I'm bad at goodbyes, so here's my best attempt.


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Hello everyone, I officially am leaving SpongeBuddy Mania (And SBC, outside of just one thing I'll mention briefly). And no, it's not just for what happened in July. While that certainly was awful and made the site go downhill, I honestly just can't pay my attention to these sites anymore. I'm in college now, and while this was fun to do during the summer, I really can't worry too much about this site. It was never anything more than a fun hobby for me, and with the shadiness of what happened in July combined with how busy I am, leaving indefinitely is probably for the best. I wish the best of luck to everyone here, and hope the future will be brighter for these sites.

Now, there is ONE more addendum I need to make: When it comes to SBC, I am leaving as well, but there is ONE thread I'll still be posting in: The Presidents Game. The reason for this is that, as McSponge can tell you, I am basically the only person keeping that thread alive. Without it, it would be as good as dead, and the game is fun enough to the point where I don't want to just completely abandon it. So I will post there every few days or so, but aside from that, I'll be absent from SBC as well.

Lastly, a final thank you to everyone who made this site so fun for me for the past couple of months. This was a great way to spend my summer, and so I thank all of you for making it great.

Bye :)


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You were one of the users who helped keep SBM's spirit alive! We really appreciated having you here as a member. Goodbye, best buddy! :sbbye2: