Horror filmmaker Wes Craven dead from brain cancer



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A number of you have probably never heard of him, but he created some of the most classic and fine horror films there are. He's had a great and long career, he even created Nightmare on Elm Street and the Scream series. There are also the lesser known ones such as The Hills Have Eyes, but this is still a devastating to the horror industry nonetheless. He died at 76, working on stuff up till his death.




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He was a great man who was superb in the horror genre. From "The Hills Have Eyes", to "A Nightmare on Elm Street", to "Scream", he created films, characters, and storylines that are still loved by many to this very day. May he rest in peace.

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In other news, the folk behind pointless Hollywood sequels, remakes, adaptations of books/TV/other media, cash-ins of stuff (inspired by The LEGO Movie), prequels, reboots, shoddy Direct-to-DVD 3D films certified by Dove Family, Adam Sandler stuff, and more junk are all still alive.


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He made us afraid of going to sleep and we love him for it. R.I.P. Wes Craven. That's the 4th death that made me sad this year. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd being Leonard Nimoy, Christopher Lee, and Satoru Iwata, respectively.


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Huge blow right in my heart man. Halloween this year won't be the same without him. It'll be a great time to watch his legacy this year and watch some of his classics. Rest in power Craven.

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I'm definitely putting that stuff on my watch list now, a sad way to go out I admit, too bad I don't really know him all that well or I'd be as empathetic about it as the rest of you. :/