I just became a fan of MLAATR


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So, I was chatting on a LazyTown Discord server and there was this other user with a MLAATR profile picture. I asked them if it was from MLAATR and they said yes. Then, I started watching clips from My Life As A Teenage Robot, and I told the person I liked the show, and that I fell in love with Jenny and they sent me a link to a MLAATR Discord server. I've loved it ever since and I don't think I can escape my obsession now that I have a crush on Jenny.
Edit: Forgot to mention. If you ever wanna watch the show, it's on Hulu. And if it ever gets taken off of Hulu, there's always Kisscartoon. I typically use Hulu, though, since... well, I feel guilty when I use things like Kisscartoon, because they're unofficial anit it's technically a crime to watch things on pirate cartoon sites. Edit 2: Also, sites like Kisscartoon can cause computer viruses, so it is recommended you don't go on those sites unless you have a good adblocker and probably a good antivirus, too.

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Cool.I binge-watched the whole show last year and it exceeded my expectations.I wouldn't say it's as good as SpongeBob, but it's one of Nick's best shows.