Matt's Fanmade SB Shorts: Part 3


Squid's on a Bus
Nov 4, 2020
The Tidal Zone
3 MORE SpongeBob Shorts, all written by me! In these shorts, Plankton becomes a giant, SpongeBob and Patrick annoy Squidward yet again, and we see the return of one of the most hated characters in SpongeBob history. I hope you enjoy! :D

7. Mega Plankton
with Plankton and Mr. Krabs

[Plankton is holding a bottle full of green liquid]
Plankton: Check it out, Karen, my newest plan to snatch that formula right out of that greedy crab's safe!
Karen: Oh brother. Another plan. This is, what, the 1337th plan you've tried and failed?
Plankton: Aw, shut up! Don't make me take out your batteries again. Anyway, this is my Giant Formula! When I drink this, I will become massive! And then I will stomp my way through the Krusty Krab and rip open the safe! So, what do you think?
Karen (mocking Plankton): aW, sHuT uP! Soon, in a few minutes, you'll be back in here, bruised and battered!
Plankton: Aw, shut up!
Karen: No, you shut up!
Plankton: YOU SHUT UP!
Karen: You know, you can go ahead with that idiotic plan of yours. I'll be going back watching boring sitcoms again.
[Karen drives away, squishing Plankton with her wheels]
Plankton (squished): Finally! With her gone, it's time to put my plan into action!
[Plankton drinks the liquid, and he becomes so large he extends through the Chum Bucket roof]
Plankton: Yes! It worked! Now time to squash the Krusty Krab into pieces!
[Plankton stomps his way across the road, squishing Fred's car]
Fred: My leg! And my car!
[Plankton picks up Fred's car with Fred inside]
Fred: Hey! Stop! What do you think you're doing, you big green jelly bean?
[Plankton tosses the car with Fred inside it inside his mouth and chews it]
Plankton: Mmm, tastes like sea chicken. With a mix of fish flavor as well. Now time to destroy the Krusty Krab!
[Plankton walks his way to the Krusty Krab and stomps his way through the roof, causing all the customers to run away]
Mr. Krabs: Me customers! PLANKTON!
[Mr. Krabs opens the office door and sees giant Plankton]
Plankton: Hello Krabs! Nice day to get squished, eh? You've squashed me 1,336 times, and today, I'm gonna squash you!
Mr. Krabs: Noooooooooooo…
[Plankton squishes Mr. Krabs using his foot and stomps his way to the safe]
Mr. Krabs (squished): SpongeBob me boy! Stop that big green dummy!
SpongeBob: Aye aye captain!
[SpongeBob runs into Mr. Krabs' office, but Plankton squishes him as well]
SpongeBob (squished): Ow.
[Plankton rips apart the safe and picks up the formula, which is very small in his hands]
Plankton: The formula! MUAHAHAHAHA! It's over, Krabs! See you later!
[Plankton stomps his way out of the Krusty Krab, but begins to shake after a few steps]
Plankton: Huh? Oh no… my giant formula is running out!
[Plankton shakes a few more times]
[Plankton is now suddenly small again, but he is still in the air]
Plankton (looking down): Oh sh--
[Plankton falls all the way down to the ground]
Plankton: Ow.
[The secret formula bottle falls down on Plankton]
Plankton: Double ow.
[Fred drives his car out of tiny Plankton's mouth]
Plankton: Triple ow.
Mr. Krabs (walking up to him): Ha! You think you can win? Now time to squish you again!
Plankton: Aw, shut up.


8. Mimic Madness II
with SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward

[SpongeBob and Patrick are sitting boredly in front of SpongeBob's yard]
Patrick: Hey! I know what we can do! We can pretend to be each other! Like, you'll pretend to be me, and I'll pretend to be you!
SpongeBob: We haven't done that yet! Good idea Patrick… or should I say, SpongeBob?
Patrick (mimicing SpongeBob): I like cooking Krabby Sandwiches! Bahahahahahahaha!
SpongeBob (mimicing Patrick): I like sleeping in my rock and eating Krabby Patties at 3 am! I like playing with my yellow cheese friend and annoying that boring blue eight legged alien!
[Both laugh together and continue mimicing each other until Squidward looks at them from their window]
SpongeBob: Hi Squidward! Wanna play with us?
Squidward: NO! And don't you dare ask me one more time, or I'll move far, far, away!
SpongeBob (mimicing Squidward): nO! aNd dOn'T yOu dArE aSk mE oNe MoRe tImE!
[SpongeBob and Patrick laugh again]
Squidward: GRRR! It's time I deal with these two barnacle heads!
[Squidward marches out of his house, takes a giant shovel, and digs a giant hole in his front yard]
Squidward: Alright, you two kelp-for-brains, go into this hole! I, um, heard there's a new board game down there! (annoying laugh)
SpongeBob: New board game? For us? Oh boy!
[SpongeBob and Patrick dive down the hole Squidward made]
SpongeBob (at the bottom): I can't find the board game! Are you sure it's down there?
Squidward: They're that gullible? Keep on looking! Ha!
[Squidward takes a square piece of wood, covers the hole with it, and nails it to the ground]
Squidward: That'll hold 'em alright. Heheheheheh. Now, time to relax.
[Squidward walks away]
[Patrick manages to crawl out of the hole and lifts open the wood boards]
Patrick (mimicing Squidward): tHat'Ll HoLd 'eM aLrIgHt. hEheHeheHeh.
[Patrick lifts SpongeBob out of the hole]
Patrick: Come on, SpongeBob, let's mimic Mr. Krabs!
SpongeBob: Yeah!
[SpongeBob and Patrick run off into the distance]


9. Puffy Fluffy Returns
with SpongeBob, Gary, and *gasp* Puffy Fluffy

[Gary is at home watching fishes getting bonked in the heads by coconuts]
Gary: Meow!
[Someone knocks on the door]
Gary (sad): Meow.
[Gary turns off the TV]
SpongeBob (outside): Oh Gary! I got a surprise for you!
[Gary zooms to the door and opens it, and gasps]
SpongeBob: That's right, Gary, say hello again to Puffy Fluffy!
[SpongeBob pets Puffy Fluffy in his cage, and he bites SpongeBob's finger off]
[Gary hides behind the couch]
SpongeBob: Aw come on, Gary. This time, don't be mean to Puffy Fluffy and make him run away. I paid 20 dollars for this thing, and I don't want you to scare him into the distance!
[Gary holds up a sign to SpongeBob saying "YOU KNOW PEOPLE HATE YOU IN THAT EPISODE BECAUSE OF THIS, RIGHT?"]
SpongeBob: Gary, I don't know what "episode" you are referring to. Now I have to get back to work as my break is almost over, so you be good to Puffy Fluffy until I go back home.
[SpongeBob puts Puffy Fluffy next to Gary on the couch]
SpongeBob: Bye Puffy Fluffy! If Gary is trying to harass you again, use the phone and I'll be right over!
[SpongeBob exits the house]
[Gary and Puffy Fluffy look at each other]
Gary (getting angry): GRRR!
Puffy Fluffy (getting angry): GRRR!
[Puffy Fluffy shows his teeth to Gary, but Gary stops him by holding up another sign]
[Gary holds the sign to the viewers, saying "You know, we should end this short before things get ugly."]

Thank you for reading! :D

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