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I feel like this irl

Shinobu Oshino


yeah...sb knows how it feels...except i'm not sick, i'm just tired


existence is pain
then leave
I'm getting tired of someone claiming something sucks and they never leave it alone
you tell me I suck and you never leave me alone
I still haven't forgotten the time you very rudely told me to st*u and called me a fishd***
it may have been a joke but it still breaks the rules
and now I state my opinion
and people come at me again
I've had rivalries, harassment, etc. No one reads the rules anymore.
anyway I won't talk about this anymore so I won't aggravate you, since I don't want anyone here to feel harassed


New Member
Same here. Before work I had a huge coffee with extra espresso. Halfway through my shift I started to crash, getting so sleepy that I kept tripping and bumping into things due to tiredness.