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Hello SBM! I'm new here, and found this site by watching pieguyrulz. If anyone who has been on this website for awhile can give me some pointers, that would be greatly appreciated. I guess since i have the spotlight here, i can tell a story about why this show is so great. So quite a while ago, i was in kindergarden, and I just got home from school. I had a good day, and was getting ready to play on my playstation.So, I was sitting there waiting for Crash team racing to load. I then hear my neighbor outside, calling my name. I go outside, and see them playing in his treehouse.(his name was Lucas btw). So anyway, I go to their backyard and ask them if I can join in. The said yeah, and I headed for the ladder. I must've thought I was hot stuff, because I screamed, "HEY GUYS LOOK! NO HANDS". As soon as I knew it, I was on the ground, with my bone sticking out of its socket. My parents called an ambulence, and I was rushed to the hospital.Since I was asleep, I cant remember a thing about the surgery, but when I woke up, my mom was next to me, and she told me to stay calm. However, the injury was so bad that she told me i cant do football anymore. So a few hurs pass, and I can finally go home. When I got home,I was really sad,but I still went downstairs to turn on the tv, and this show I had never seen before was on. Spongebob. I watched an episode that I remember explicitly. Band Geeks. It made me laugh really hard, and the ending made me feel happy. It brought a lot of joy to me in a sad time, which is what I love about the show. Just the fun, sometimes dar, vibe of the show really makes me happy.

So anyway, like i said before, if anyone could give me pointers on getting doubloons, etc, that would be great.



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Canned Bread said:
Hey! whats up man. Can you explain how to do that? I can give you contact info if you want.
Alright, so the pictures you see below a member' post, is a signature. If you're good at drawing digitally or editing pictures digitally, you can make signatures for people and sell it to them for doubloons! If you get enough doubloons, you can gift cards for Amazon, Walmart, etc.