Happy 12th Anniversary SBM!


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It's been 12 years (and 1 day) since SpongeBuddy Mania was born. It's hard to think that just another year has gone by since the last one. We're nearing 7,000 members, abney317 predicts future with one million posts, and of course we added another new mod this year. Just kidding. ^_^

Thank you for everyone who has stuck with us another year. I'm really happy to see 1,000,000 posts on a forum that I've been a part of for a long time. It seems like it's a once in a lifetime thing for old geezers like me.

New content will arrive here in the next couple weeks!


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12 years, awesomeness! Can't believe I'm still here :p Here's to another awesome year at SBM.



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This trash has been sitting or 12 years now? Geez, we gotta get it disinfected.


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BeanoSponge said:
tbh I needed some Tim Curry today.

Still can't believe I'm here after slightly under 3 years. HELP.

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I wonder what SBM like will be in the