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Charcoal Sauce

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Oct 28, 2017
Invading Poland
ay, My name is Charcoal Sauce, but I also go by Jimbo Or Uncle Spanky, I have a lot of other interests other than spongebob but I like the series so I said "ay why not join this place"

anyway my main interests are sandbox games, history, video editing and making, and lots of other things that would take a long time to mention, but you will prolly see those other interests sometime

fun fact: my name for here came from me getting the idea of a bottle of bbq sauce and thinking it was an entire bbq cookout squeezed into a bottle, then I thought of charcoal and how it is used in grills, then the 2 ideas merged together and I was like "yeah that's my new name"

anyway, thats all for now boyes, peace