If Bikini Bottom is underwater, then why do they still drink water?


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So, I've wondered this. I noticed they're underwater, but sometimes they drink water, and other beverages made from water.


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It's special water that only Bikini Bottom has the pleasure (or displeasure) of drinking. It might be Flint water O_o


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The thing that comes to mind is this scene in Pressure, which is clearly a joke.
There are other times where it’s less sensical, but I shrug them off, because if nautical nonsense be something you wish.

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There's multiple scenes where there is use of plumbing underwater. It really makes you go "Huh?" because they're underwater... why would they need water if they live in water?

Then we also have scenes where it's raining, a fire can be started, and characters can fall to the sea floor despite the fact that they probably could just swim.

I chock it up to SpongeBob being a cartoon. Not everything has to make sense. :sandyaha: