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What's up! call me Pom; I joined this forum because I was interested in the type of discussion people could have about this funny spongy man.

I have loved this show as long as I can remember, personally I'm young enough to never have lived in a world without Spongebob. Here is a photo of me when I was 6 hanging out with the rectangle himself.
I like drawing cartoons, I think sealife is cool and I love bugs, my favorites right now are Odontomachus Clarus, I think they have funny mouths.​
You could talk about your favorite sea animal or insect below if you want!! I like whale sharks, they're cool and big and they also have funny mouths.

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Welcome Pom! :welcome:

I'm TattleTale Strangler, TTS for short. I'm old enough to have remembered the day SpongeBob premiered (*You're Old plays in the background*) but I'm glad that SpongeBob has been a large part of your life. :)

I think my favorite sea animal is a seal. I think they're adorable and I love how they look.

Hope to see you around the forum ^^


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Thanks for the warm welcome folks, much appreciated!

Chris said:
I remember Nickelodeon before SpongeBob. Much better outside of this cartoon.

Welcome to the forums.
I've actually been pretty interested in pre-spongebob Nick, there's lots of interesting media there not a lot of folks really talk about. Are you familiar with this youtube channel called Pop Arena? They make all sorts of analytical videos on different subjects from Goosebumps books to Doctor Who episodes, and I've been watching their Nick Knacks series. It's a series where they talk about every show aired on nickelodeon chronologically starting from it's beginning and it's real neat.