If You Were Apart of That Band Geeks Fight...



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How would you comically fight someone? Like using a trumpet or something like that. It can only be a gag, no real weapons are allowed.

Me: I would pull out a gun (and a cowboy hat of course. I'm allowed to have a gun instead of an instrument, because I'm the creator of this topic. So your argument is invalid. :p) say this
and corner a person. When I shoot it, bubbles come out instead because it was really a bubble gun. I try to laugh with the person, but the person angrily chases me across the community center.


Jaehee is Baehee

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I would stab them with my violin bow. And then bash them over the head with my violin for good measure.

Actually, that would probably break my violin, so never mind. I'd just stab them with my bow.


Nope, dead again

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Drop pianos on everybody, beat anyone who'd try to stop me senseless with a flute, and if that doesn't work, use a contrabassoon as a battering ram to knock people down.


Seriously, those things are huge.

DadMom AngryPants

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I would tie violin strings between the chairs at ankle height. My first idea was piano wire but I don't want to kill people, just incapacitate them. Then I would fill a dozen snare drums with mayonnaise and bulb horns and place them in strategic places on the floor so that whenever somebody tripped over one of the wires they would burst face-first through the drum skin and get a head covered in mayonnaise, accompanied by a honking sound to alert everybody in the immediate vicinity and further humiliate them.

The drawback of my fighting style is that it requires everybody to leave the room for 20 minutes to allow me to set everything up. I hope that's not a problem.


Squidward Tortellini
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President Squidward said:
"That's no good." :p

Haha what?

I would smash people with drums,
Yeah, I'm not that creative.




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E.V.I.L said:
those are so annoying you'd end up hurting yourself

and um.. does FLUDD count as a weapon? xD
Haha using FLUDD would be awesome