"Have You Seen This Snail" was supposed to be darker.

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Wait, so in the original, it was just more clear that she was trying to eat him...and she had an ax. Animals eating each other...axes. Hasn't that been standard fare for dark moments in kids shows since the 90s? :confused:


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I cannot say for sure whether the original scenes would have contributed to the episode or take away from the animosity of what the old lady does to the snails. As the episode stands, I like how it does not outright say that the old lady intends to murder snails, but leaves it more open-ended as to what happens to them. I would be open to seeing how the original scenes/plot would be executed, but my gut is saying that if the original plot used for HYSTS, the episode would only be remembered as one of "where an old lady tries to eat Gary" I can do without the mean spirited route and less Gary Abuse.


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SpongeBob SquarePants is a dark show masquerading as a light-hearted cartoon for kids

Something like this would work in Invader Zim

NOT SpongeBob!

I get the impression often that SBSP is actually darker than Zim since Invader Zim was designed to be dark from the start while SpongeBob evolved into its current obsession with dark humor