age of 10 can find this episode funny, because it's simply not funny! There's nothing likable about this episode. I tried to show off the good parts of the episodes mentioned above, but episode has nothing good about it. It's an awful episode, it's the WORST EPISODE OF SPONGEBOB'S FOURTH SEASON!

So there you have it, my picks for the Top 10 Worst Episodes from SpongeBob's Fourth Season. Keep in mind, not all of Season 4 is bad. Heck, there's a lot of actually really good episodes in this Season. We'll be covering that next time, when I chose my picks for the Top 10 Best Season 4 SpongeBob Episodes.

For years SpongeBob has been heavily criticized for declining in quality, particularly starting in their fourth season. While since then, that opinion has been changed by many, and many people look at the show's fourth season as a season that's okay. While there are definitely bad episodes, there are still pretty great ones too. Today, we're looking at my picks for the Top 10 Best Season 4 SpongeBob episodes. Note: This'll be in my opinion, and based on how I view the quality of the episode to be.

10. Wishing You Well
Original Airdate: 6-2-2006
Plot: Mr. Krabs builds a wishing well behind the Krusty Krab as a scam to get more money. SpongeBob and Patrick head down the well, and decide to try to get the magic out of it, to grant people's wishes.
Main Characters: SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs
Fun Fact: Krabs received a total of 8 cents from the Wishing Well.

Ah, Wishing You Well. Paired up with one of the worst episodes of Season 4 (All That Glitters), Wishing You Well does a great job at conveying a sweet story, with plenty of comedy included. First off, the plot is is pretty simple, and it manages to work really well, as it successfully conveys a main theme to it (The Magic in the well), and allows for plenty of funny jokes to occur. The whole element of SpongeBob trying to get the magic out of the well is a pretty nice theme to the episode, and is really in SpongeBob's character, who, unlike Krabs whose main goal for the well is to gain more money, is to try to grant people's wishes. This allows for a very interesting sequence including, probably the highlight of the episode, the song. The song in this episode is not only funny, but very catchy. It has well written lyrics, and a pretty decent performance from the Sponge. While there's not too much going on in the plot in this episode, that allows the episode to kind of slow down, enabling a lot of funny jokes to occur. Seriously, Patrick's character is really funny in this episode! From how he fell into the well, to how he mistook the well for a trash can, he's really one of the highlights of this episode. His friendly interactions with SpongeBob, allow them to further convey the plot, and his more nasty attitude towards Squidward, while yes it's unlikable, it certainly does have a few funny jokes to fall back on (Like Patrick complaining Squidward's poking into his ribs. Ribs as in the food, that is). There's a lot of really funny, and memorable quotes in this episode, and it's all in all a really funny episode. Even the ending does a great way mixing comedy to a satisfying conclusion to the plot. All the wishes coming true in very comedic ways (Especially Plankton's) is really a great way to end the episode, and even Mr. Krabs gets what he deserves in a very hilarious twist, considering he built this well out of the spirit of greed. It's a very solid episode and definitely is one of the best of the season!

9. Best Frenemies
Original Airdate: 3-31-2007
Plot: Upon witnessing a new, and rapidly growing successful restaurant franchise pop up in town, Mr. Krabs, and Plankton team up to stop the business of this new restaurant, the Kelpshake.
Main Characters: Mr. Krabs, Plankton, SpongeBob
Fun Fact: Each main/recurring character who appears in this episode take at least 1 sip of a Kelp Shake (Even Karen to an extent when dissecting it for ingredients).

Ah yes, Best Frenemies. You know, a lot of really great episodes to series are usually the ones with plots that branch out from the show's main premise. Having Mr. Krabs and Plankton work together is no exception. This episode is certainly a really great one. For starters, the Krabs/Plankton duo really allow for a lot of funny jokes to occur. I've mentioned in my Top 10 Worst Season 4 SpongeBob Episodes countdown, that Bummer Vacation is an episode with "attempts" as comedy gone wrong, and I even listed some episodes which use this element in the right way. This episode is one of those episodes, the whole "attempt at something, but fail everytime" trope is done really well in this episode! All the attempts are really funny, and some of them are even a little complex, considering the setup to them. Ultimately, this episode is jam packed with jokes! From all everyone in the Krusty Krab drinking the Kelp Shake (Even Squidward doing it in private!), to the Kelp Shake restaurants popping up everywhere (Which shadows similar businesses like McDonald's), it's just a really funny episode! The plot is very interesting, considering this is really the first episode the 2 team up together (This was even before Friend or Foe revealed Plankton and Krabs' past), the jokes are really funny, and it's executed in a great, memorable way. The scene where the 2 try to break in from the roof is a very memorable, entertaining scene, and I really love how fidgety Krabs gets when he's "trying" to pay money for the Kelp Shake. While the ending is a little jarring, it definitely does end on a very entertaining note, with Krabs and Plankton going back to normal, having fun just being enemies, and ultimately, that really helps sum up the title of this episode. It's a really great episode, and definitely deserves more attention than it gets!

8. The Pink Purloiner
Original Aidate: 2-19-2007
Plot: SpongeBob's jellyfishing net, Ol' Reliable is stolen, right in the middle of the great jellyfish yearly migration! SpongeBob must get it back!
Main Characters: SpongeBob, Patrick
Fun Fact: Interestingly enough, Ol' Reliable previously appeared in Nature Pants, but was just a regular ol' Jellyfishing Net.

Honestly, why is this episode so underrated! It's one of the most forgettable episodes of the Season, because no one ever seems to talk about it! The Pink Purloiner has always been one of my favorite episodes of the Season! We'll get to that reason why, soon, but first, let's talk about the plot. The plot of this episode is pretty decent, there's nothing much too it, but it does allow for plenty of entertaining suspense to be had in the episode, especially when the episode tries its best to make it look like Patrick was the thief. Patrick couldn't have stolen it! Could he? Next, there are the jokes. Everything about the "Confess-a-Bear" scene is gold. It's just so funny! It's criminally underrated, just like the rest of the episode! There aren't that many jokes in the episode, as it focuses more on the plot, than the jokes. Which I'm fine with, considering most of the jokes actually work, and don't flop. The creative visual humor from the unique Jellyfish breed is very entertaining, and the phone scene is hilarious! There's just such a great blend between storyline, and humor, because while there isn't as many jokes as other episodes, there are still a good amount to be entertaining. And the jokes don't fail either. It's better to have a few jokes that are really funny, over plenty of jokes that mostly flop. It's ultimately a very great episode when it comes to its jokes. Then there's the climax, oh boy, the climax. The Climax of this episode, let me tell you, is awesome. I love the dramatic, and somewhat emotional climax that occurs in this episode, from the really unexpected plot twist that Patrick made SpongeBob a new net, rather than stealing it, to SpongeBob giving Patrick Ol' Reliable which was left on the bus (A very funny plot twist, especially since the driver says he does it every week), it's just really a special, and amazing ending to top off such a wonderful episode! This episode is truly awesome, and I really love it. It's got tons of entertaining suspense, jokes, and a great ending, and unexpected plot twists. It's a really great episode!

7. That's No Lady
Original Airdate: 11-25-2006
Plot: Patrick is told to "Get out of town" by a business fish. Patrick is then convinced he's serious, and decides to disguise himself as a girl named Patricia, to avoid having to leave town. But what happens when Squidward and Mr. Krabs fall in love with him?
Main Characters: Patrick, SpongeBob, Business Fish, Squidward, Mr. Krabs
Fun Fact: The place the Business Fish advertises is known as Sunny Seashores Resort.

Probably the funniest episode of the series that focuses on an awkward scenario. Unless I'm mistaken, and there's an episode funnier than this (Ripped Pants is like this, but it's not as funny in my honest opinion), this episode is really one of a kind, for it's type of episode! First off, the plot is pretty funny, considering Patrick cut this business fish's speech off, thinking he seriously needs to go out of town. It's perfect for Patrick's character to believe such a ridiculous thing would happen to him (A similar thing would happen in the episode Sold! later on), and really sets up the plot well. Next, the whole concept of Patrick disguising himself as a girl, while it is pretty mediocre (Considering cartoon characters have been dressing up in drag for ages), the result in this episode is absolutely priceless! Seeing Mr. Krabs and Squidward flirt with Patrick, in very comedic, yet creepy ways, if definitely a highlight! This episode just does a great job at taking an element already used in cartoons, and adds tons of fresh originality to it, making it a branch new experience! There are technically 3 plots in this episode. 1 is Patrick being afraid he has to leave town, and tries to avoid it, another one is him trying to live a life as this "Patricia", and the final one is Krabs and Squidward trying to win Patricia's love. As for the comedy side, well, like I said, there are tons of funny jokes in this episode. Pretty much any gag that involves someone flirting with Patrick is hilarious in its own original way! Squdiward and Mr. Krabs really save this episode in my opinion. Having these 2 constantly ensue Patrick is really funny, especially when they realize Patricia is really Patrick pretending to be a girl. Also, I really like how the "GET OUT OF TOWN" guy was revealed at the start of the episode as a harmless business, rather than at the end, because honestly, it would've felt like a very lazy, terrible plot twist. Ultimately, this is a really great episode. It has a lot of brand new, interesting scenarios for a SpongeBob episode, and is jam packed with jokes!

6. Shell of a Man
Original Airdate: 5-6-2005
Plot: When Mr. Krabs molts out of his shell, he is forced to have SpongeBob pretend to be Krabs (By wearing his old shell), at his Navy Reunion.
Main Characters: SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs, Mr. Krabs' navy buddies.
Fun Fact: Krabs' navy days are given some backstory for the first time, in this episode.

Ah, Shell of a Man. I've always been really fond of this episode. I don't know, I guess I really like the premise of seeing a reunion for Krabs and his navy buddies. It's a new change of scenery, and really breaks away from the regular old locations. The premise of this episode is pretty great in my opinion. I really believe the concept of this episode was a very original one, and did a great job mixing in realistic sea life (Crabs molting their shells) with cartoony SpongeBob elements (Mr. Krabs going to a navy reunion). Ultimately, the concept of this episode was pretty creative, and I really got to hand it to the writers for doing a great job coming up with a new concept to the show. And even better, the execution is on par with the concept. The episode turns out to be a very great episode in my opinion. The plot is conveyed very well (With even some more "intense" moments, like when SpongeBob goes to see Mr. Krabs the first time after Krabs molted), the moral to the episode is nice (That you shouldn't hide who you truly are), and there's plenty of funny jokes in this episode, that adds on to the creative plot. There's not much to say about this episode, because really, there's nothing about this episode that's unlikable. It works in every way, and really is a great episode!

5. Dunces & Dragons
Original Airdate: 2-20-2006
Plot: SpongeBob and Patrick are sent back in time, to a medieval Bikini Bottom. They then are set on a quest to save Princess Pearl from the evil wizard, Planktonimor.
Main Characters: SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidly, Planktonimor, Dark Knight, Princess Pearl, King Krabs
Fun Fact: This is the first special to take place primarily outside of the present time.

Well, well, well. One of the most interesting SpongeBob specials of all time. Seriously, it doesn't even take place at any of the normal locations (Conch Street, The Krusty Krab, etc.), making this a really interesting special! First off, the concept of this episode is really a great, original change from the regular old standard SpongeBob episode, allowing this to be a true special (Compared to some of the sad excuses called specials like The Sponge Who Could Fly, or Party Pooper Pants). The plot is pretty standard, and is your average "Medieval" type of plot. There's an evil wizard, a princess who has been captured, at least 1 hero is off to save her, even if that hero doesn't seem that much like a hero. I guess it's just the fact that this is the only time in the series an episode is medieval, so there's never really been any other episodes which successfully put SpongeBob characters into such a medieval setting. And trust me, it works too. The writers did a great job putting these SpongeBob elements into what seems to be a different universe, and while the episode does break away from a standard SpongeBob episodes, there are still plenty of elements that remind you that this is still a SpongeBob episode. As for the jokes, there's not really that many, maybe a few funny ones (Particularly involving Squidly), since the episode focuses mainly on the plot. I'm okay with this. The plot, while yes, it's not that spectacular, it is still a very interesting change for a SpongeBob episode. Not to mention, the characters are pretty well written. SpongeBob and Patrick do great jobs at being main, goofy, yet likable characters, and Squidly is a perfect lovable sidekick. Princess Pearl and King Krabs seem to have the stereotypical ruler cliches (With the king being abrasive, yet the daughter's kind, and caring. Heck! This element was even featured in the first SpongeBob movie!). All in all, this is a very great special. Definitely one of the best specials in the series.

4. Fear of a Krabby Patty
Original Airdate: 5-6-2005
Plot: After seeing the Chum Bucket's opening hours change to 23 hours, Mr. Krabs becomes competitive, and changes the Krusty Krab's operating hours to 24 hours a day. But, SpongeBob works so hard, that he starts to have freaky Krabby Patty hallucinations! Will SpongeBob be able to cure this?
Main Characters: SpongeBob, Plankton, Mr. Krabs
Fun Fact: This is the last, and only episode in Season 4 written by C.H Greenblatt.

Ah, yes, Fear of a Krabby Patty. The Season 4 premiere, and boy, it's one of the greater Season premieres. I tell you, this episode is marvelous! In terms of originality, and comedy! The plot is extremely original, and while the whole "24 hours" thing has already been done in Graveyard Shift, this episode puts that element on a different focus, and focuses it on the long term affects of being open 24 hours (Because Graveyard Shift only showed 1 night). The scheme from Plankton is actually a really genius one if you ask me. It's one of his deeper, more complex plots, and I really appreciate that, considering the countless episodes where Plankton disguises himself. Now while the concept is very brilliant, and the execution is really great, we also have, THE COMEDY. This is probably one of the funniest episodes of Season 4! Seriously, this episode is nonstop with hilarious jokes, from more topical humor, like the pain of working 24 hours, and annoying cell phone ring tones, or from more generic forms of humor, like Plankton constantly getting smashed by a piano, but really, no matter what type of comedy it is, whether it's more random, or not, all I can say is, this episode is FUNNY! It has a brilliant direction, and does a fantastic job carrying out these jokes in an unexpecting, surprising way! Every scene has at least one that'll crack you up, and let's not forget the animation. Oh boy, there's lot's of exaggerated faces in this episode. In fact, it has a different animation style compared to all other episodes in the series. Probably because the episode was written by C.H Greenblatt, and the way he draws his storyboards were really carried out to the final product, and honestly, it's a shame he didn't do any more episodes after this. I'm happy for him that he moved on to create bigger, and better things, but I personally believe that it would be awesome seeing more episodes like this one. But even then, that wouldn't really make this episode as special, and as unique as it is, so I guess it's not that big of a loss.

All in all, it's a really sharp episode, with tons of clever jokes, a very sweet climax, a satisfying ending, and a very creative plot. This is the absolute definition of a perfect SpongeBob episode.

3. Selling Out
Original Airdate: 9-20-2005
Plot: Mr. Krabs decides to sell the Krusty Krab to a big business corporation. But what happens when Krabs becomes bored of retirement, and discovers the disaster that the big business has done to the Krusty Krab?
Main Characters: Mr. Krabs, Carl, Squidward, SpongeBob, Howard Blandy
Fun Fact: Carl, the manager, is voiced by C.H Greenblatt, who was a writer from Seasons 2-4.

Man, I don't get why nobody ever talks about this episode. It's awesome! This has always been one of my favorite episodes of the Season, and is really one of the most underrated episodes in the entire series! Why do I like this episode so much? I love seeing the new Krusty Krab redesign! (The Krabby-O-Monday's) was really well designed, and I really admire how it resembles a much more realistic "family" restaurant (Shadowing places like Friendly's). Not only that, but there are tons of other elements in this episode I find interesting as well. First off, I love the song in the beginning. No doubt about it. Whether SpongeBob's in a golden era, or a dark era, the songs are always well written (With some minor exceptions). Cha-Ching (Or whatever you'd call it) is a very entertaining song, and I think Krabs does a pretty good job singing it. The pirate sailing music backing it up seems to be pretty good fit for the song, and I really like the lyrics. It's a goofy way to start off the episode, and does a great job showing you how attached Krabs is to his business (Or at least the money he earns from it). The jokes in this episode are pretty good. There's not as many as Fear of a Krabby Patty (Honestly, I don't think there are ANY in this Season that have as many funny jokes as Fear of a Krabby Patty does), but I do like them. Squidward especially seems to be a highlight in the episode, with his overly negative attitude singing the Krabby-O-Monday's birthday song, or when he says to Krabs right after the song "Please don't do that again". I really do like the new characters too. They're interesting, some of them more eerie than others (Carl, the Human Resources Guy, etc.). For one time characters, they're pretty good. The plot is a very good, and interesting concept, as I've previously praised the Krusty Krab's unique transformation, and I also really like how it has a lesson about how big corporate companies shouldn't tamper with the recipe (Even parodying the McDonald's Pink Slime Rumor from the time) for the food. All in all, while not as funny as Fear of a Krabby Patty, it certainly does a very great job conveying an episode with a more realistic plot.

2. Mrs. Puff, You're Fired
Original Airdate: 4-1-2006
Plot: Since SpongeBob has failed Mrs. Puff's class a countless amount of times, the Boating Teacher's Accreditation Bureau fires Mrs. Puff, and replaces her with a much more strict teacher.
Main Characters: SpongeBob, Instructor, Mrs. Puff, Mr. Fitts
Fun Fact: This is the first Boating School episode in a little over 3 and a half years.

There's been a lot of one-time characters in this show's history. Some have been very good, and some have been very bad. This new one-time only character, the Instructor, is one of the best, and most memorable one-time only characters this show has ever seen! Since we aren't given a proper name for this guy, we'll call him Colonel. Now, Colonel is a very fun, and interesting character. His very nasty, and sharp, stern, strict personality really allows him to be a unique one of a kid character. And it's not like he's your stereotypical cartoon sergeant who screams at everyone randomly, and demands you drop down and give him 20. No, no. This is a new, unique character, who actually gets mad, and yells when necessary to the plot. He's a very reasonable, yet extremely tough character, and really just makes the episode all the more entertaining. Without him, I'm pretty sure this would be one of the weakest episodes of the Season, but he adds a unique charm to this episode making it one to remember! The plot of this episode is pretty good, and I really like how it shadows "The students are doing poor, so it's the teacher's fault" trope. Sure, it's not really a trope, but organizations (Such as the one in this cartoon) always keep the blame away from the children, so it was pretty nice to witness this type of real life scenario in the show. This episode does a great job taking the Boating School element, and re-purposing it into something new. If you've ever wondered what would happen if SpongeBob was taught by a different instructor, this is the episode for you. It's really just a full blown entertaining episodes. There are some funny jokes like Patrick's pants getting ripped off, or how the course is creatively designed to be super extreme, but really the episode just seems to focus more on the characters and how they act in this plot. Which I'm fine with, the Colonel is an awesome character, and really made this episode shine. The climax was pretty exciting and suspenseful, and the ending was pretty funny. There's nothing wrong with this episode I can point out. It's ultimately an episode that's definitely worth the watch! It's one of my favorite episodes of the Season, and is truly one of the best episodes of this Season!

Before we move to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Plot: Pretty bizarre if you ask me, but I guess it's alright. It does lead to awkwardly humorous situations.
Comedy: The comedy in this episode is pretty nice. There's a fair amount of jokes I really like in this episode!
Characters: A fun variety of characters, especially since this is Mama Krabs 3rd episode she stars in.
Climax: Nothing really that much exciting. Pretty predictable if ask me, but it was funny seeing Mama Krabs beat the snot out of Plankton.
Ending: Forgettable

Best Day Ever
Plot: Okay, I guess. The plot does a good job at presenting multiple different scenarios, so I guess it's passable.
Comedy: There are some pretty funny jokes in this episode, especially during the scenes SpongeBob attempts to get into Squidward's concert.
Characters: A great variety of the main characters, all of which kindly repay SpongeBob for all the help he's done to them.
Climax: Awesome, I love the Best Day Ever song.
Ending: Pretty funny how SpongeBob dragged the song out for so long.

Driven to Tears
Plot: Not that good. It's alright, but I think the whole "Jealousy" element is pretty unentertaining.
Comedy: There are definitely some pretty funny jokes in this episode, especially the Drive Thru gag, that was hilarious!
Characters: SpongeBob and Patrick act like jerks to each other all throughout the episode, but they do a great job at restoring their friendship at the end of the episode.
Climax: Amazing. Great to see SpongeBob take the hit for Patrick because deep down, they really are best friends.
Ending: Beautiful. Probably one of my favorite endings to a SpongeBob episode (Not Comically wise). The ending just shows how beautiful the 2's friendship is, and it truly is touching seeing the 2 make up for all the hardships they put each other through in this episode.

Squidtastic Voyage
Plot: Very entertaining, and original. It had a nice, new, fresh Sci-fi like theme. The plot was very suspenseful, and ultimately very entertaining.
Comedy: There are some funny jokes in this episode, mostly from Squidward's interactions with Sandy.
Characters: The characters are alright in this episode. There's nothing frustrating about them, but Patrick can be pretty annoying at times.
Ending: A lame cliff hanger, that ends the episode on a joke that fails.

Skill Crane
Plot: A very interesting plot, and does a great job focusing on Claw Machines.
Comedy: Tons of hilarious jokes, especially considering the relatable harsh reality of Claw machines expressed through this episode.
Characters: Pretty good characters, they're really well written, and entertaining in this episode.
Climax: Pretty goofy, but quite suspenseful.
Ending: Squidward gets what he rightfully deserves for his obnoxious bragging, and ultimately ends the episode on a pretty average joke.

And finally, the Number 1 best episode of SpongeBob's 4th Season is...

1. Krusty Towers
Original Airdate: 4-1-2006
Plot: Mr. Krabs turns the Krusty Krab into a hotel. When Squidward becomes so sick of how poorly treated he is as an employee there, he decides to quit his job...

...and come back as an annoying customer.
Main Characters: Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Patrick, SpongeBob
Fun Fact: In the end, only two people booked into the Krusty Towers (Patrick and Squidward).

You knew this was going to be #1, I knew it was going to be close to #1, this episode is generally considered to be the absolute best episode of this show's Fourth Season, and I can fully 100% agree with that statement. This episode is the absolute best episode of this ENTIRE SEASON! This episode, first of all, has a very creative plot. The Krusty Krab becoming a hotel? That's insane! But it works very well, and provides very interesting, new scenery to back up the main plot of this episode (Which really revolves around the plaque). As for that plaque, it was very clever of the writers to have Squidward suffer from this plaque, only to turn the tables onto Krabs, by using the plaque that was once against him at his own advantage! This is done in a really clever way, and I'm glad the writers took time to set up this plot, as in the meantime, they cranked out a lot of jokes! If Fear of a Krabby Patty was the funniest episode in this Season, then Krusty Towers is the 2nd funniest episode in this season! It is FULL of jokes! There are so many funny jokes that keep building onto each other, making this episode all the more funny! For instance, the Krabby Patty with Hair, Toenail clippings, and Cheese gag is dragged out into 3 different ways, in a very short span, and proves to be a hilarious complex joke! From the ridiculousness of the order itself, to how it looks, to the joke that SpongeBob says it wasn't really a Krabby Patty with Hair, toenail clippings, and cheese, only to have that fall back on Krabs, when it turns out they were all out of cheese, then starting a cutaway gag with Patrick's room full of cheese, and him yelling hooray! Very random, but totally in character! This episode is brilliant all the way around! There tons of hilarious jokes, interesting scenery, a fun turn of events, an interesting climax, and a hilarious ending! This episode truly IS the absolute best Season 4 SpongeBob episode!

While Season 4 did have some really great episodes, personally, as a whole, I find Season 5 to have better episodes than Season 4. But! When Season 5 has a bad episode, oh boy, it's a lot worse than a Season 4 bad episodes. Stay tuned for more Top 10s in the future! While I won't be posting this frequently, every once in a while, there will be a new top 10!


Well, now that my weaker lists are out of the way, it's time to buckle in, because we're going to delve into Season 5 next. My worst list for Season 5 is especially one of my better lists. Any thoughts, comments, feelings, wacky hijinks, opinions on this list, feel free to share it. I'm all ears!
Jun 6, 2017
EmployeeAMillion said:
I just really hope the later reviews don’t try too hard to be angry, as that’s always been a pet peeve of mine with critics.
Oh definitely. I embellished my reactions for the worst episodes in my earlier lists. I cringe looking back at my "All Caps" statements when saying something along the lines of "THIS IS THE WORST EPISODE EVER!!!!"

I'm pretty sure my over-the-top anger that I shoehorned into the worst episodes vanish by the time Season 6 roles around. Not entirely sure if it's completely gone, but I know I get very critical when doing my Top 10 Worst list for Season 7 (My best list).


Moby Dollar
Apr 22, 2017
Oh, I didn't expect to find Bummer Vacation in the top worst list. O_o
No mention of Have you seen the snail also quite strange.
But overall, I agree for the most of the list. Entertaining to read as always.