How Did You Get Your Username?



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Without bumping the old topic, updated how you got your username, here's how mine happened:

I was class clown so I impressed my friends by calling myself dinner for Poptropica, I went by dinner for a long time, then I wanted to go by an actual name, so I went with my sister's name, Finnellapie, but I didn't want to kill a username, so I just said screw it and combined the two, that's how FinnDinner happened.

Share how you got your's.


see ya

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I got my name username because I know I am the number SpongeBob Movie fanboy of all time. Everything is related to the first movie: my username, the year in my username, my profile picture of SpogneBob wearing a goofy goober hat from the Movie Game, the background on my profile and finally my member title is a direct quote from the first movie.

So yeah, you could say I like the first movie...

Also, FinnDinner, that is a really unexpected origin story for your username. I loved it.


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I felt starting the name with a title like “Employee” would give it a ring, and thought there would be a lot more people on this site when I first signed up. I didn’t check how many were here by February 2016 (a little over 4,000 if I remember correctly, still hasn’t changed much), so I assumed there were tens, probably even hundreds of thousands. Plus I just think “a million”’s a fantastic number and fun to say.

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my username comes from when i frequented a now defunct warriors cats forum. most people made their usernames following the way cats were named in the books (i.e fireheart, shadowclaw, leafpool, etc.) so i made up my own on the spot, that being pearlshine. i usually use pearlyshine instead nowadays, but i'm using pearlshine on here because of a mishap in which i created an account with the wrong email with the name pearlyshine so i decided to just make a new account with this name instead, oops.



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I used this username since I created my YouTube in March 2013. I thought putting my nickname and a random food I liked together would be original. To make it unique, I spelled "carrot" like in French (carotte). The result was Bob Carotte.

Since then, I started to use the same name in other sites I joined in different styles (bobcarotte, BobCarotte or simply Carotte) or even variations of the name (Carrot Man, TheLastCarotte, CarrotBob, etc).


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My origin is really uninteresting. Since I decided to join a SpongeBob forum over the summer to have fun, I decided to have "Sponge" to obviously represent the fact that I'm on a SpongeBob forum, and then I added a short form of my real name (just nick), and then decided to add an o at the end. Honestly I can't tell you why I decided to do that last part, other than I thought it kinda had a nice ring to it.

Plus, after previously being on SBC six years ago under a different name when I was only 11-12 years old and wanting nothing more to do with that account (Because quite frankly nearly all my posts and opinions on it were extremely idiotic, just an example I once posted an "I'm not dead" thread all because I didn't comment anything for two days), I wanted to assume a new identity now that I'm at least a little more mature. Despite being 18 now, I'll still be a kid at heart in many ways, and one of them is my love for SpongeBob (Well, mostly the first 3 seasons and the first part of 4 up until Mrs. Puff, You're Fired, but still).


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I made my username SpongeBuddyPH here first at SBMania since October 2017. As of June 2018, I changed it to SpongeBronyPH. The reason why I call myself SpongeBronyPH is mainly because I always indulge both SpongeBob SquarePants and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic with a passion. I'm also a huge fan of The Loud House as well. I'm so proud of my new username.


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There's a Mayor McCheese figure on my desk, so when my original username was invalid (Since the account I tried making before this one gave me a billion problems), I went with a last minute change to McSponge.


Abney=last name
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Mine is just my last name + my favorite 3 numbers at the time lol
It also happened to be the same numbers my brother used in his username at the time but reversed so I wasn't really getting too creative with it. Think I originally used the username on united spongebob back in the day and have used it for everything ever since


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Welp, why not say this due to logging in temporarily;

My first username on the internet was RandomDSplayer (don't call me that by the ways, it's cringy as heck), so some people on a site I used to frequent started calling me "RDSP". I adopted the abbreviation for myself later on and now use it as my main online username.

Fred's leg!

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I got my name from the most realistic, well written, 3 dimensional character from the show. Fred's Leg endures a lot of pain but keeps moving, Fred's leg isn't just a 'Character' it's an inspiration, a hero, an icon! We should all be more like Fred's leg!