Largest SB collection?



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Has anyone here in SBM ever had largest SB misc collections?

I'm asking this because I'm curious to anyone who own SB merchandiser like VHS, DVD etc).

President Squidward


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I have a pretty big collection, such as books, DVDs, CDs, a couple VHS's, trading cards, fast food toys, some regular toys, some pens, keychains, etc.

But they're in boxes so I would have to get them out of there. :/


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I have a collection of fast food toys, plushies, books, a keychain, a T-shirt, plenty of games, and trading cards.


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I dont have any SB music,but i do have VHS,comic books,t-shirts,stuffies and more. When my step dad was re-doing his deck he found a toy SB he thoght it was mine (it wasn't) so instead of throwing it out he nailed it to the deck.Its still there.


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I have a couple VHS tapes, all the season collections, DVDs of the movies a couple plushies, some figurines, lots of the fast food toys, the Lego and Mega Bloks sets, multiple comic books, some picture books, the "Yellow Album", "Best Day Ever", and "Greatest Hits" CDs, some T-shirts, a Funko Pop SpongeBob from Hot Topic, a couple posters, and a whole load of other stuff.

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I have this. Don't know how I got it or what it was used for. The toy is from 2001 according to the bottom and was made by Little Kids Inc.


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The Tide and Seeker said:
Yeah, It has a special wand that fit in his right hand. When you turn it on, SpongeBob would move and make bubbles
Sorry to ask but how do you turn it on?