Is It Bad That I'm 20 And In College And I still Watch Spongebob?


The Librarian
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Apr 6, 2004
Under the Sea
It's funny how those on the cusp of adulthood can be a little concerned about how they come off to others. And I say that because I've been there myself. I used to be terribly self-conscious about how people perceived me. That didn't stop until I went through a couple of painful personal episodes in my life that really knocked me for a loop and realigned my principles and priorities.

Me? I'm 30 years old with bills to pay, responsibilities to myself and the people I love. I've seen enough of the ugly side of life to realize that there's no harm in embracing your inner child - in fact, we might all be better off if we did just that. Without forgoing your grown-up responsibilities, you can enjoy a healthy dose of SpongeBob (or Rugrats, or Little Bear) and not think anything of it.

I think C.S. Lewis may have said it best. :)