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How much do you enjoy reading?

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Hey, everyone!

So...reading! How does everyone feel about the activity?

I personally enjoy reading fictional books, particularly Disney's Villains series by Serena Valentino and the Twisted Tales series by Liz Braswell (first three books) and Elizabeth Lim (Reflection). Recently, I've also taken an interest in reading to LGBT books with Call Me By Your Name and Simon vs. The Homo-Sapien Agenda and I'm rather keen on reading more. I'd say that I read fairly regularly as I can find it to be a rather relaxing activity, but I often don't read in favor of being online and other things I might want to get into instead. (although, I am often reading fanfiction when online so I am reading often regardless of whether it's a printed book or not).

Now, the questions I have asked in the above polls are with the idea of reading being a leisurely activity, and I'd love to hear what you all think about reading as well as what kind of reading actually interests you.

Another question I do have for you guys that I would instead like to open up for a discussion is...do you find reading to be a leisurely thing or does it feel more of a necessity to you in your life? That is, do you feel like you read because you want to read, or do you read because you feel like you should or have to (if at all)?


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I mainly read manga, I collect manga and enjoy my collection. Genre is pretty much everywhere so yeah. Not to say I haven't read actual literature, I just find comics easier to digest and more enjoyable.


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I used to read a whole lot when I was younger but then I grew up and all the books got boring! wtf! :planet: I actually read two chapters which is about 40 pages of a book yesterday which I have not done in YEARS and it reminded me how much I enjoy reading! I like realistic fiction books about sp00ky mysteries though occasionally I enjoy a good dystopian universe story! However, the books I have always been into the most are educational and informative books about animals or earth science! I love soaking up knowledge! :read:

and of course the stuff I probably read the most is ghey fanfic :squilliam2: however I have not been into it much lately coz I am not really feeling any gay ships recently and even if I do get in the mood to read one they are always terrible and poorly written! like they are all either kinky smex fics or weird alternate universe fics where there is some freaky component whether it be freaky alpha omega stuff or someone is a girl or a vampire or a rockstar or a hooker (although that fic was quite good actually) or something else crazy! so yeah I have not been reading fanfic lately

oh yeah another reason I don't read as much is because I am a lazy oaf and I would rather sleep or just play dumbie games than read which I know is a very BAD thing :yell: but I wanna start reading books again so if you know of any cool books then let me know :sbthumbs: I was just thinking yesterday about how I should go to the library more coz they have books to read which is more useful than sitting on my bum all day creating virtual fish and it is quiet so people will not be annoying like they always seem to be!

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I still like to read Diary of a Wimpy Kids, Big Nate, Calvin & Hobbes, and Harry Potter. Those are the only books I really read.


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I used to be a pretty big reader in elementary, but I barely read anymore. Pretty much all the series I grew up reading ended a few years back (With the exception of Wimpy Kid, which somehow remains fresh and brilliant, at least in my opinion). When I did read, I was big on fiction comedy books.

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I'm not much a fan of reading books but comics, I'm all for it. Mainly superheroes but I wanted to expand that category as well. Gonna buy Y: The Last Man collection after finishing couple of superhero runs. I read comics often until I run out of things to read. Although I have almost 200 comics at this point and I love it.


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I love reading. I usually read realistic fiction, but I've also been reading a lot of nonfiction books and memoirs. I only read sometimes because I don't have a lot of time to read anymore.

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I like to read, but I've been doing it less and less. I simply have less time to do so.


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I love reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney. :read: I also love reading math and english (especially grammar) books in school. I wish I could try reading My Little Pony comic books but unfortunately, those comics are not available in the Philippines and Asia. I love K-zone, a kids magazine, where I see SpongeBob ads and pages. But unfortunately, we don't have K-zones in the Philippines anymore since July 2017. :sbbye2: I miss K-zone so much. I want to read MLP comic books.



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In school I was fond of all sorts of fiction novels. Moreso because of my short attention spand and lack of interest in most stories I just stick to online stories now.