How did you find SBM?


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I first heard about it when I was trying to find a list for something vaguely SpongeBob related (I can't remember what it was)
I only joined after I joined Cartoon Amino, because some people on there were on here, so I decided to get on too.


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SpongeBob fandom isn't so huge, so after some googling (is that even a word?) I found this awesome site and forum.
Forums are my passion and I like them a lot more than amino and messengers.



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PieGuyRulz kept mentioning it in his videos. When I went to review SpongeBob and wanted other people's input, I decided to check this place out.


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I snooped around too much on the Spongebob Fan Wikipedia at one in the morning a couple weeks ago and I am just glad to have stumbled onto here.