Hello my name is GrEeNdAyFrEaK and I have problems


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Cool forums Spongey. Some of you all may know me from SBA and SBC. If you don't, here's a little about myself:
o I'm 17
o I work at Kroger (a grocery store)
o I'm from Kentucky
o I'm an avid Patrick fan B)
o I'm a huge rock fan

My sig and avatar will be up shortly B)
B) heh, love the spongebob smilies


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Welcome to the forums, GrEeNdAyFrEaK. B) Read the rules and enjoy your stay. I'm a big Patrick fan, too. B)


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Hey, welcome to the forums, GrEeNdAyFrEaK. The Spongebob Emoticons are Spongey34's same creation that he showed at SBA. Have fun posting, and remember, we're always adding new stuff to the site. B)