I Wanna Say Hi


May 12, 2018
British Columbia, Canada
Hello, my name is Finn, and I was on SBM last summer throughout June, July, and August. I then pretty much abruptly left without a trace. I just want to let anyone who remembers me know I'm still alive :p.

I started a new life at a new school and it took a tole on me, whatever I do, I always give it 100, and I took all of my attention away from SBM and on to school, which I'm sorry to you guys for. This summer I still had obsessions I had to get over, and I forgot all about SBM.

I want to check in every now and again, and who knows? Maybe in the summer next year I can come back and post as much as I did in 2018, but as of now, I just hope those who knew me then remembered me now. Also, everything is so different now then what it was last year, I'm a newbie again lol