How can I get more involved?

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Spongebob is by far my favorite show to ever air. I have so much nostalgia with the old marathons, dvd's, games for gamecube and playstation, and just everything about the show, I've come to love. If anyone, specifically admins could give me advice on how to become just as involved as those who have been on here for awhile. Because again, I want to have a lasting effect on the site, since this show has been a big part of me and my childhood.


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- Any site content that you think should be added (within good reason) is a good start. You can PM me things that should be updated/added. I'm always trying to work on the main site.
- Advertising SBM everywhere is something others have done.
- Start legendary topics for SBM's future (see 10th anniversary news topic for some of the ones I really like)


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I'd like folks to start more collaborative stuff. Anything as big as a large multi-artist illustration of something spongebob related,
maybe even a multi animator project if there's enough people here up for that, or even something as small as scheduling a stream of a few seasons.