Karen’s Virus sux


Behold,one of the most overrated and underhated episodes to existence!Why people like it so much?!It’s has so many flaws that make Ripped Pants looks like a New Fish in Town in comparison.Let’s start with the premise,it’s quite unoriginal,for this show itself(We already have episode where one character traveled inside other character,like Squidtastic Voyage and Snooze You Lose)and as for cartoon industry as a whole(TTG already has episode about computer)so episode is already not felt that fresh,but I’m not even started with actual episode...

The plot is simply awful,the set-up with Karen’s friend is too short and anti-climati to be enjoyable,and why Spongebob in this episode added so lazy and forced?We have A LOOOOOOOOOOOOT episode’s where he helped Plankton in different situations,it’s just get old now.Plankon also not that better here,he act like ignored fool who don’t even know what he wanna to do(Seriously,he had a big chance to steel the formula,but he didn’t mentioned it...AT ALL!!!)and he has the most confusing part of the whole episode:

"How are all these people able to dance here in the middle of the day? Don't they have jobs?"

...why this line been even added to the script?What it’s trying to tell?Is this some political humor that Kaz add for lack of ideas for a actual humor?Just why???

The whole "Memory Bank" scene is poorly made,instead of make a new animations for episodes,animators didn’t even bother with it and just used clips from other eps,and all of them are from different seasons,with different animations,it’s looks so distracting in one screen if you ask me.And the ending is bad as well,like the set up,it’s too short and just ripped off to be climatic,and did Kaz even get what he even wrote about virus and Krabby Patty?Looks like no,because it’s just stupid that Virus gonna eat real food.And did I ever mentioned that EVEN HERE epesode find a way to tortured Squidward,there been 2 parts of poor tournament of him(that one in Krusty Krab and inside Karen,with Squidward-Virus)why S11 loved to tortured him so much? It’s just proves that writers completely run out ideas now.

And what about animation?It look pretty lame.Looks like animators didn’t know how to make episode with new style of animation and simply put 3 styles in ine sequence,which is so unprofessional,all "Karen’s vision"look like something that come from Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,3D background that looks like wired knock-off of Emoji Movie’s background,and traditional ugly S11’a designs,with all combinations we have a visual disaster that ruins episode completely.

So what we have here?Unoriginal,poorly written,unfunny,and painfully for eyes garbage.Definitely better than at least half of the season,but I’m honestly can’t find anything redeemable in Karen’s Virus at all,so I’II guess that 1/13 is a fair rating for this episode.I hope that there gonna be some people that don’t like this really bad episode and I’m not gonna be alone here.


actually i found something worse, it's basically a rip-off of the classic movie "Who Killed Captain Alex?"

god i swear this show sucks now